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Former Muslim to speak at Fulton Alliance Church

Daniel Shayesteh will be speaking at the Fulton Alliance Church May 18-20.

“Mary an I were born into nominal Muslim families in a small city in Iran,” he said. “We became fully involved in the fundamentalist Islamic movement shortly after the Islamic Revolution. Our common interest in the movement drew us together and we were married. This involvement caused me to advance in the politically-oriented religion Islam, and with the recognition and support of people in our city I announced my candidacy for the Islamic Parliament.

“The bitter rivalry of Islamic politics which often leads to people being killed for their beliefs meant I was a threat to Khomeini’s political group who wanted to govern at any cost,” he said. “I was kidnapped by Khomeini’s Revolutionary Military and placed in a death cell  to await a death sentence. God in his love and graciousness had other plans for my life and unexpectedly I was temporarily released, but I was not allowed to work in my city, and neither was I allowed to leave my city to seek work in other areas. Finally, after two attempts, I escaped into Turkey- homeless and without family or friends. My loneliness was overwhelming at the time and I feared for my family’s safety because of my escape.”

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Annual Cross Walk to be held Friday

A Fulton community Good Friday Cross Walk will be held Friday, April 6 starting at 10:30 a.m. in the parking lot of Holy Trinity Parish, 309 Buffalo St., Fulton.

This annual event is sponsored by the Greater Fulton Area Council of Christian Churches.

Walkers will take turns carrying a large wooden cross in the downtown section of the City of Fulton. A total of ten stations of the cross will be observed.

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‘Good Neighbor Mission & Work Day’ set for April 28

The Lake Effect Cooperative Ministries will hold its second annual “Good Neighbor Mission & Work Day” Saturday, April 28.

The group will be focusing on assisting individuals or families with projects they would be otherwise unable to do themselves.

Some eligible projects include cleaning out a room, setting up outdoor furniture, painting a room, lawn work, garden prep, trimming bushes or other projects as needed.

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‘Living Stations’ set for March 30

Continuing a 25-year tradition, “Living Stations” will be presented Friday, March 30 at 7 p.m. in the G. Ray Bodley High School auditorium.

This dramatization of “The Way of the Cross” is the traditional Catholic prayer of Jesus’ passion as it portrays the final hours leading to His crucifixion.

In the “Living Stations,” local youth take on the roles of the various people in the traditional 14 scenes of the Stations of the Cross.

Each scene features a series of readings and meditations and is a visual reminder of Christ’s suffering.

Jeremy Langdon will portray Jesus and Christina Teetsel will portray Mary.

Choral works are under the direction of Dolores Walrath. The evening’s performance is free and open to the public.