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Watching a Beatles Video, poem by Jim Farfaglia

By Jim Farfaglia

Watching a Beatles Video

What makes it hard to hear today

is not that song’s continued beauty:

Paul plucking his guitar like a troubadour,

his opening lines whispered, like a prayer;

nor is it the strings, circling his melody,

wrapping it like a precious gift,

one he offered us long ago.


No, what troubles me most,

at this point of my journey,

with all the yesterdays I’ve collected,

is how hard it is to see, again, Paul’s face,

tender and lineless,

his clear eyes searching;

barely a single yesterday behind him.

Candidate asks for write-in votes

Due to some unfortunate circumstances that were out of my control, my name, Bradley J Warner will not appear on this year’s ballot for Fulton’s first ward councilor.

However, all of my supporters have another avenue to cast their vote for me.

With a write in, you can secure your vote and continue support for me. As always, I will continue to work to my fullest potential to represent the first ward, as well as the entire city of Fulton.

Nov. 5, cast your vote for Bradley J Warner. For the PEOPLE, as well as a brighter FUTURE.

Bradley Warner

Fulton, NY

City of Fulton seeks support for the arts

To All City of Fulton CNY Arts Center Supporters:

Rarely has there been such an opportunity for business, nonprofit, government, arts, and cultural organizations to work together for such far-reaching mutual benefit. Engage CNY, a new initiative administered by CNY Arts is that opportunity.

Engage CNY is a key part of CNY Arts’ strategic plan, developed when the agency grew from serving three counties to six counties. (CNY Arts is the former Cultural Resources Council of Syracuse and Onondaga County.)

Community leaders from all sectors of Cortland, Herkimer, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, and Oswego counties are now meeting in a series of forums to talk about ways to coordinate the business, government, arts, and cultural resources of the whole region.

Their goal is to create new partnerships that can jumpstart the local economy and improve overall quality of life for its residents. One special area of focus is increasing tourism by promoting Central New York as a destination rich in arts and cultural offerings.

The City of Fulton supports this effort due to the fast-growing CNY Arts branch in our own community, under the leadership of Nancy Fox. She along with other local art lovers have come together to bring to life a new interest in making our community a destination for new cultural events.

Our residents support will go a long way in highlighting the wonderful events our local CNY Arts Center have brought to Fulton in such a short time.

Please take the time to fill out the survey. You can find it at  and watch for upcoming forums so you can become part of this great movement.

An indispensable part of this planning process is to hear directly from as many people who live and work in these six counties as possible.

The Engage CNY community survey was developed to help accomplish this.  Individuals can complete the survey in just a few minutes and be sure their opinions and ideas about their own community will be heard.

We want to hear from you, even if —especially if — you are not a regular participant in arts and cultural programs and activities.

Engage CNY will not only create a comprehensive inventory of what our region does well, but also discover and put in motion ways to make arts, cultural and heritage programs, events, festivals, and, perhaps, new activities, more welcoming, more accessible, more affordable, more interesting, and more enjoyable!    .

To complete the survey online, visit You can also obtain a hard copy of the survey from any Onondaga County library (include additional counties’ libraries once confirmed), or by calling CNY Arts.

Community residents are also invited to participate in one of the upcoming Engage CNY forums. To reach CNY Arts, call 435.2155, or e-mail


Mayor Ronald Woodward


Valley Viewpoints: Stop whining about Beardsley candidacy

To Mr. Munger and the few Democratic dissenters of Mr. Beardsley’s appointment and ultimate victory:

Fred Beardsley was staunchly opposed by this writer.  I supported a candidate that was from our local Granby Republican Committee.  I wrote letters to the Valley News and spoke for an opposing candidate at many gatherings.

Mr. Bearsdley was appointed to the county treasurer position because he is a fierce campaigner, a good Republican, a long time asset to many candidates now in office.  Beardsley is qualified because he is a citizen of the USA and an Oswego County resident. Fred meets all requirements.  He even has a real birth certificate.

Where were the complainers last summer when petitions were being gathered to place an opposing candidate on the ballot? Obviously Beardsley’s signatures were genuine and the Republican Party came together and worked for him.

About Mr. Beardsley’s education, I don’t think all of the Einsteins in this nation went to Harvard or Onondaga Community College.  I believe there are many people who have made their way through this life and they haven’t had a, so called, formal education.

There are many solid citizens with solid families and well-raised children who are supervisors in a factory, owners of tractor-trailer companies, farmers, mayors and many, many successful small-business owners.

These people would excel as police officers, airplane pilots, human relations people and school principals.

They can handle money and people. They never went to college.  They could add, subtract, multiply, divide, read and reason.  My father went to the sixth grade. My father was a great man!

