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Valley Viewpoints

Valley Viewpoints: Years of experience

 by Theodore B. Galvin, Chairman First Fire District, Town of Granby I am writing this article in regards to the upcoming election for commissioner of the First Fire District Town of Granby election. This will take place Dec. 11 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Granby Center Fire Dept. 1400 Co. Rte. 8. I support the re-election(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Stone Soup success

by Lois Luber, United Way of Greater Oswego County I extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who lent their support to the United Way’s Annual Stone Soup Luncheon. The event was an excellent reflection of the theme of this year’s United Way campaign, “It’s our community and it’s personal.” I also offer a gracious thank(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Disappointed

by Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bell of Granby Being a resident of Granby, my wife and I decided to go to the public budget meeting. What a very disappointing meeting it was. Questions were asked, but no town council person would answer. Is there not a public meeting? Every person attending spoke against pay raises. I believe(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Food stamps

by Ralph Riker, Florida I think Carol Thompson’s article, “The face of welfare isn’t always one of abuse,” published in the Nov. 1 edition of The Valley News, is well written and true. We never know what the people are going through in a grocery line when they lay down the food stamps. More than likely,(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Garbage rates

by Frank Castiglia, Fulton If you didn’t attend or watch the latest Fulton Common Council meeting, you missed all of these. Let me try and make this short and sweet. Bailout bonuses — Yes, we all remember when we had to bailout Wall Street. After the bailout, Wall Street gave out bonuses to many of their workers.(…)

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