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Debate erupts over lengthy meetings

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee meetings run long and some legislators have been asking for a remedy.

During Thursday’s meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee, the issue was expected to be on the agenda. The minutes of the April 23 meeting reference that Legislator Doug Malone requested the matter be placed on the May agenda.

It wasn’t, and prior to the start of the meeting, Malone questioned why the discussion wasn’t on the agenda.

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Confusion over state mosquito funds

by Carol Thompson

The announcement by New York State Senator Patty Ritchie that the state will provide $150,000 to battle the mosquito problem has left some residents, and even some legislators, in confusion.

The announcement was interpreted by some to mean that Oswego County would receive all of the funding. That is not the case, according to county officials.

The funds will be split between Oswego, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties. It is not known how much money each county will receive.

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Legislators look to revamp ethics laws

by Carol Thompson

The New York State’s Legislature recently made major sweeps to the state’s ethics laws.

Local municipalities can add to, but not subtract from, the state laws. Currently, the Oswego County Legislature is considering an update to its own ethics laws.

“We’ve got to get in line with the state and make changes to it,” Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler said. “It’s the perfect opportunity.”

Under state executive law, a joint commission of public ethics was formed last year. Oswego County currently has a three-member ethics board and the legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee has been in discussion in regard to adding more members. Many counties have five or seven member boards.


The committee has also discussed changes to the financial disclosure form that is required to be completed by all elected and appointed officials.

Governor Andrew Cuomo made it a campaign promise to end government secrecy by adding stronger language to the ethics law, more penalties and more transparency.

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County to have more video security

by Carol Thompson

If the Oswego County Legislature gives final approval, more video security cameras will be installed throughout county facilities.

During the June 14 meeting, legislators will decide whether to spend $225,000 to complete phase II of the project. The resolution authorizing the expenditure has recently been approved by the jurisdictional committees.

The project will include axis cameras, software, computers and workstations as well as Firetide wireless. Although the location of the cameras will be determined during a pilot implementation, they are slated to be located at the treasurer’s office, the Pulaski, Oswego and Fulton motor vehicle departments and an exterior camera will be installed at the county legislative office complex in Oswego.

The Department of Social Services and the Health Department are also on the list of buildings to be included in the proposal.

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State’s proposed animal law could be costly to taxpayers

by Carol Thompson

Currently in New York State, residents have access through a registry to determine if a registered sex offender lives in the area.

There is no registry to alert residents if a convicted murderer, arsonist, armed robber or convicted offender of other heinous crimes have been released from prison and move to a neighborhood.

Someday, if a proposed law is passed, residents will be able to determine if a convicted animal abuser lives in an area.

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Fulton Police Benevolent Association to begin new fund-raising campaign

by Andrew Henderson

The Fulton Police Benevolent Association will begin its annual fund-raising campaign this month, according to Inv. Michael Curtis, Fulton PBA public relations officer.

The Fulton PBA was incorporated in 1932 and is listed as a 509c not-for-profit benevolent association.

“Over the past several decades, the Fulton Police Benevolent Association has donated tens of thousands of dollars to local organizations and civic causes,” said Curtis.

In the past a phone campaign was used to raise funds with a portion of those donated funds covering the phone solicitation costs.

“In an effort to maximize the benefit to our community, we have decided to utilize a mail campaign only,” said Curtis. “This will allow the maximum amount of your donation to stay within our city and surrounding community.

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Fulton 10-year-old attends Stanley Cup finals game

by Andrew Henderson

After spending a day with the Stanley Cup early last month, 10-year-old Noah Delaney received the second part of his prize — a trip to the first game of the Stanley Cup finals.

Delaney, who won Discover’s Day with the Cup contest May 6, attended game one of the finals with his mother, Heather, Wednesday night.

Unfortunately for Delaney, his beloved New Jersey Devils fell to the Los Angeles Kings 2-1 in overtime.

Delaney was one of three finalists in Discover’s second annual Day With the Cup contest.

Discover launched its contest in late March, encouraging hockey fans across the nation to submit an original photo that best demonstrated their passion for hockey, along with a 1,000 character-or-less description that answered the question, “I deserve a day with the Stanley Cup because…”

More than 850 submissions were uploaded to Discover’s Facebook fan page Heather Doran uploaded her son Noah’s essay that captured the attention of the public, which deemed him the winner by an overwhelming number of votes.

The essay written by Noah explained that hockey helped him get through the tough time when his father, Robert, a sergeant,  left in early January to serve his third tour in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Doran serves with Oswego’s 444th Engineer Company, 411th Engineer Brigade, 412th Theater Engineer Command of the U.S. Army Reserve.

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Legislators work toward equity in lease agreements

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County officials are reviewing the lease agreements between public and private agencies and the county.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the legislature’s Infrastructure and Facilities Committee, County Administrator Phil Church gave legislators an update.

The abstracting companies that were on a letter agreement from month to month will be moved to leases, Church said. “That will be all up to date,” he noted.

He added that other lease agreements are being updated.

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