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View from the Assembly: Slow down Common Core implementation

By state Assemblyman Will Barclay

The implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards was easily the most talked about issue in K-12 education this year.

The Common Core is an initiative adopted by most states, including New York, that, in theory, is supposed to set new educational standards that will ensure all students are on track for college and career readiness.   Continue reading

Poetry Corner: Roadside Garden

Roadside Garden

By Jim Farfaglia

I stopped by today
to say “thank you”
for starting and ending
all those Monday thru Fridays
with so much joy:

your lilies opening like waterfalls,
your proud purple irises
rising above waves of green,
your fish-and-loaves sundrops,
your eager-to-please daisies.

Day after day –
my head in a whirlwind
with a mile long to-do list –
I would slow down
for the stop sign at your corner

and be shocked into the moment
by your brilliance,
by your way with color,
by the sense you always made
of a sometimes senseless world.