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Local students named to dean’s list, achieve honors at colleges

A number of Oswego County students have received various honors at colleges.

They are:

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Daniel Fancher, Lacona, dean’s list, majoring in ustainability studies. Dean’s List recognizes full-time students who maintain grade-point averages of a minimum of 3.0 out of a possible 4.0 with no grades below “C.”

Northern Michigan University

Stephanie Arnold, Fulton, received her bachelor in fine arts, design degree, cum laude

Rochester Institute of Technology

Dean’s list — Christopher Abbott, Fulton, junior majoring in chemical engineering; Shelby Acome, Fulton, a fifth-year student majoring in industrial engineering program; Brent Aguilar, Pulaski, senior majoring in illustration; Ryan Drake,  Pulaski, sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering; Kirsten Francis, Fulton, enior majoring in visual media; Katelyn Hohmann, Constantia, junior majoring in ASL-English interpretation; Richard Jester, Phoenix, senior majoring in software engineering; Nikki King, Fulton, sophomore majoring in molecular bioscience and biotechnology; Matthew Lees, Cato, senior majoring in film and animation; Zachary Lehman, Sandy Creek, sophomore majoring in chemical engineering; Jarrod Manwaring, Pulaski, sophomore majoring in networking and systems administration; Robert Matson, Hannibal, senior majoring in graphic design; Brandon Mc Grath,  West Monroe, a fifth-year student majoring in chemical engineering; Cortney Myers, Constantia, senior majoring in visual media; Marisa Nowodworski, Hastings, senior majoring in fine arts studio; Ashlynn Palmitesso, Fulton, sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering; Marissa Raponi, Martville, senior majoring in diagnostic medical sonography; Alexis Semeraro, Fulton, senior majoring in film and animation; Karen Soule, Pulaski, a fifth-year student majoring in chemical engineering; Selena Spencer, Fulton, senior majoring in illustration; Danielle Stone, Fulton, senior majoring in electrical engineering; Jacob Van Wormer, Pennellville, senior majoring in journalism. To make Dean’s List, students must have a grade point average equal to or greater than 3.4; no “Incompletes,” “Ds” or “Fs”; and they have registered for, and completed, at least 12 credit hours.

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Dean’s list — Darcy Matthews, Hannibal; Alexis Pawlewicz, Fulton; Adrienne Shortslef, Sterling and Taylor Zacharewski, West Monroe.

To make dean’s list, students must have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher out of a possible 4.0 score.

DeSales University

Therese C. O’Loughlin, Pulaski, nursing major, made dean’s list.

Le Moyne College

Dean’s list — Eric Belair, Fulton, senior majoring in communications; Daniel Bolster, Fulton, sophomore majoring in environmental science systems; Jeffrey Brewster, Pennellville, senior majoring in communications; Chelsea Claflin, Lacona, freshman majoring in undeclared-nursing; Shannon Doss, Phoenix, senior majoring in nursing; Alyssa Fruce, Fulton, junior majoring in biology; Susan Hillenbrand, Pulaski, sophomore majoring in sociology; Christina Pompo, Phoenix, sophomore majoring in chemistry; Skye Rode, Phoenix, senior majoring in mathematics; Eden Rudd, Lacona, senior majoring in nursing; Adellynne Studer, Bernhards Bay,  freshman majoring in biology; Daniel Summerville, Fulton, junior majoring in biology; Macy Teifke, Mexico, sophomore majoring in political science; Amanda Trombly, Fulton, freshman majoring in environmental science systems; Gregory Verwey, Hannibal, junior majoring in biology; Megan Wilckens, Constantia, junior majoring in environmental science systems; Brian Wilson, West Monroe, freshman majoring in chemistry; Johnny Santiago, Central Square, senior majoring in business administration: management and leadership; Grace Simpson, Cleveland, sophomore majoring in accounting; Darci Sorbello, Fulton, junior majoring in accounting; Elizabeth Peters, New Haven, sophomore majoring in business administration, marketing; Anthony Lalone, Phoenix, sophomore majoring in business administration, finance.

SUNY Delhi

Andrea Sonnacchio, West Monroe, named a member of SUNY Delhi’s Architecture Club for the 2013-2014 academic year. Sonnacchio is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Design and Building.


