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Deadline Dec.18 to apply to take Civil Service tests

Wednesday Dec.18  is the deadline for applications to take a number of Civil Service exams coming up Jan. 25.

The positions are Housing Program Specialist, Housing Program Inspector and Accounting Supervisor Grade B.

Candidates must be legal residents of Oswego County for a minimum of four months preceding the Jan. 25 date of examination. Application are available at the Personnel Department, County Office Building, 46 E. Bridge St., Oswego or online at

SUNY Oswego anti-poverty group wins national recognition

Students belonging to the SUNY Oswego chapter of the anti-poverty group ONE recently won a national challenge for awareness-raising and lobbying efforts.

Members have now written more than 570 letters to congressional representatives on issues related to poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, such as the need for electricity, said Sara Cooper, president of the Oswego chapter she helped found starting this summer.

“It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been exciting to see us grow,” said Cooper, a senior communication and social interaction major with minors in both political science and peace and conflict studies. “We are still No. 1 (in the Campus Challenge) in overall actions and recruitment since Aug. 30.”

She said among the group’s actions, ONE members also held a “Study Under the Stars” event to call attention to the plight of African students who need to use light from public sources such as airports to read and study at night.

ONE, which in October officially joined nearly 200 registered student organizations at SUNY Oswego, is an advocacy organization co-founded by U2 frontman Bono with more than 3.5 million members worldwide engaged in the fight against extreme poverty in Africa. ONE said it sponsors the national Campus Challenge to propel college students — “a powerful political force” — to action.

 Mandela film

Cooper said ONE’s mobilization efforts at SUNY Oswego have relied on word of mouth, a Facebook page, presentations in classes and residence halls, and publicity from the ONE challenge — including Oswego’s inclusion in a USA Today College story.

Among other colleges and universities, the competition has attracted ONE chapters at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, University of Virginia and University of Iowa.

SUNY Oswego’s ONE chapter earned a pre-release screening of “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” after winning the challenge. The screening, which by coincidence took place at Oswego Cinema 7 on the evening former South African president Nelson Mandela died, was one of 10 hosted by movie distributor The Weinstein Company at colleges and universities around the United States.

The tie-in with the biographical film about Mandela, who as president led South Africa out of apartheid, is “designed to encourage discussions on college campuses about Mandela’s life and legacy,” The Weinstein Company said.

“Through a series of action-oriented challenges, from living without power to calling members of Congress, Oswego students won ONE’s Campus Challenge and the private screening event by urging political leaders to support programs that are today saving lives and creating sustainable futures in the developing world every day,” the company said in a news release

The current ONE challenge calls on students to submit paintings depicting an AIDS-free world, as HIV/AIDS is another problem plaguing Africa.

“I want us to get as involved as possible,” Cooper said. “Oswego (as a college) is interested in global awareness, and that’s what we are promoting.”

Oswego Middle School honor roll and high honor roll students announced

Oswego Middle School Principal Mary Beth Fierro has announced first quarter honor roll for her seventh- and eighth-grade students.

High Honor Roll: Jea Adams, Alyssa Adner, Samuel Allen, Madeline Armet, Colton Avery, Nickolas Back, Andrew Baker, Jade Ballard, Adeline Benjamin, Liam Benjamin, Tia Bevacqua, Randy Bills, Michael Borer, Emily Bradshaw, Jenna Bradshaw, Michaela Bradshaw, Samual Broadwell, Janie Brooks, Dakota Brown, Nicholas Brown, Grace Bruns, Nolan Busch, Brianna Bush, Lauren Bush, Sierra Buske, Crissa Cabanlig, Monica Cahill, Andrew Caprin, Alec Caroccio, Joan Carroll and Sarah Casaletta.

Also: Joel Caster, Alyssa Cheeley, Claudia Chetney, Allison Choate, Abigayle Christian, Melissa Chun, Gillian Clark, Zoe Clark, Christian Clary, Christopher Colasurdo, Lateisha Colon, Dakota Contryman, Jared Crisafulli, Riley Crisafulli, Caitlyn Daniels, Noah Davis, Reese Davis, Kyle Decker, Danielle DelConte, Stephen Demong Jr., Lauren Devinny, Zoey Devoid, Anthony DiBlasi, Tiffany Ditton, Jack Dodds, Abigail Douglas, Jillian Dowdle, Colin Dowling, Megan Durval, Emilee Ekman and Alexander Emmons.

