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Valley Viewpoints: Seeking support

by Rosemary A. Occhino of Fulton

To all Fulton voters, please know that the school budget and elections will take place Tuesday, May 15 at all of our elementary schools from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. This is everyone’s opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

This year there are two open seats on the board of education with three contenders. Being an incumbent, I am asking for your support on election day.

It is my mission to continue in creating a positive difference in the lives of our school children, community, and fellow educators.

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Valley Viewpoints: The Golden Rule

by Bob and Sandy Weston of Fulton

This message is for all the drivers that are using the Broadway Bridge in the city of Fulton. The bridge is going through reconstruction, which means that you will be experiencing delays but you need to use common sense and courtesy in applying the following:

(1) You are not the only person on the road.

(2) Please observe the traffic signs that have been put up to maintain the flow of traffic.

(3) At the very busy East Broadway/481 intersections, blocking the intersection with your car serves no purpose other than preventing the other lane of traffic from moving.

(4) Look ahead and observe traffic from both directions.

(5) Be courteous. If a driver needs to blend into the traffic from the corner businesses let that happen.

(6) Don’t block the entrance way to any business.

(7) Think of alternate routes, like the Oneida Street Bridge.

(8) Keep your cool, don’t lose your patience. Everybody is trying to get somewhere.

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Valley Viewpoints: Open bridge railings

by Gail Chesbro of Fulton

I enjoyed reading Jerry Kasperek’s column Saturday. How I loved shopping at Harper’s. They always had just what I was looking for.

I was especially pleased that she called attention to the Broadway Bridge and the fact that the New York State Department of Transportation is going to update it.

I want to add my voice to her and, I hope, many others, in requesting that there be new, open railing so that as we travel back and forth, we can enjoy the wonderful view that our city is blessed to have.

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Valley Viewpoints: Vote ‘yes’ on library

by Rosa Kemmis of Fulton

When I was growing up in Fulton, we were known as “The City That The Depression Missed.” Our industries were strong and vibrant until the 21st century.

This is no longer true.

The closing of our major industries has effected the finances of the City of Fulton to the degree that this year’s public library budget had to be reduced by $80,000.

Our library is a “free public library.” It is used by everyone in the area, both city and county. The services provided by our library are too numerous to mention.

It serves our children on evenings and weekends and during their vacation periods. It provides computer service for people searching for employment.  It provides enrichment to the community in the form of books. movies and music.

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Valley Viewpoints: ‘Yes’ to the library

by Rosemary Occhino of Fulton

‘Yes’ to the library

To all Fulton community voters,  I am requesting you vote “yes” for the library.

Sitting on the library board, I have had the opportunity to realize how valuable our mainstay is to our city.

We offer 32,466 books, DVDs, CDs, magazines in addition to newspapers. Last year, there were 47,892 unique visits to the library.

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Valley Viewpoints: Valuable lesson

by James Bush of Fulton

Here’s a question you won’t see on any tests at school. What do you get when you add caring teachers plus loving kids plus an American hero? You get what I witnessed at Volney School this past Monday, April 23.

At a school assembly, we were honored by the presence of U.S. Navy Petty Officer Eric Lockwood. Eric is an 11 year serviceman who has been deployed around the world defending this country. In addition, Eric has been involved in many acts of humanitarian aid around the globe.

You may be wondering why Eric was at Volney school? Was he there to be honored with some awards? Was he there to tell the kids about his career or talk about his accomplishments? Come to find out, Eric was there to thank the kids. But for what?

You see, Eric has a history at Volney school. When Eric was in fifth grade at Volney, his teacher was Mrs. DeLisle. Mrs. DeLisle is currently a second grade teacher and knowing that Petty Officer Lockwood was serving in Afghanistan, she decided to involve the entire school in writing letters to Eric.

Twice during the year, the kids sent letters and cards to thank and support Eric and his fellow servicemen. Well, those letters and cards must have had some impact.

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Valley Viewpoints: The dominos are lining up

by Oswego County Legislator James Karasek

When I was a child, toys were a simpler past-time than they are today. We had a set of dominos that was kept in the lower desk drawer and every now and then I would get them out and stand them on end.  It was a simple task to push the first one and see them all fall.

It took practice and it took time to get them to stand up on end and yet make sure the spacing was correct. The actual time it took for them to fall was quick, but you had to have everything in place just right to make it work.

I later came to appreciate the “bones” for what they were, the dots become strategy and the slap of the game piece on the table was the” in your face” play that I felt sure was the winning move.

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Valley Viewpoints: Another cheap shot at Fulton Public Library

by Nicholas Emrich of Fulton

Here we go again! I knew it was only a matter of time before someone else took a cheap shot at our local library. First, I would like to suggest to you, Mr. Chapple, that you go back to our library and check a few books out, especially grammar.

The library isn’t taking another bite from the apple and asking for more money. The library is trying to restore the funding that was cut from the 2012 Fulton City budget.

Furthermore, it would only cost you and I the same as a gallon of gasoline a year to support the library through the proposition on the school ballot.

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