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Jerry’s Journal: More school memories, Goldberg’s softball team, and the Fulton Memoir Project

By Jerry Hogan Kasperek 

One of the nicest things about writing my column is hearing from old friends and classmates, the most recent of which is Jane Rasmussen Wilcox via a surprise phone call to say how much she enjoyed reading my last couple of columns about Walradt Street and Phillip Street Schools.

“It brought back so many memories,” she said. Continue reading

Hodgepodge: Road trippin’

As we drove to Roanoke, Virginia last weekend to attend grandson Camden’s college graduation at Radford University in Radford, Va., I was reminded of other trips.

I did some checking when we got home.

Captive in a Car

In December 1984, my column reviewed a trip to Roanoke to spend Thanksgiving. That trip made me realize that spending 10 hours in a car together could possibly be one of life’s worse fates for four people. Continue reading

Porky and Buddy talk about dog happiness

Dear Porky and Buddy,

Yesterday I was talking to my brother about my new adopted dog, Enola, a black lab mix and I told him that she always appears to be smiling and that I thought she was very happy in her new home.  

You have to know that my brother is sort of a scientific know it all and he started to lecture me about anthropomorphism and how dogs don’t feel human emotions like happiness, blah, blah, blah.   

Is he right?  What do we know about dogs’ emotions?


Continue reading

Poetry Corner: Green With Envy, by Jim Farfaglia

Green With Envy, by Jim Farfaglia

Just days ago I planted
those wrinkled, faded dreams;
now look, the peas are up,
showing off their brilliant greens!

They leaf out from the get go,
born ready to break through;
they seem to have a lot to say
and I’m glad to hear it, too.

For peas announce the dawn of spring,
they’re first—and they know it;
oh, to be young, sweet and tender
and not afraid to show it.

Bodley Bulletins, by Julia Ludington

By Julia Ludington

The student body here at G. Ray Bodley has thought up a creative addition to our busy mornings.

Students have collaborated on a project called “GRB News.” Each morning during Guided Study Hall, a video clip is shown featuring events going on at the high school, the weather, and sports among many other topics.

The students have done a great job so far, as last week was the first round of showings. GRB News also has its very own Twitter page with announcements, and can be found at @GRBNews. Check it out! Continue reading

View from the Assembly

By state Assemblyman Will Barclay

I receive a lot of questions about how schools are funded and how that money is spent. 

There is good reason for these questions because a lot of money is involved.  State aid to schools comprises $21.8 billion — roughly 24 percent — of our $92.3 billion state operating budget. 

In addition, it is estimated local school taxes raised about $20.3 billion in 2013. The New York state lottery also funds education and provided $3.04 billion in 2012, according to the latest data available. 

This amount represents all of the proceeds received by the lottery after paying prizes and administrative costs. Continue reading