Also: Gabriel Fenzl, Dominic Ferlito, Janelle Flack, Vanessa Flint, Maria Foti, Eryn French, Alecia Fuentes, Laurin Furlong, Mariah Galletta, Samantha Gardner, Nathaniel Gazda, Alexys Geers, Alyson Geers, Bailey Glennen, Jessica Godden, Kaitlyn Grant, Sophia Greene, Sophia Griffiths, Kaitlyn Gunther, Madeline Gunther, Paige Hammond, Nicholas Hanna, Faith Hannock, Mikayla Hardesty, Noah Hardter, Zachary Haynes, Kieran Henrie, Alison Hibbert, Grace Hibbert, Katheryne Hibbert-Nelson and Katherine Hill.

Also: Madison Hill, Eric Hoefer, Nicklas Holland, Leah Horn, Jarreau Hoskins, Haleigh Hough, Rose Huang, Dawson Izyk, Alexis James, Dain Jerred, Tyler Johnson, Lauren Jones, Monique Jones, Lara Kanbur, Kaitlyn Kelly, Spencer Kielb, Mya Kinder, Johnathan King, Lily Kingsley, Willow-Su Knapp, Derek Kohut, Kyle Kon, Sheyenne Lacey, McKenzie LaDue, Taylor LaDue, Alyssa Lapetino, Addison Lee, Alyssa Lee and John Lee.

Also: Madison LeRoy, Eleanor Lisec, Kelly Lizotte, Sofia Loayza, Dillon Lopes, Evan Lupien, Matthew Mace, Aaliyah Maldonado-Cappetta, Elyse Maniccia, Elizabeth Martin, Austin Mason, James May, Julia May, Brookelle Mazzoli, Margo McBrearty, Liberty McCracken, Turner McElroy, Alaina McMahon, Benjamin McPherson, Clarissa Miller, Derek Morgia, Drake Morgia, Andrew Mosbo, Leah Mullen, Emilee Munger, Caitlyn Murphy, Alex Myers, Alexander Osetek, Sierra Palmer, Dieonte Parker and Breonna Parrott.

Also: Allison Pasco, Derek Pascuzzi, Savannah Pero, Joseph Perras, Ivy Perry, Layla Perry, Laurel Plunkett, Jonathan Plyler, Connor Pratt, Sofia Proano, Jason Proud, Deepi Pryor, Alexa Quesnell, Breeanna Race, Olivia Rando, Payton Reese, Abigail Reith, Dylan Reitz, Leanna Restani, Dane Richardson, Cassandra Romeo, Cole Ross, Katterina Ruotolo, Lauren Samson, Jarod Sawyer, Jasmine Scruton, Nicholas Searor, Katherine Shene, Logan Shepardson, Kennedy Shurtleff, Kristen Skinner, Katie Smith and Tessa Smith.

Also: Dylan Sobrino, Zachary Sova, Benjamin Stevens, Christopher Sugar, Madalynn Swan, Matthew Taormina, Leah Taylor,  Madelaline Taylor, Sydney-Yu Terpening, Ryan Tharrett, Joshua Thomas, Keegan Thompson, McKinley Thompson, Reagan Thompson, Isabella Thorpe, Abhijit Tripathi, Julianne Verceles, Nicholas Victory, Catherine Volkomer, Vlad Volkov, Kieran Vollmer, Samuel Waldron, Mattie Wallace, Thomas Wallace, Tyler Wallace, Halle Wells, Alexander Wetzel, Bailey Whalen, Hannah Wise, Caitlin Wisniewski, Ryan Wood, Samuel Woods and Drew Youngman

Honor Roll:  Jason Abbott, Cameron Adams Jr., Emily Alnutt, Scott Alton, Griffin Axtell, Francis Barilla, Lauren Beall, Allison Beckwith, Jacob Bellardini, Olivia Bivens, Hunter Blackburn, Kevin Blum, Andrew Bornheimer, Laura Bornheimer, Mary Bornheimer, Tegan Boyzuck, Noah Brancato, Donovan Brown, Steven Buck, Madison Bullard, Griffin Calabro, Hannah Cali, Nolan Callahan, Tyler Calverase, Shae Carter, Hailey Caruso, Zachary Cary, Nicholas Chetney, Robert Clark, Raymond Class and Joshua Clyne.