Hannibal boys’ varsity basketball builds for next year

By Rob Tetro

Trevor Alton, Charlie McCraith, Zane Pointon and Billy Skipper recently played in their final games for the Hannibal boys’ varsity basketball team.

Coach Mat Burridge said the players who will be returning next season learned a lot about determination from the Warriors four seniors.

“Hopefully (the returning players) learned to work hard and have the will to win.”, Burridge said.

As Burridge’s seniors move on to the next phase of their lives, he hopes they come away from the experience with a better understanding and appreciation for the game of basketball. He credits them for the hard work and dedication they brought to the program.

“The seniors worked hard and gave their best.”, Burridge said. “They should have nothing to be ashamed of.”.

Hannibal plays in Class B, Section 3 which is one of the toughest leagues in all of New York State High School Basketball. Despite the many challenges his team faced, the Warriors came ready to play every night.

As his players move on to spring activities, Burridge hopes they feel a sense of pride for the effort that they put in preparing for and taking on the impressive opponents Hannibal faced this season.

Looking ahead to next season, Burridge said his team will have its hands full. He expects to have only 1 starter from this year’s team returning to the team next season.

Replacing Alton, McCraith, Pointon and Skipper won’t be easy, however, the Warriors do have a group of younger players who are ready to take on bigger roles.

“(I’m) interested to see how the younger guys will step up and fill the roles of the seniors.”, Burridge said.

Run/Walk to raise money to send Pulaski band to Washington, D.C.

The 6th annual School House to White House 5K Run/Walk has been set for March 30.

Registration begins at 11 a.m., a kids’ fun run begins at 12:30 p.m. and the 5K Race/Walk starts at 1 p.m.

The race is held as a fundraiser for the Pulaski Marching Band’s trip to Washington, D.C. where it will represent New York state in the National Fourth of July Parade.

Online registration for the race is available at or visit the Pulaski District website at for a link to registration.

Early registration is $20 for adults and $18 for Pulaski students. The early registration deadline is March 28.

Race-day registration is available for $25 and T-shirts are included in the both early and race day registration fees. The kids’ fun run entry is $10. The race will begin at the Pulaski Ringgold Fire Department at 12 Lake St.

Food, raffles and drawings will be available at the fire department before and after the races.

Race coordinators have set a goal of running a collective mileage of 824.6 miles, which is the equivalent of a roundtrip from Pulaski High School to the White House in Washington, D.C.

In order to accomplish that goal, a minimum of 266 runners will be required to complete the race course.

Bands will be set up at various stages online the race course to provide additional incentive and entertainment for the race participants.

For additional information, contact co-coordinators Jessica Pastuf or Shelby Sheehan at

Bodley names honor roll, high honor roll students for second quarter

The following Fulton City School District students were named to the G. Ray Bodley High School High Honor Roll and Honor Roll for the second quarter of the 2013-2014 academic year:

Ninth grade high honor roll students with an academic average of 89.5 or higher

Erin Baker, Aryelle Barbagallo, Frank Barbagallo, Evan Beckwith, Trent Berry, Miwa Burdic, Marshall Carvey, William Caster, Catherine Cianfarano, Colin Cornell, Emily Gerth, Andrew Gilbert, Sydney Gilmore, and James Gray III.

Also, Kimberly Hall, Nicole Hansen, Mallory Harter, Jeremy Herlowski, Nicholas Hicks,  Mariah Holcomb, David Houck, Victoria Izyk, Richard King, Trey LaRock, Carissa Lee, Lexi MacDonald, Lane Melton-Gould, Daniel Mt. Pleasant, Megan Nicholson, Kyle Perry, Zachary Pettit, and Miranda Prosser.

Also, Cody Rhinehart, Sarah Rice, Cole Rothrock, Paige Rowlee, Stacey Sereno,  Nathaniel Shatrau, Nathan Shaw, Philip Summerville, Sydney Tetro, Cara Todt, Abiu Velasquez,  Sabrina Verdoliva, Makhali Voss, Nicholas Walberger, Malcolm Wettering, Jr., Ethan Wright,  Andrew Yankowsky, Shannon Zych

Ninth grade honor roll students with an academic average of 84.5 or higher

Joseph Barbagallo, Rayshel Barnum, Suzan Bean, Amber Boiko, Connor Broderick, Nicholas Burrescia, Emily Bush, Alexis Caruana, Cole Daniels, Daquan Davis, Kenneth Deloff, Dylan DeLong, Ashli Dodge, Donivan Fancher, Michael Flynn, and Stephanie Fowler.

