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Jerry’s Journal: Memorial Day and Patriotism

By Jerry Hogan Kasperek

I’m writing this during Memorial Day weekend — the beginning of the summer season, as they say, a time for parades, picnics, planting and opening pools.

I remember when it was called Decoration Day, when it was just one day, May 30, and that summer didn’t start until school got out in June.

I grew up in the WWII era and patriotism is ingrained in me and my memory. There’s been other terrible wars since WWII and I would never diminish the sacrifices that were made during those conflicts, but there has never been anything like WWII.  Continue reading

In and Around Hannibal: Nuns on the Bus

By Rita Hooper

I’ve mentioned before that I attended Ecumenical Advocacy Days in Washington in April.

I had the opportunity to meet Sister Simone Campbell and even to share a few minutes with her in the lobby. I had dropped by to get a signed copy of her book but they weren’t available yet, so she signed a piece of paper and I placed an order for her book: Nuns on the Bus.   Continue reading

Hodgepodge: Doughnuts, old friends, and a new addition

Andy’s Doughnuts

I often bring up very fond memories of the time I spent at the family grocery store when I was growing up.

Recently, I remembered “Andy” Anderson, who drove his little panel truck to the store regularly to deliver delicious homemade doughnuts (back then doughnuts were also known as fried cakes).

Whichever of those names that you gave Andy’s doughnuts, he made the most delicious ones I have ever tasted in his little bakery, which was in the garage-like building behind his house a few blocks down Valley Drive from our store. Continue reading

Porky and Buddy: Keeping dogs safe from Lyme disease

Dear Porky and Buddy,

A couple of weeks ago you wrote about removing ticks and mentioned that, among other things, the little buggers can transmit Lyme disease.  


I have enough things to worry about, without that added to my list. My dog, Bubba, has had ticks. Not a lot, but some.  

Is it possible that he has the disease?  How would I tell? How can I prevent him from getting it in the future, short of putting  him in a plastic bubble?


Continue reading

View from the Assembly: Stronger penalties needed for human trafficking

By State Assemblyman Will Barclay

There are a number of measures I sponsor that would expand women’s rights and protections, as well as serve to better protect children. 

I wanted to highlight a few this week that would help the punishment fit the crime and also, make it easier for women and children to access services when in need.

Increase penalties for human trafficking. Human trafficking exploits vulnerable individuals. Victims of sex and labor trafficking are made to act against their will and, in many cases, are forced or coerced into committing crimes.  Continue reading

State Senate Report: Military Appreciation Month

By State Sen. Patricia Ritchie

Living so close to Fort Drum, we see firsthand the tremendous sacrifices our soldiers make in the name of defending both our country and our freedom.

Enduring everything from long periods away from their loved ones to courageously fighting on the front lines, there is no way we could ever repay our troops for their selflessness.

While we should show our appreciation to veterans and current service members year-round, May — which is Military Appreciation Month — presents special opportunities to recognize our troops.   Continue reading