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その中で引越見積もり相場の安い業 引越し見積もり 者の口コミなどをいろいろと調べ、
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Tales of West Broadway, Part V

by Jerry Kasperek Tales of West Broadway, Part V:  Let’s use the old 1948-49 and 1953 City Directories as our guide once again and let’s start at the Broadway Cleaners and head toward West Second Street. Who remembers Ottman’s Department Store? It was between Buell’s Drapery Shop and JR Sullivan’s furniture store. My classmate Joanne(…)

Florida winter

by Leon Archer We have had sort of a reverse winter in Florida and, as I write this column, we are only about 10 degrees colder than Fulton. December and January were beautiful, almost steamy at times, and February was just about perfect, but March has been a really cool month. March brought some freezes(…)

A Technicolor Memory

by Jim Farfaglia A Technicolor Memory   Nowadays you’ll find it on a tiny disc and you can play it anywhere, anytime. Back then, though, you planned ahead so as not to miss its once-a-year TV spectacular…   We’d gather at our cousins’ house, our aunt popping us a bowlful, our tiny hands grabbing fistfuls,(…)

Neighbors from long ago

by Roy Hodge I sometimes think I have a good idea for a column and start writing. Some of those times I am typing away and suddenly think, “Wait a minute, this sounds very familiar.” The reason for that thinking, of course, is that I came up with the same idea and wrote basically the(…)

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