Also, Sydnie Harrington, Emma Holmes, Daniel Hotaling, Gabrielle Humphrey, Zoe June, Karly Kearns, Nicholas Kinney, Mitchell Labeef, Michael Mankiewicz, Jared Marden,  Gage McHenry, Jarred Miller, Ryan Morehouse, Deirdre Murphy, Lauren Nichols, Mikayla Ogden, Michael Peck II, Zachary Pepper, Sarah-Ann Perkins, Tyler Potts, and Patricia Pryor.

Also, Brianna Ray, Madison Reynolds, Alysa Rosenbarker, Michael Savich, Rebecca Segouin, Nathen Smith, Breanna Stoutenger, Sarah Tallents, Tanner Trovato, James Ward, Emma Warren, Madison Washburn, Marissa Whaley, and Wyatt Willis.

Tenth grade high honor roll students with an academic average of 89.5 or higher

Donna Aiken, Caleb Almeter, Zachary Almeter, Gina Babcock, Jacob Bailey, Austin Beckwith, Callie Beckwith, Hannah Bennett, Amanda Blake, Michael Bolster, Zachary Britton, Michael Brooks, Mykayla Calkins, Kevin Cavalier, Haley Chesbro, Olivia Coakley, Keegan Condon, Shawna Cooper, and Victoria Crego.

Also, Meghan DeMott, Amber DeStevens, Ethan Dexter, Kayla Dingman, Andrew Distin, Julianna Duca, Jonathan Earl, Kailee Fantom, Cody Green, Justin Grower, Erika Hahn, Hunter Hartranft, Althea Henderson, Justin Hood, Sage Hourihan, Haley Hunsinger, Emilee Hyde, Cassandra Jones, Taylor Kesterke, and Mathew Kitts.

Also, Gabriella Lanza, Allen LaPage, Marisa LiVoti, Timothy McAfee, Jacob McDermott, Benjamin McKay, Autumn Proto, Bayley Raponi, Nicholas Riciputo, Liliana Rivera, Victor Runeare, Derrick Rusaw, Jacqueline Schwanke, Ella Stacy, Dakota Stoutenger,  David Tallents, Scott Wells, Austin Wilde, and Abbey Zych.

Tenth grade honor roll students with an academic average of 84.5 or higher

Charles Alton III, Kyle Arroway, Adam Baldwin, Dylan Batchelor, Christina Blake, John Brummett, Moriah Burdick, Madison Cook, Samuel DeMott, Kyle Denson, Daniel DeStevens, Ian Devendorf, and Victoria Eckhard.

Also, Mykenzie Finch, Nathan Gilchrist, Benjamin Hagan, Joshua Hudson, Benjamin Hughes, Kimberly Ingersoll, Michael Ireland, Jamie Johnson, Jr., Aneisia Kauffman, Jenna Lee, Jake LeVea, Kendyl Lutz, Grant Marriner, Katelynn Myers, Mitchell Nelson, Paige Noel, Kaylin Pafumi, Lane Perl, Erica Perwitz, Alesha Phelps, Tattiana Pierce, Robert Pollock, and Alexander Poyneer.

Also, Christina Ravesi, Daniel Richards, Garet Roik, Keysha Rojas-Polo, Kimberly Rombough, Faith  Ross, Devon Ruckdeschel, Mikayla Stoutenger, James Suphan, Elizabeth Sweeting, Julia Warner, Evan Waugh, and Brandon Webb.

Eleventh grade high honor roll students with an academic average of 89.5 or  higher

Alexia Abelgore, Emily Aubin, Jacob Batchelor, Jacob Belcher, Kara Bricker, Karli Bricker, Joshua Buskey, Brett Campolieta, MaKenna Cealie, Jonathon Cummins, Jacob Cuyler, Amanda Deavers, Logan Diefenbacher, and Katelyn Ely.

