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It’s Election Day!

Get out and vote today at your polling place.

All of the county legislators are up for election this year and there’s an election for county treasurer. Also, most towns have elections for town board members, town clerks and town justices. A number of towns also have referendums concerning changing the length of term for various town positions.

There also are state referendums this year — six of them to be exact. Be sure to vote on them too.

Here is what they are about:

1) Authorize the development of up to seven new casinos in New York state.

2) Grant additional Civil Service credit to veterans certified as disabled after they have been appointed or promoted to a Civil Service position.

3) Extend for 10 years the authority of counties, cities, towns and villages to exclude from their constitutional debt limits indebtedness from the construction or reconstruction of sewage facilities.

4) Resolve competing claims of ownership of land between the state and private parties concerning land in the town of Long Lake, Hamilton County.

5) Allow NYCO Minerals to continue mining operations in the town of Lewis, Essex  County.

6) Increase to age 80 the maximum age to which state Supreme Court justices and judges on the Court of Appeals may serve. Now they must retire at 70.

Here is a list of the candidates running in Oswego County:

Editor’s Note: The party abbreviations are as follows: D is Democrat; R is Republican, I is Independence; C is Conservative; G is Green; W is Working Families

Justice of the Supreme Court

James N. Romeo, D

Nancy Jean Larson, D

John V. Centra, R-C-I

Anthony J. Paris, R-C-I


County Treasurer

Fred C. Beardsley, R-C-I


County Legislature

District 1: Margaret A. Kastler, R-C-I

District 2: Milferd H. Potter, R-C-I

District 3: Shawn Patrick Doyle, R-C

District 4: David Holst, R-I

District 5: Roy Reehil, R; Ronald E. Sakonyi, C

District 6: John J. Martino, R-I

District 7: John E. Proud, R

District 8: Daniel LeClair, R-C-I

District 9: James Weatherup, R-I

District 10: Robert J. Hayes, R-I

District 11: Linda L. Lockwood, R-C

District 12: John W. Brandt, R-I; Richard P. Kline, C

District 13: Kevin L. Gardner, R

District 14: ; Bradley T. Coe, C; Stephen Walpole, R

District 15: Jacob A. Mulcahey, D-Other

District 16: Amy M. Tresidder, D

District 17: Shane Broadwell, R-C-I; Ken Cuyler, Other

District 18: Michael K. Kunzwiler, D, C

District 19: Marie C. Schadt, D-R-C

District 20: Douglas E. Malone, D-C-Other; Joseph Susino, R-I

District 21: ; Michael P. Bukolt, Other; Terry M. Wilbur, R-C-I

District 22: James Karasek, R-C

District 23: Morris Sorbello Jr., R-C-Other

District 24: Daniel T. Farfaglia, D-C

District 25: Frank Castiglia Jr., D-C-Other; Louella LeClair, R-I


Referendum 1: Adding another town justice to the town.

Referendum 2: Increasing the term of the supervisor from two to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Referendum 3: Increasing the term of the superintendent of highways from two to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Referendum 4: Increasing the term for the town clerk from two years to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Supervisor: David Aaron Walter, R; Carl E. Anson Jr., C-I

Town clerk: Valorie A. Rose, D; Amy J. Ford, R

Town justice: Howard L. Allen Jr., R

Councilman: (pick 2) Lonny L. Mattison, R; Randy L. Mattison, R; Nancy A. Sheeley, Other

Superintendent of highways: Charles Sperling, D-Other; Steven M. Cronk, R-C-I


Supervisor: Barry D. Leemann, R.I

Town clerk: Mary Ann Clark, D

Town justice: Elizabeth A. Dunham, D-R

Councilman: (pick 2) Susan D. Halbrittter, R; Bruce E. Stone, R-I; Lawrence c. Rayder, I

Assessor: Anne Miller, R; James L. Goldsberry, R

Tax collector: Regina Sampson, R

Superintendent of highways: John Perkins III, R-I


Supervisor: Ann M. Stacy, R; Charles Rose, C-I-Other

Town clerk:  Paulette Skinner, R-Other; Doreen Macklen, C-I-Other

Town justice: David W. Lathrop, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Jimmy J, Walker, R; Dale McNitt, R; James Macklen, Other

