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Valley Viewpoints: Pulaski meeting

by Shawn Patrick Doyle, Pulaski Legislator 

I would like to remind the residents of Oswego County that the Village of Pulaski will host the August session of the Oswego County Legislature at the H. Douglas Barclay Courthouse Thursday, Aug. 9 at 2 p.m.

This meeting in Pulaski is time honored recognition of Pulaski’s historic status as co-county seat in our half-shire county set up. When Oswego County was originally set off from Oneida County in 1816, two county seats were selected, one in the east and one in the west.

The historic Barclay Court house was erected in 1819 and with complimentary additions added over 193 years, it remains a centerpiece of the Pulaski historic district.

The bright second floor courtroom has been the stage of many public dramas and ordinary business of courts for nearly 200 years.

As the seat of the Court of Common pleas from 1819 through the 1850s, most of Oswego County’s Revolutionary War pensioners filed their cases here, ascending the very same stairs and crossing the worn floors of the main courtroom.

At the Aug. 9 session, history again could be made. This legislator encourages the public to inquire and to be present Aug. 9.

The only true “Board of Ethics” in Oswego County is composed of the voters who hold their elected officials accountable and to high standards.

Valley Viewpoints: Tournament raises $20,000

by Melanie Trexler, Executive Director of United Way of Greater Oswego County

The United Way of Oswego County extends a sincere thank you to the many volunteers and sponsors whose commitment to the United Way 2012 Golf Classic again made the event an outstanding success.

The dedication and enthusiasm of our community volunteers and golfers imparted a spirit of good will to the tournament that was contagious and elevated the tournament to much more than a day of golf.

This year’s golf tournament raised approximately $20,000 for the United Way. This money will be used to help fund the many human service agencies providing assistance to the children, families and senior citizens of Oswego County.

An event of this scope requires year round preparation. The United Way acknowledges the excellence in planning and organization demonstrated by the United Way Golf Committee Chairperson Dave Lloyd of Novelis and his dedicated committee for an outstanding job in implementing their vision for this tournament.

The United Way Golf Classic would not have been possible if not for the support we received from our major sponsors.

Good people coming together for the benefit of others is the hallmark of the United Way and nowhere was that more in evident than in the 2012 United Way 17th Annual Golf Classic. Thank you to all who volunteered and participated in the event.  Thank you for your continued community support of the United Way.

Valley Viewpoints: Fulton vs. Granby

by Rose Anthony of Granby

I have always informed you on what is happening in Granby. Please read this very carefully and take an interest in it.

The City of Fulton wants to annex its Sewer Treatment Plant from the Town of Granby. Just because the city is hurting, why should the Town of Granby suffer? Yes, I mean suffer financially.

If the City of Fulton succeeds and takes the Sewer Treatment Plant, they want to make it tax exempt. If that happens, then the Fulton City School District will lose $78,824.14 in tax money — not to mention the other county, fire department and highway taxes.

It all falls on us, the taxpayers, in the end. The Town of Granby, years ago, was the highest tax town to live in. We, in Granby, have come a long way and can finally “see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

What I am asking each and every person in the Town of Granby is to come Monday, Aug. 6 at 7 p.m. to the Fulton Municipal Building.

The Fulton Common Council and the Granby Town Board are having an open public meeting where the public can speak.

Although the Town of Granby has an attorney representing us, it would be great for the people to come forward and speak.

I am asking all of you to attend, speak your minds, and be there behind our Granby town board 100 percent against annexing.

Valley Viewpoints: Water chestnuts

by James Karasek, County Legislator

I would like to respond to a Valley Viewpoint about the spraying of the invasive weeds on the Oswego River.

First, each homeowner along the river should have received a letter from Soil and Water in regards to the treatment of the water chestnuts this year. Yes, there will be a round of treatment applied this year.

Soil and Water informed me that they have switched the chemical to be used and there was an approval process that took longer than planned.

The process should begin at the end of this month.

New this year is that we are working with Onondaga County in this treatment and that will hopefully be a better attack with the water chestnuts not moving from one county to the other.

Soil and Water has requested that if you have any questions on this year’s program to contact them. The number for Soil and Water is 592-9663 and the e mail is:

As always, if I can be of assistance in answering any questions please contact me.

Valley Viewpoints: Rome (Fulton) burns

by Wesley Belcher of Fulton

The City of Fulton and the so called movers and shakers are fiddling while Rome burns, so to speak.

If you visit any number of like-size cities in and around the upstate area, you’ll find boutiques, outdoor dining, small festivals and, more or less, well maintained businesses and homes.