Also: Allyssa Copeland, Madelyne Cortright, Christopher Cronk, Zachery Crossman, Aleksandra Cummins, Maddison Dashnau, Brenden Davies, Brandon Davis, Shelby Davis, Tyler Davis, Kaleya Dawley, Nelson DiGregorio II, Nathaniel Distin, Kyle Dodge, Hayley Domicolo, Abigail Donahue, Daniel Doviak, Kayla Drosihn, Courtney Dryden, Isabel Dunning, Joel Dunn, Jasmine Durham, Tyler Eckert, Lilyana Ellis, Mackenzie Endres, Sierra Ermini, Alexa Fadden, Julia Falanga, Samantha Falcetti and Huckabee Fitzgerald.

Also: Derek Fitzsimmons, Marissa Forger, Makayla Fragale, Nathan Getman, Matthew Gill, Fredrick Gonzalez, Daniel Gosselin, Stephen Greene III, Zachary Griffin, Evan Groff, Mary Guynup, Jordan Hare, Audrey Harrington, Jacob Harrington, Jacob Hauser, Javiemary Hernandez, Jacob Hibbert, Matthew Hibbert, Olivia Hilton, Brianna Hoefer, Timothy Hubbard II, Akira Huber, Quinn Jacobs, Hermes Jimenez Jr., Ashley Johnson, Joseph Kelly, Tanner Keville, Crystal King, Michael Kinney, Tara Kirwan, Hannah Koster, Krista Kraft, Megan Lagoe and Bradley Liverman.

Also: Connor Loadwick, Joshua Losurdo, Keith Loughrey, Mark Magistro Jr., Maxwell Mays, Robert McCarthy, Katelinn McGuinness, Mickayla McMahon, Shaleen McMahon, Margaret McSweeney, Cassondra Monroy, Jacob Morgan, Bradley Morrisseau, Justin Mull, Alainna Mulvihill, Cody Murray, Nathaniel Murteza, Andrew Mylkes, Gavin Neuland, Heavenly Noel, Andrew Noyes, Aidan Osmun, Dakota Ouderkirk, Julia Palmer, Taylor Palmer, Maria Pelkey, Sean Pepe, Logan Pepper, Alexis Pero, Trinity Perry, Cameron Peterson and Kaylee Polmanteer.

Also: Samantha Porter, Gregory Poston, Ethan Proud, Jessica Pullen, Marina Regan, Dale Reynolds, Destiney (Desa) Richards, Jasiah Rios, Zachary Rousselle, Hannah Rowley, Abigail Roy, Kaileigh Roy, Isabella Sabatini, Emily Sanders, Kateri Senke, Jacob Sharkey, Caroline Sincavage, Presley Slimmer, Cameron Smith, Travis Sova, Hannah St. John, Tyler Steinbach, Alexis Sterio, Keyara Storrs, Laura Sullivan, Giordana Szadkowski, Christian Talamo, Jaime Thompson, Chelsea Thurston, Liam Tovey, Skylar Trapasso, Shawn Victory, Griffin Vrooman, Skylar Wallace, Jacob Ward, Zachary Warren, Emily Waterman, Adam Weller, Alexander Whiteside, Destiny Whitney, Trent Wilkinson, Rhiannon Winslow, Jacob Wise and Isaiah Wiseman.

Fulton Dining and Activity Center menus for week of Dec. 16

Here are the menus being served at the Fulton Dining and Activity Center:

Monday- 12/16/- Homemade soup and sandwich

Tuesday- 12/17/- Chili Con Carne along with cauliflower

Wednesday – 12/18/- Glazed ham with scalloped potatoes along with lemon dill carrots

Thursday- 12/19/- Meatloaf with gravy, baked potato and spinach

Friday- 12/20/- Chicken & Biscuits  with mashed potatoes and veggies


Monday- 12/23/- Meatballs and pasta with sauce along with Italian blend veggies

Tuesday-12/24/- PROGRAM CLOSED



Thursday – 12/26/ – Barbecued chicken breast along with scalloped potatoes and peas and carrots

Friday- 12/27/- Macaroni & Cheese with stewed tomatoes and cooks choice veggies


Monday – 12/30/ – Reuben noodle casserole with vegetables

Tuesday – 12/31/- Meatball sub with Italian blend vegetables

Wednesday –  1/1/ PROGRAM CLOSED                                              HAPPY NEW YEAR

Thursday – 1/2/- Crispy fish clipper with au gratin potatoes and Catalina blend vegetables

Friday- 1/3/ – Turkey sloppy joe with baked potato and peas and carrots


Lunch is served at noon and the daily activity begins at 11 a.m.