Tax collector: Shirley McNitt, R

Superintendent of highways: Michael J. Stacy, R


Supervisor: Charles R. Gilkey, R; Dale Mussen, C-Other

Town clerk: Clare D. Hayes, D-R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) Thomas J. Moran, R-C; Chad Whitney, R

Superintendent of highways: Wayne Woolridge, R-C


Supervisor: Edward A. Williamson, R-C-Other

Town clerk: Janet L. Ingersoll, D-C

Town justice (pick 2): Edwin B. Winkworth, D-R-C-W-I-G; Bruce R. Wells, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Michael G. French, D; Lynn M. Lyons, D; Eric A. Clothier, R-C-Other; Brenda L. Frazier-Hartle, R-C-Other


Supervisor: Ronald C. Greenleaf, C

Town justice: (pick 2) Adam L. Labonoski, D; Jack S. Beckwith Jr, R-C-Other; Eugene Hafner, R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) Christopher J. Soper, D-C; Virginia M. Wilbur, R-C-I; Randy J. Hendricks, R-I

Superintendent of highways: Daniel J. Mahaney, D-Other; George H. Ritchie, R-C-Other


Superivsor: Tony Bush, R-C-I

Town clerk: Shelley Bombardo, R-I

Town justice: Ronald Myers, R-I

Councilman: (pick 2) John Coleman, R-I; Leonard Rice, R-I

Superintendent of highways: Robert Clark, R-C-I; Linwood Woody Hall, Other


Town justice: (pick 1) Douglas B. Horton, R; Jon Moretti, C; Brian Todd Windey, Other

Councilman: Eric Behling, R


Supervisor: William C. Dodds III, D-Other

Town clerk: Jennifer A. Allen, D-R

Councilman: (pick 2) Shawn McCrae, D; John L. Familo, R-Other; Dominick A. Yacco, R-Other

Superintendent of highways: James r. Sharkey, D-Other; Keith J. Moody, R-Other


Supervisor: Russell E. Sturtz III, R

Town justice: Terry F. Searles, D

Councilman: (pick 2) Patricia A. Prosser, R; William Rombough, R


Supervisor: William G. Potter, R

Town clerk: Traci S. LaVeck, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Robert D. Crossett, R; Jeffrey Graham, R

Superintendent of highways: Douglas C. Henry, R-I-Other


Supervisor: Victoria M. Mullen, R-C-I

Town justice: (pick 2) Donald H. Dodd, R-C-I; Michael Sterio, R-C-I

Councilman: (pick 2) Tim DeSacia, R; Greg Herrmann, R


Superisor: Patricia A. Redhead, R

Town clerk: Jean M. Gulliver, R

Town justice: Edward N. Boisseau, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Thomas R. Hilton, R; Doris French, R-Other

Superintendent of highways: James Pettit, R


Referendum 1: Increasing the town clerk term from two years to four years.

Referendum 2: Increasing the supervisor term from two years to four years.

Referendum 3: Increasing the highway superintendent term from two years to four years.

Supervisor: Stephen J. Stelmashuck, D-C

Town clerk: Kelly I. Reader, D; Mary Ann Phillips, R-C-I

Town justice: Carl L. Dayger, D-R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) John E. Dunham, D-C; Carra P. Watson, D; Douglas E. Jordan, R-C

Tax collector: Mary L. Houghton, R

Superintendent of highways: David J. Reader, D-C; George R. Korthas, R-I


Supervisor: Tanya M. Yerdon, D-R

Town clerk: Susan C. Hough, D-R

Town justice: (pick 1) Ralph L. Fox, D; Dory A. Dumas, R

Councilman: (pick 2) James A. Cheney, D; Dora M. Hallock, D;  Erwin A. Webb, R

Tax collector: Sue A. Harlander, D-R

Superintendent of highways: Paul E. Pratt, D-R-Other


Supervisor: Daniel C. Krupke, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Donna M. Gilson, R; Sue E. Haynes, R


Referendum 1: Increasing the highway superintendent’s term from two years to four years.