On the other hand, here we have head shops, pawn shops, gold traders, and motorcycle gang parties (please spare me the rhetoric about these folks being regular folks out for a Sunday ride, it isn’t so.)

We have a disproportionate amount of welfare recipients and run-down properties as well as a homeless shelter. We display empty run down store fronts. The roads are atrocious in their condition. The drug problems are running rampant.

Yet we seem to do nothing. The folks who are bearing the burden of retirements for our public officials and the costs of running the city are selling their homes and getting out of Dodge. black magic

You can drive through the Third Ward; the “For Sale” signs are popping up like dandelions after a good rain. In deed, the news reported sometime ago that we enjoy the highest rate of taxes in the State of New York.

Problems that have been long promised to be addressed, for instance the river weed problem, have gone on the back burner now that elections of last year are over.

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Valley Viewpoints: Campaign tool?

by Judy Prosser of Hannibal

I walked into our local library last week to find a huge sign with Senator Patty Ritchie’s name prominently displayed. The sign blocked access to the aisle.

It was part of the “Women of Distinction” display that her office has rotating through local libraries.

As a long-time supporter of women’s rights and women’s history, I had no problem with the historical portion of the display, which included posters of prominent New York women in history and some books of information about these women on the table.

What I did object to was the blatant use by Senator Ritchie to promote herself. I know that the incumbent always has an advantage in gaining exposure for their name, but this was over the line.

Senator Ritchie’s name was displayed more prominently than Jan Rebeor’s, the current year’s honoree, and it was Ritchie’s photo on the cover of the pamphlets for the current year honoree and nominees.

If this display was for the purpose of recognizing these women, why would she put her own picture on the cover and not the honoree?

I did a little bit of googling, and found that the pamphlet format was the same as that used by Majority Leader Dean Skelos for state awards with a big exception. Dean Skelos left Lady Liberty as the cover, while Ritchie substituted her own face on the cover.

I think that tells us who this exhibit is for — certainly not the honorees or the taxpayers.

The presentation would also lead one to believe that this award was entirely Mrs. Ritchie’s idea and sponsored by her. It is actually a program of the New York State Senate that has been in place since 1998 and senators in every district do the same thing.

It is interesting that while this award was also done by Ritchie in 2011, we did not see such a display make the library rounds then. I also wonder why the schedule for the exhibit on her web site includes only Oswego County libraries when her district (and the nominees) include Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties.

Could it be that last year Mrs. Ritchie was not running for re-election against Amy Tresidder, a strong woman from Oswego County?

I also wonder if I am I correct in assuming that it is our taxpayer money that is paying for both the production of the posters and the staff time to move it from locations to location?

I question it because this seems as much a campaign tool as an educational piece. Just wondering…

Valley Viewpoints: Dedicated board member

by Bob and Sandy Weston of Fulton

We would like to commend assistant editor Nicole Reitz and The Valley News for the article that appeared Saturday, June 30 on the 21-year service on the Fulton School Board by Robbin Griffin. The article was well written and it was so good to hear Robbin’s responses.

We have known Robbin for a number of years and have always admired her hard work, dedication, leadership qualities and experience that she has provided the Fulton community by way of the school board.

She has never shied away from the many challenges that continually impact our educational system.

Serving on the school board is very demanding, time consuming and often a thankless job, but we are fortunate to have an outstanding board that works very hard to make sure that our students receive the very best education possible.

We know that even though Robbin will no longer be a member of the board, the work she has done over the last 21- years leaves a strong foundation to build on.

Whatever Robbin chooses to do, she will continue to be involved in her community. We wish her well and if you see her out and about, thank her for a job well done.

Valley Viewpoints: Giving back to the community

by Jan Rebeor of Fulton

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Senator Patty Ritchie when she informed me that I would be awarded the 2012 Woman of Distinction from her district.

I want to thank Senator Ritchie for this award and would also like to take this time to send out a huge “thank you” to everyone for their congratulations.

It has been a wonderful couple of weeks with Tony and I going to Albany for a formal presentation by Senator Ritchie at the Legislative Chambers attended by all the other awardees and then most recently another ceremony in Watertown where all the nominees in her district were honored.

I love what I do for the City of Fulton and truly believe that everyone should give back to the community they live in. I have been lucky to have been included over the years in many of the City of Fulton and Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce events.

I have made many friends through my participation in these events and have lots of good memories.

So, I thank the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber for their nomination and Senator Patty Ritchie for giving this award to me. It was truly appreciated. My congratulations also goes out to all the other nominees, all of whom are well deserved.