For reservations, call Eileen at  592-3408  at least 24 hours in advance.

Auditions Dec. 17 and 18 for first play in Fulton Community Theatre 2014 season

Fulton Community Theatre will open auditions for the first production of its 2014 season, the romantic comedy “2 Across” by Jerry Mayer.

Auditions will be held from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 17 and 18 at Holy Trinity Church, 309 Buffalo St., Fulton.

The production will be directed by Michael A. Bolio. No preparation is necessary; auditioners will read scenes from the script. The production will run weekends, Feb. 15-16 and Feb. 22-23.

The comedy tells the tale of two strangers, Josh and Jane, who meet on a commuter train. They are alone in the car, each is married, and both are doing the New York Times crossword.

She’s an organized, sensible, psychologist. He’s a free spirited, unemployed ad exec. She is a crossword pro, he always quits. They learn from each other, argue, laugh, reveal big problems, they kiss.  Will they meet again?

The character descriptions are as follows (Please note, both characters are in their late 40s to mid 50s): Janet is Catholic, structured, responsible, a good mother and usually right. She’s an achiever whose standards are high and her patience is low.

As a psychologist, she’s blunt and honest. She’s a law abider and a rule follower. Everything she attempts, she does well, except for one thing — she has got to learn to have fun.

Josh is Jewish and a paradox. He’s part free spirit, part executive, part dreamer, part good son, part Peter Pan. During the trip, each time Janet decides Josh is a flake, he does or says something that wins her total admiration, or he makes her laugh, which she’s not used to.

About two thirds through their journey, Josh decides that he and Janet might be meant for each other. Now all he’s got to do is convince Janet of that.

For more information, including upcoming auditions for the season, please contact FCT at its website,, or by emailing at

Photographer featured at Fulton gallery

Martha Lanctot is the featured artist for December at the CNY Arts in the heART Gallery in Fulton.

Lanctot’s work is affordable and so very versatile and she is a great addition to the gallery, officials say. The world of photography has evolved and so much has changed but Lanctot has changed along with it.

Here is how she describes her foray into photography:

“My fascination with photography began when I was five, which was 1947. My father was an electrical engineer for Alcoa. His job was to analyze how well various alloys of aluminum wire conducted electricity.

“The analysis required miles of photographic film. At the end of each of these gigantic rolls was a trailer of nearly 3 feet which would only be discarded. Dad would rescue the trailer.

“Later he would have mom lock him in the pitch dark of the car trunk so that he could fit that piece of film into his camera. ..  Then on a given magic night a bedroom would be turned into a darkroom.

“Dad, ever the engineer, rigged a tuna fish can, and tomato juice can, a length of pipe, and his camera to project an image on to the piece of photo sensitive paper.  The paper went through various Pyrex dishes of chemicals and finally into the bathtub for rinsing.  We had photos! It was magic in black and white.

“One Christmas in the early 1950s I received my very own box camera. Each roll of film had only eight precious frames.  The roll had to be mailed away for developing, and it took forever for the prints to be returned.

“I think Dad had as much fun teaching me to take pictures as I had being with him. Once, early on, he showed me how to take a picture of myself pouring a basin of water on myself by taking a carefully arranged double exposure. Oh, how I wish I had that picture today.

“My mother was a quilter and as such she was a wonderful fabric artist. She had a strong sense of color and composition for her quilts. I spent long hours watching her put her designs together, and hopefully some of her talent has seeped into me.

“She is 98 now and nearly blind, but her quilts are still known and sought in St. Lawrence County.

“Over the next 60 years, I went through a number of cameras. One drowned off the coast of Nova Scotia when I was helping put out lobster pots. Another died on safari in Kenya while “shooting” lions.

One was smashed to smithereens in a horrible car accident. One was ruined by sand and suntan lotion in Florida. Just recently my newest and best went over a cliff and bounced into a stream of water. The telephoto lens now has a visible curve, but remarkably still works.

“With my retirement has come time to explore the process of putting together the thousand piece jigsaw puzzle of technology and art that is photography.  And still the surprises keep coming.”

Lanctot is one of the many photographers with work on display.  Work by Judy Campany showing her treasure chest of beautiful Oswego County, Roxanne Butler with her many facets of photographs, William Grace Jr. with his very contemporary line, and Kendra Matott with her magical, fantasy line of prints can all be seen at the Arts in the heART Gallery.