Referendum 2: Increasing the town clerk’s term from two years to four years.

Referendum 3: Increasing the supervisor’s term from two year to four years.


Supervisor: Nancy L. Ridgeway, R

Town clerk: Tammy L. Miller, R

Town justice: Terry E. Crast, R

Councilman: (pick 2) John W. Wood Jr., R; Ruth E. Scheppard, R

Superintendent of highways: Michael C. Kastler Jr., R-C; Timothy S. Crast, Other


Mayor: Grant J. Rohrmoser, R-Other; Steven J. Washburn, Other

Trustee: Sharon L. Turo, R


Supervisor: Lynett M. Greco, D-R-C; Patrick J. Nugent, I

Town justice: Armen Nazarian, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Michael Lattimore, D; Stephen Hutchins, D-C-Other; Timothy J Dunnigan, R; Suzanne M. Duquette, R

Receiver of taxes: George W. Simons, R


Supervisor: Kenneth E. Burdick, R

Town clerk: Rebecca A. Lavery, R

Town justice: Kenneth H. Adkins, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Bradford Kennedy, R; Eileen L. Santoro, R; Kelly M. Lagoe, C

Assessor: Kerry L. Barnes, R

Superintendent of highways: Michael J. Barry, D; Roger S. Myers, R


Supervisor: Dennis Lockwood, R-C

Councilman: (pick 2) Gregory W. Hartranft, R-C; Kelvin K. Kio, R-C; Tax collector: Sandra L. Austin, R-C

Superintendent of highways: Roger A. Dunsmoor, R-C


Referendum 1: Increasing the town clerk’s term from two years to four years beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Supervisor: John Messere, D-I-Other; Verno Sundet, R

Town clerk: Cortney A. Rhinehardt, R; Patrice M. Jock, Other

Town justice: Colleen A. Sullivan, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Gary L. Harrington, R; Michael Hickey, R; Debra A. Phillips, Other

Superintendent of highways:  Randall R. Shaw, R


Supervisor: John Chip Hamblin, R

Town clerk: Faith Ann Baker, R

Town justice: (pick 1) Ronald J. White, D; Michele M. Bull, R

Councilman: (pick 2) Jeffrey A. Hopkinson, D; Sharon J. Kellogg, D; Kimberly Ann Huntley, R; Susan Punch, R

Tax collector: Rosalie B. Platt, R

Superintendent of highways: Henry H. Allen, R


First ward councilor: Fran Enwright, D-Other; Brenda J. Rice, R-W-I-Other

Second ward councilor: Michael R. Myers, R

Third ward councilor: Robert E. Janey, D; Michael E. Todd, R-I

Fourth ward councilor: Shawn P. Walker, R-C

Fifth ward councilor: Frank Clavelli, D-Other; William Billy Barlow Jr., R-I

Sixth ward councilor: Eric Van Buren, D

Seventh ward councilor: Ronald T. Kaplewicz, R


City judge: David H. Hawthorne, R-I

First ward councilor: Ernesto Garcia, D; Thomas Kenyon, R-C

Second ward councilor: Daniel Knopp, D-Other; Douglas Chapman, R

Third ward councilor: Ryan M. Raponi, D-Other; Timothy Crandell, R

Fourth ward councilor: Ralph E. Stacy Jr., D-I; James R. Myers, R; Mark Sherman, C

Fifth ward councilor: Norman Jay Foster, R

Sixth ward councilor: Lawrence E. Macner, D

Oswego students see play thanks to mentors

SUNY Oswego’s Mentor-Scholar program, thanks to support from Artswego, brought six students from the Oswego school district to the final performance of the college production “Fahrenheit 451.”

Mentor-Scholar matches college mentors with middle and high school students from seventh-grade to ninth-grade in an afterschool setting and provides opportunities to visit and explore campus.

