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When I was a kid

by Roy Hodge I found myself in a somewhat familiar situation this week. When lacking a column topic I began to do some reminiscing. When I was a kid: The next door neighbor kid used to entertain himself by dropping bricks or heavy rocks on the tops of my favorite metal trucks on the other(…)

Poppies – Late May

by Jim Farfaglia Poppies – Late May   For weeks they were only green furry eggs, each sitting atop a slim stalk, defying gravity.   Yesterday, they offered a peek of their promise, blushing like school boys at their first spring dance.   And today – right on time – three burst open, revealing their(…)

School year coming to a close

by Kate Rothrock The weather wasn’t as nice as we all would have liked it but I hope everyone still enjoyed their vacation. The parade and fireworks were a great way to spend Memorial Day weekend. The year is officially wrapping up! June will be here soon and before we know it, school will be(…)

Checkerboard Feed Store

by Jerry Kasperek Let’s begin with The Checkerboard Feed Store: it was painted red and white, as Roy Abbott reminded me per a recent phone call, not black and white as I had written in my last column. And it was on Gansvoort Street, behind the building that today houses the Gift Shop on West(…)

New gun laws

by Leon Archer I don’t know how the majority of America’s citizens feel, because obviously I couldn’t have talked with them, but I know what I have been hearing from gun owners with whom I am actually acquainted and have spoken with about the recent spate of gun laws that have been passed, or are(…)

How We Used To Get Around

by Jim Farfaglia How We Used To Get Around   The first of us to travel on Fulton soil did so through the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other, getting places one step at a time.   In the 1700s, canoes got us moving, and they rapidly caught on. It(…)

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