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Valley Viewpoints: Fun in Fulton

by Mary E. Tetro of Fulton

An almost non existent winter allowed us all to get outside much earlier than normal this year. Watching the city come alive in March was refreshing.

People were out walking and bike riding when the ides of March usually handed us one last blast of snow.

April came in and out with neither a lion nor lamb, making its presence known. When May came, we al know what that means.

It’s time for Jan Rebeor and her committee to start prettying up the city entrances with beautiful welcoming flower displays.

The parks open for softball summer fun. Then it’s time for “Tunes in June” (another Jan Rebeor brain child).

The chamber has continued on with this great event that offers downtown and other employees, seniors from Towpath Towers, the Mill and seniors in general a fun an entertaining lunch time summer happening. (Aren’t we all thankful for Joe Cortini and friends?)

Kiwanis is underway and you can hear the kids and parents from four blocks away cheering on their baseball teams from T-ball on up. Just beautiful!

August is the chamber’s Jazz Fest over on the lake. Thanks to them for bringing back Fulton’s big summer event.

The committee for reviving Lake Neahntawanta is hitting the ground running. With members like Ed Williamson and Louella LeClair involved, I have great faith that somewhere in our future, Recreation Park will be just that, again, and I can’t wait.

The C.V. Abbott park on Seventh Street has seen, once again, residents having a great time with their kids. The best kept secret adjacent to the park is a “Born Learning Trail.” One of a select few in New York State, this adventure is wonderful for your pre-school children.

There are several activities you and your kids join in together and have lots of fun at the same time.

There’s lots to do here…so get out of the house and support what’s going on in Fulton. Don’t wait too long; something tells me Mother Nature will play a reverse trick on us in just a few months.

Still from Fulton and couldn’t be prouder!

Valley Viewpoints: Record participation

by Mary DeGroat and the Caruana and DeGroat Families

 This year’s annual Mike Caruana Father’s Day Run/Walk had record participation, beautiful weather, and generous contributors.

Thanks to all of you who sponsored, volunteered, donated, ran, walked or in any way supported our fifth annual Mike Caruana Father’s Day Event.

Thanks to you, we will be able to make generous donations to the Fulton YMCA and Fulton Music Department.

As always, our family is so very grateful for the generosity of the community, and we thank you for helping us to keep Mike’s memory alive!

Valley Viewpoints: Keep up the great work

by Donna West Kestner, US Army veteran

This is in response to some recent comments in The Valley News about the condition of the War Memorial. I serve with several veterans organizations in Fulton and the Fulton Veterans Council holds our meetings at the War Memorial.

Barry Ostrander, Jerry Schremp and his staff have done an excellent job for us in helping to maintain our Walk of History and Veterans’ park.

For years, they have helped us complete many tasks and always with a pleasant manner. This year, Gina Camardello and her staff from Key Bank did a wonderful job in weeding and planting flowers at Veterans Park.

Roger Barber, Ronica Siver and Nicky Rapake also spend countless hours watering our flowers and sprucing up those areas, too.

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Valley Viewpoints: North Bay facts

by Barry Ostrander, Parks and Recreation Superintendent of the City of Fulton

I’m writing in response to a Valley Viewpoint that was printed in The Valley News on June 20. I wanted to respond with accurate information relating to the North Bay Campground revenues and expenditures for 2011.

At the June 12 Recreation Committee meeting held at the east-side pool, I presented the council, Recreation Committee, two city employees and three Fulton citizens with figures on how the campground fared in 2011.

Each year. I present the council and mayor an expenditure budget that I anticipate I may need for the operations of the campground. During that time, I also present a revenues budget of the same amount so that the campground operations are on a break-even basis on paper and is not a tax liability when used to factor in the tax base.

The budget for 2011 was $49,502 for both budgets. The campground revenues for 2011 were $45,716.00 and its expenditures were $41,775.50 of which both came in under budget; however, there was a surplus of $3,941.50 that more than covered the operations of campground.

These figures do not include the property tax the campground parcel sits on that is paid to the Fulton City School District, Town of Granby and Oswego County.

The reason for this is that the city pays for that parcel regardless of what it is used for. When the campground was closed in the early 1990s, the city was paying for property that sat empty and was over grown with weeds, brush and left inhabitable.

The Bullard Administration in 1994 decided to reopen the campground for camping under the condition it paid for the maintenance and upkeep associated with camping.

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Valley Viewpoints: Transparent government

by Cheryl Holmes of Fulton

Our Granby Town Board passed a resolution at its meeting June 13.

The resolution gave the Granby taxpayer the authority to speak at the board meetings.  They said, that as a board, it is their right to allow citizens to address the board or the board can have closed meetings.

After reading Mrs. Emrich’s Valley Viewpoint in the June 16 edition of The Valley News, it is quite obvious that Mayor Woodward, the Fulton Common Council and Granby Supervisor Williamson got their heads together and came up with their new rules to restrict our free speech.

The Granby Town Board has a meeting the second Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. and a work session the last Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m.

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Valley Viewpoints: One for the books

by Debbie Bishop, Executive Director Friends of Oswego County Hospice

The 13th annual Hospice Cup Regatta and Walk/Run for Hope, held June 2 and raised $28,000 — the most in the history of the event.

The money will be used to support Oswego County Hospice patients and their families. Our success is directly tied to the support we receive from this community, both businesses and individuals.

The Oswego Yacht Club, as always, was a gracious host and provided us with the support we needed to have such a successful event. Thanks go out to all who sailed in the Regatta, participated in the Walk/Run for Hope and attended the reception.

An event such as this could not happen without the help of our Regatta organizing committee and a slew of volunteers. My thanks to all of you for ensuring our success.

Valley Viewpoints: Remember when 2

by Frank Castiglia of Fulton

Here is an update on what happened when I went to the June 5 Common Council Meeting in Fulton. I told you to watch the tape of it on June 6, but that tape was bad. You couldn’t tell what was being said.

I did find out a few things about North Bay Campgrounds. The first is that the campgrounds are owned by the City of Fulton.

Therefore, we don’t lease it from Granby, we pay them taxes ($8,000). Ok, so now some of my tax dollars pay the taxes on North Bay. Still a good reason why I shouldn’t have to pay a dime to stop over there to look at the lake or walk along the lake (not into the season long camping area).

At the meeting, Barry Ostrander also spoke (a little longer than three minutes might I add) about the campgrounds and how much work his staff and volunteers have done. He also said that the campgrounds are self-sufficient. He did say a few other things and I would be able to say what they were but without the tape I couldn’t remember them all.

Now if anyone of you can remember my letter in the paper I never once said anything about the work by the parks and recreations department. Since then I have asked for the revenue generated by the North Bay Campgrounds. I believe Barry said $43,000 or $45,000; I really can’t remember which.

It doesn’t really matter to me if  it’s 43 or 45 because I really feel that for the number of people that work for the Parks and Recreation Department they bring in more money per man hour then any other department.

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Valley Viewpoints: Fulton or Russia?

by Lisa Emrich of Fulton

Two months in a row, the common council meeting was not available to view by the citizens of Fulton.

May’s meeting (back when the public was at least allowed to speak their mind) was an extremely interesting and informative one that shed light on a lot things that the taxpayers should know about.

Anytime there is anything the mayor and council (with the exception of First Ward Councilor Alan Emrich) want kept quiet, it just goes away.

June’s council meeting was a monumental occasion for the administration as a new resolution was passed by four of the councilmen to limit the taxpayers to three minutes of questions and comments at the beginning of the meeting and not to exceed 10 people or 30 minutes.

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