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Old shops

by Jerry Kasperek Where to begin? The feedback on my article on West Broadway has been fun. And plentiful! I just hope I can do justice to what was shared with me, which I now put to print. “You forgot Arcadi’s Jewelers!” I heard more than once. “It was Vick Arcadi’s store!” and so it(…)

Snow in Fulton v. Syracuse

by Roy Hodge One day recently when I woke up, the guy on the radio was telling me that the Syracuse area was going to be getting up to 12 inches of snow that day. He was talking about schools being closed or delayed and larger amounts of snow in “lake effect areas.” Listening to(…)

Winter garden

by Leon Archer Last week, I began a series on hunting, not a defense of hunting, but rather an exploration of it and I hope it may have caused you to examine your own views on hunting. As I continue the series next week, I hope you will be drawn into the conversation. If you(…)

How Fulton Got Its Name

by Jim Farfaglia How Fulton Got Its Name   They say he was a dreamer; that, as a child, he loved to sketch, he loved to tinker, and they say he loved the water…   which would have made him right at home, here, with our river and lake and their quiet spots to sit(…)

Pennies for Patients

by Kate Rothrock What a crazy last week with the two half-days and snow day! Just as it seems like things are going to settle down, February break is in just three days! If you want to send a carnation to your Valentine, carnations will be available for a small fee during lunches and delivered(…)

More to hunting

by Leon Archer I have been thinking a great deal lately about hunting, not about going, but about what hunting is. I have been a hunter for most of my life, but it is just in the past year or two that I have taken the time to reflect on the hunter and the practice(…)

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