‘Next Great Idea’ business competition set to begin

“The Next Great Idea: 2014 Oswego County Business Plan Competition”  is about to begin.

The competition culminates with  $25,000 awarded to the winner at an awards luncheon in November 2014, said Austin Wheelock, co-chair of the NGI Steering Committee.

The NGI competition will accept Business Concept Proposals Jan. 22 through April 11.

The Next Great Idea Oswego County Business Plan Competition began in

2008 when economic development officials along with business and community leaders came together to develop a program to encourage entrepreneurism and develop a solution for a problem many businesses find when getting started- access to equity capital.

“We knew we had a lot of great business ideas in the community but the recurring obstacle we kept finding when trying to assist businesses was a lack of equity for companies to get off the ground or to go to a bank and obtain traditional financing,” Wheelock added.

“We were losing companies and talented entrepreneurs to areas that had these types of programs and cultures of entrepreneurism in place,” he said.

Financial contributions that support this program come from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation of Oswego, Operation Oswego County, the Small Business Development Center at SUNY Oswego, Key Bank, and Pathfinder Bank.

In addition, the $25,000 equity prize can potentially be leveraged to borrow up to $250,000 in partnership with local banks, the County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency, the cities of Oswego and Fulton community development offices, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and other economic development agencies and programs.

Since the program began, it has made the dream of owning a business come true for two companies.

Lakeside Artisans Cooperative won the 2010 competition and Ocean Blue Technology, LLC, was the winner of the inaugural NGI competition in 2008.

Lakeside Artisans is a start-up, for-profit cooperative that has developed a retail and gallery showcase in Oswego’s Canal Commons to promote local artwork and artisans’ crafts. They have grown from a core group of six artists to more than 20 and continue to expand.

OBT, a Fulton-based manufacturing company, developed the DiveBud™ Scuba Safety Platform which is designed to be safer than its competitors and to appeal to the recreational and commercial diving market.

The DiveBud is a floating marker with a reflective flag and LED beacon that is tethered to the diver below.

The first phase of the 2014 NGI Competition will formally begin on Jan. 22 and the deadline for submitting proposals is April 11. The entire competition consists of three phases that will require the selected participants to develop full business plans and make their “pitch” in person to a panel of judges.

The judging panel will be composed of local bankers, business owners, venture capitalists and angel investors. This panel will determine which proposals will be selected to enter the subsequent phases culminating in the winner being chosen and honored at a luncheon in late 2014.

Ideas that are not selected will receive written feedback from the judges of how to improve their proposals for the future.

“We’ve designed the NGI program in a way to benefit all the participants involved, not just the ultimate winner of the competition,” Wheelock said. “If we have one $25,000 prize winner come out of this, but several bankable, feasible business plans with confident entrepreneurs then everyone wins, especially Oswego County.”

For more information, visit the website at, which includes an overview of the event, the application, a competition timeline, guidelines, details on the $25,000 prize, sponsors, and partners.

You may also call Austin Wheelock at -343-1545 or email at

New Oswego senior residence prepares for the holidays

For the residents of St. Francis Commons Assisted Living Residence in Oswego, this holiday season will mark their first in the new residence.

And like many others who enjoy the “art” of holiday decorating, they have been hard at work making their new home look attractive and festive in the spirit of the season!

“We have had a wonderful time in the past few weeks making the new residence into a place to call home,” said Peg Livoti, Director of Activities at St. Francis Commons.

“I think our folks are very proud of their home and have had many opportunities to ‘show off’ their holiday decorating to the family and guests who have been stopping in to visit or tour the new residence and learn about our service and amenities,” she said.

St. Francis Commons offers state licensed Assisted Living Program services and amenities. The residence provides supportive housing and care at a level that is less than a nursing home but more than may be found in an independent setting.

Services at St. Francis Commons include three meals a day, housekeeping with linen and personal laundry services, scheduled transportation, social programs, assistance with personal care and medication management. A hair salon, gift shop, as well as cable television and telephone connections in each room are some of the amenities offered.

St. Francis Commons will accommodate sixty individuals in three “neighborhoods” within the residence. Private payment, Medicaid, private insurance reimbursement and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are accepted.

St. Francis Commons Assisted Living Residence is the newest phase of development on the St. Luke healthcare campus, located on the east side in the City of Oswego. For more information about St. Francis Commons, call 326-0870.