The SUNY Oswego theatre department’s adaptation of “Fahrenheit 451” was based on Ray Bradbury’s classic 1953 novel, which he later developed into a stage play in 1979. It envisions a future dystopian America that has outlawed the reading of books and employs “firemen” to burn any they find in guilty hands.

For the Oct. 27 “Fahrenheit 451” performance, six Mentor-Scholar students joined family members and mentors in Tyler Hall’s Waterman Theatre.

“Due credit goes to all involved — director, production team, actors and actresses — for creating a dramatic but educational experience for the young scholars,” said program coordinator Nicholas Greene.

Events such as these provide an opportunity for the program’s growing, young academics to experience the world of college life and promote an appetite for higher education in their own lives, Waters said.


Oswego County Head Start Pre-K still accepting applications

Oswego County Head Start Pre-K continues to accept applications for the 2013-2014 program year.

The program enrolls three- and four-year-old children and is provided at no cost to families.

Head Start’s goal is promoting school readiness through a variety of learning materials and developmentally appropriate opportunities that assist children in developing academically, socially, and emotionally.

Family involvement is strongly encouraged. Parents have a central role in the program as partners in the educational process. There are opportunities to be involved in parent committees, volunteer in the classrooms, as part of program development, and attending workshops.

A program of Oswego County Opportunities, Head Start Pre-K has seven centers located throughout Oswego County and enrolls children from all nine county school districts.

Applications are accepted year round with waiting lists maintained for openings that may occur.

Families that would like more information can visit our website at or if they like to complete an application may call 598-4711 or (800) 359-1171 to schedule an appointment.



‘Vocal Array’ of faculty voices fill Nov. 10 concert

SUNY Oswego faculty voices will rise at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 10, in Sheldon Hall ballroom in a concert titled “Vocal Array,” featuring songs of France, Germany and Japan.

Voice faculty Mihoko Tsutsumi, Todd Graber, Nancy James and Robert Allen will sing selections whose composers range from Debussy to Beethoven, Strauss to Charpentier, accompanied by Rebecca Horning on piano.

“I’m so pleased to have them all here,” said Graber, chair of the music department. “It adds variety to the way we approach teaching voice — it gives our students exposure to similar information disseminated differently. It’s a nice ‘array’ of talent and teaching.”

In tribute to her native land, the soprano Tsutsumi, SUNY Oswego’s new director of choral activities, will perform three Japanese art songs, “Hamabe no Uta,” “Kono Michi” and, in a duet with Graber, “Hana.” She and Graber also will offer “Et misericordia” from Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Magnificat.”

The concert, part of the music department’s Focus on Faculty series, will feature a four-song French repertoire from James, a soprano who has served as chorus master for the Syracuse Opera as well as an adjunct instructor of voice at Oswego. Debussy’s “C’est l’extase” from “Ariettes oubliees” is among them.

Allen, an adjunct instructor, voice teacher and tenor, will offer three songs from Richard Strauss, including “Morgen,” and another, “Adelaide,” from Ludwig van Beethoven.

Graber, a tenor, will solo with “An die ferne Geliebte,” a cycle of six songs by Beethoven.

Tickets for “Vocal Array” and other concerts in the Focus on Faculty series are $8 ($5 for SUNY Oswego students) and are available at the college’s box offices, online at and by calling 312-2141.

Parking for this event is included in the price of admission, and is available in the employee lots adjacent to and across Washington Boulevard from Sheldon Hall. Patrons with disabilities needing assistance should call 312-2141 in advance of the performance.

Learn about muck farming in Oswego County at Nov. 10 event

A discussion of a book about muck farming in Oswego County will be presented at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 10 at Springside at Seneca Hill.

Local author Jim Farfaglia will talk about his recently-published book and will present a slideshow with photos used in the book, an overview of why muck farming has been so important to Oswego County and stories told to Farfaglia by local muck farmers.

“The idea for this book started with an event at the Fulton Public Library in March 2012,” Farfaglia explained.

“I was conducting a reading from my book of poems, ‘Country Boy,’ which is about growing up in rural Central New York and working on my uncles’ muck farms. Members of several muck-farm families attended and, after my reading, these farmers started telling stories and comparing experiences from the mucks.

