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Jerry’s Journal: March 3, 2012

by Jerry Kasperek
Since writing about “Annabell” in my last three columns, I have been reminded of other individuals — “characters” you might say  —who once lived in Fulton and now thrive only in our hometown folklore.
Let’s begin with Crazy King. I believe he lived way out on South First Street and was a junk dealer. I seem to remember that his big, old farm truck had a long wooden rack with no sides and that the cab was open-aired as well.
From his vantage point high up on his seat, he’d cackle like a maniac and shout, “I’m Crazy King” and say obscene things to the ladies walking along the street
“Don’t ever let him get near you,” I was told. Don’t worry! I thought. I won’t!
He was a big man in dirty overalls with an unshaven, scary and foul look and smell about him. Ugh! But I don’t recall ever hearing of him ever hurting anyone and I don’t know what became of him.
The very opposite of Crazy King was Chick Tallman. He wasn’t dirty or loud and was known as a gentle soul.
In the summer, you could spot him walking with a broom in hand on his way to Recreation Park to clean off home plate at the baseball diamond or softball field. He was dedicated to his self-appointed job and the umpires would let him do his sweeping to the approval of the players and crowd! It made everyone feel good, no less than Chick himself!

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Hodgepodge: March 3, 2012

We have been experiencing a very un-winter-like winter this year. Even after a spate of snowfall activity over the weekend, which may have bounced some of us back to reality for the moment, we are still looking at totals which are well below normal for this time of the year.
I have friends, both in Syracuse where I live, and here in Fulton, who up to the last few days of February are convinced that wherever we live in the Central New York area we’re going to receive a lot less snow this year than we’re accustomed to.
Those cheerful thoughts got me digging through a pile of old Fulton Patriots that I had found in my basement a few weeks ago.
One of the papers is dated March 17, 1992. A headline on the front page of that paper read: “Snow Gets National Attention” – then the really good news; “47.5 inches in four days.

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