Fred Beardsley is a team player, he has worked hard. He is a good politician.  He must be. No one is running against him. He has already won. He is your next county treasurer, so stop whining and complaining.  Do your paperwork correctly and work harder next time.


Les Holmes, Chairman

Granby Republican Committee


Valley Viewpoints: Candidate thanks those who voted in primary

I would like to thank everyone who voted in the recent Primary Election, whether they voted for me or my opponent.

While waiting for the results at the polls I had a chance to meet Ralph Stacy Jr., who will be my opponent in November. I found Ralph to be a gentleman and a friendly person. We had a nice chat about family, the neighborhood and whatever else came to mind. We congratulated each other on our respective wins that night, he on his Independance Party win and me on my Republican win.

We also wished each other good luck, but not too much. I like to think that whichever one of us gets elected, the fourth ward will be well represented.

I look forward to a good clean race. I would also like to point out that both the Conservative primary and Independance primary were decided by a single vote so I encourage everyone to get out and vote Nov. 5. I hope you will vote for me but regardless for whom you vote, make sure your voice is heard.


Thanks again to all who voted,

Jim Myers, Republican candidate for 4th Ward Councilor


Valley Viewpoints

An apology and thank you

On Tuesday, Sept. 10, I attended the Fulton City School Board Meeting, in which I spoke in the second public forum session. The topic of discussion was a recent board policy that resulted in two of our administrators to be reassigned.

Near the end of my time I made comments and assertions directed at the board Vice President, Dan Pawlewicz. The comments made referenced to what I believed was Mr. Pawlewicz’s voting record on a personnel issue a few years back.

The next day it was suggested to me that I check facts on his voting record, I did, and I found out that my assertions were not correct. In fact, his voting record on that issue were completely the opposite of what I said it was.

I would like to publicly apologize to Mr. Pawlewicz and to his family members who were in attendance, for misrepresenting his voting record.

I have since had the chance to meet with Mr. Pawlewicz to personally apologize, and he could not have been more civil and gracious. I wish to thank him for that, I sincerely appreciate it.

It’s quite possible that I will speak on some other issue at a FCSD meeting in the future. When that day comes I will check my facts before I speak, not after.

William S. Cahill III


Family is not a flaw in school policy issue

On Tuesday evening I attended a public forum session of the Fulton Board of Education.

The main concern discussed was the “mandatory” changing of principals in our district. Two school buildings in our city, Volney and Lanigan, were effectively, efficiently, and tenderly cared for by their principals.

The individual schools were knit together cohesively under the leadership of these men. Both Mr. Briggs and Mr. Hendrickson are diligent workers, dedicated educators, faithful husbands, loving fathers, and beloved principals … excellent leaders for communities of growing and learning children preparing for life.

There was no ugliness, no danger, no problem to be solved. The fact that two wives were working under their husbands’ leadership was a beautiful example of the way a district SHOULD work. … individuals and families striving together to accomplish the highest possible goals.

If these same two principals had been unfaithful to their wives and families, and had married teachers in OTHER school buildings, there would have been no outcry, no building changes made. How clear it is that WISDOM did not drive this policy.

The FAMILY is God’s idea. … a PERFECT idea. It is a STRENGTH in our personal lives, AND in our city.

The institution of the family should never be considered a weakness to be avoided, or a problem to be solved. Any policy adopted to hinder the proper working of the family in society is a flawed policy, a policy that can and should be changed. To adopt a policy because other districts are doing so, is a sign of weakness.

How quickly we will lose our freedoms, our values, and our goals by following instead of leading. To lead a district in the way of absolute wisdom is the only way to TRULY lead. Let wisdom be our bottom line in every decision made.

A Reminder To The Fulton Board of Education:

According to law, YOU are the elected leaders of this school district. ALL employees are under YOUR direction. YOU have the privilege of studying the unchanging precepts of life, learning the desired direction of the community, and establishing valid and beneficial policies.

It is an awesome task. Lead well.

Darle S. DeLorme

Valley Viewpoints

Softball among healthy options

Presently the city of Fulton has a slow pitch softball league for recreation. The fall season runs from mid-August to the end of October.

The games are held at Denesha Park. They are men’s, women’s and mixed leagues. Participants range from about 16 years old to players in their 70s.

Since the break from summer season, it is noticeable that repair has happened to the scoreboard (light bulbs replaced) and the grounds (home plate area) look more level.

The physical relief on the participants (players, umpires, scorers and fans) needs to be acknowledged, as well.

Scheduling is only at Denesha — not at Foster Park. There are no lights at Foster for participation in the softball games after dark. Yes, we do realize that it won’t be long and we’ll have daylight saving time memorandum issued.

Mark Canale has been coordinating the schedules since 2011. Previously he was a scorekeeper and player.

Several local businesses sponsor the teams.

The planning and participation are an excellent example of healthy options within the Fulton community.

Sharon Foster