“I saw people nodding in agreement with each anecdote and noticed how one story built upon another. As I listened to the emotion underlying each farmer’s recollections, I knew I wanted to capture their memories.”

Farfaglia proceeded to interview muck farmers, their family members, neighbors, workers and agricultural specialists. Using the interviews, photographs and maps, he created the book.

“I like to say that I compiled and edited the book instead of saying I wrote it,” Farfaglia said. “About 90 percent of the book is the story of the mucks in the interviewees’ own words. After all, the people who lived and worked the mucks should be the ones to tell their story.”

Following the Nov. 10 program, Farfaglia will present a complimentary copy of the book to each farm family he interviewed, introduce the farmers to the audience and take questions about the book.

Refreshments will be served. Because of limited seating, reservations to attend the event are required. Contact Farfaglia at 402-2297 or to register.

Art Association of Oswego plans holiday tour

The Art Association of Oswego is having its first ever Holiday Studio/Gallery Tour from 3 to 6 p.m. Nov. 9.

The tour will end with an opening reception for the exhibit by Bob and Laurie Kester, ‘Til Death Do We Art, at the Art Association from 6 to 8 p.m.

This is a perfect time for the community to come out and visit local artists in their studio as well as purchase art and enjoy the husband and wife show, ‘Til Death Do Us Art.

Bob Kester is a local photographer, taking photos of local scenery. Laurie Kester is a stained glass artist who owns and operates her studio, Glasshaven. She also enjoys other media such as, pottery, painting and collage.

The show is a collaboration of both artists. The Kesters enjoy inspiring each other through their art. This exhibit runs from Nov. 9 through Dec. 8.

The Holiday/Gallery Tour includes:  printmaker Bill Demott, whose studio is at the Oswego Armory; Allen Bjorkman of the Picture Connection is opening his Fenix art studio; Lakeside Artisans, a unique art gallery with local artists; SUNY Oswego’s  Downtown  gallery will exhibit ‘Painterly Prints’ by Mary Pierce’s printmaking students; and Zinc, with original screen prints, will also have their gallery open.

Plus, at the Art Association of Oswego, several local artists — Kathy Besaw, Sandra Dowie, Phyllis Richardson and Jane VanEmmerik — will be displaying their art.

The tour will end at the Art Association where participants can turn in their postcards. Postcards are available at all locations on the tour.

Cards need to be signed off at all locations to be eligible for a drawing of art prizes. The drawing will be held at 6:30 p.m. and participants must be present to win.  Refreshments will be at all locations.

Join the Art Association for a festive evening and do your holiday shopping with us. The AAO is located at the northernmost end of East Fourth Street, across from the fort,  in Oswego.

Regular gallery hours are from 2 to 5 p.m. on weekends or by appointment and all events are free and open to the public.  This event is made possible in part by funds from CNY Arts of Syracuse.

‘Graphic Flash’ set for Nov. 8 at SUNY Oswego

SUNY Oswego students in the graphic arts and creative writing programs have teamed up for an exhibition titled “Graphic Flash 2” opening Friday, Nov. 8, with a special presentation Tuesday, Nov. 12, on campus.

The “Graphic Flash” exhibition, following last year’s successful debut, will open with a reception from 4 to 5:20 p.m. Nov. 8 in the Penfield Library lobby.

At 6:30 p.m. Nov. 12, readings will take place in the Campus Center auditorium as illustrations project on-screen. The exhibition will run through Dec. 7 in the library.

Graphic artists from art faculty member Amy Bartell’s advanced graphics class illustrated the flash fiction — stories of no more than 1,000 words delivering strong impact — of writers from English and creative writing faculty member Leigh Wilson’s advanced fiction-writing course to create what Wilson called “an explosion of creative collaboration, from striking micro-stories to bold and colorful illustrations.”

Both events are free and open to the public. Parking for those without a current SUNY Oswego parking sticker is $1; see for information.

For more information about “Graphic Flash 2,” contact Wilson at or Bartell at