Also, Kara Farrands, Abigail Field, Brian Hudson, Miki Iijima, Kylie Jacklett, Udiel Jimenez Escobar, Angeline Kimbrell, Kaitlyn Kinney, Levi LaBeef, Jennah Lamb, Cheyenne Laun, Guadalupe Leyva Bran, Dominique Lockwood, Bailey Lutz, Jessica Marvin, Casey McCann, Nicholas McIntyre, and Susan McRae.

Also, Gage Parkhurst, Erica Pawlewicz, Zachary Perry, Shania Phillips, Curtis Pollard IV, Justina Race, Nicholas Reitz, Amanda Rice, Alyssa Rowe, Madden Rowlee, Alaina Schopp,  Jacob Seymour, Courtney Smith, Taylor Smithers, Kendra Tryniski, and Erika Wallace.

Eleventh grade honor roll students with an academic average of 84.5 or higher

Elizabeth Bean, Aaron Bentley, Zoe Bolio, Robert Borrow III, Kyle Buck, Andrew Canfield, Madison Coulon, Kennedie Coyne, Chlarissia Crast, Dakota Diezel, Shelby Drake, Kimberly Edwards, Cameron Filippi, Benjamin Fobes, Samantha Fox, Emilio Garcia, Tristan Gates, and Kristopher Grow.

Also, Emma Harvey, Natalie Izyk, Christopher Jones, Taylor Jordan, Thomas Kerfien III, Lena Kimball, Chelsie Knopp, Alexandra LaRock, Cecilia Bran, Matthew Marshall, Geoffry Michaels, Tracie Murphy, Courtney Parker, Courtney Parsons,  Joseph Paulich, and Zoe Perez.

Also, Jessica Race, Abagail Roberge, John Russell, Brooke Ryan, Kayla Sage, Kathryn Salmonsen, Alec Schell, Trae Sheldon, Beverly Sherman, Breanna St.Onge, Hannah Stanski,  Grace Trepasso, Alixander Tyrrell, Julia Velasquez, Cayla Weaver, Michaela Whiteman, Hope Williams, Margaret Williams, Jolene Willis, Mitchell Woodworth, and Bailey Yager.

Twelfth grade high honor roll students with an academic average of 89.5 or higher

Zarina Amirzoda, Logan Aubeuf, James Bailey, Brittany Bivens, Seth Britton, Ruth Ann Brown, Kristen Budd, Joshua Burnard, Rylie Bush, Nattalie Castellano, Amelia Coakley, Alyssa Crandon, Courtney DeLong, Scott DePuy, Elizabeth DeSantis, and Meriah Dishaw.

Also, Fabiane Fernandes Da Silva, Ross Gardner, Sophia Giovannetti, Frances Green, Mackenzie Grow, Anna Guernsey, Mikayla Guernsey, Sarah Halstead, Laura Hamdan, Austin Haskins, Paige Havener, Erin Hayden, Kari Holbrook, Michael Holcomb, Christine Hotaling,  Jenna Hudson, Yusra  Humayun, Samantha Ingersoll, Wilmer Jimenez, Hannah Jones, and  Kassidy Kearns.

Also, Julia Lee, Tessa LiVoti, Julia Ludington, James Martin, Ashley McCann, Maureen McCann, Kayla Munger, Konner Myers, Matthew Nelson, Perrin Ogden, Jensen Paget, Keisha Pierce, and Justin Purtell.

Also, Alissa Robinson, Danielle Rupert, Raymond Sanderson, Anthony Semeraro, Casey Shannon, Abigail Shatrau, Tevin Simard, Alysia Smith, Noah Sorbello, Jordyn Stone, Jacob Strauss, Nicholas Summerville, Jessica Suphan, and Mariah Whipple.

Twelfth grade honor roll students with an academic average of 84.5 or higher

Jessica Abelgore, Connor Aldasch, Lacey Allen, Dominique Baker-Lanning, Dylan Blair, Montana Blair, Mattison Burdick, Neal Burke, Jenna Capria, Ryan Castro, Adam Caza, Caitlin Chrisman, Bradley Crofoot, Seth DeLisle, Johnelle Dishaw, Tashia Ellis, Monica Falanga, MacKenzie Fanciulli, Ciarra Ferguson, Steven Gilliland, Shelby Gleason, and Connor Goss.

Also, Chase Halstead, Kristin Hartle, Merrick Kilpatrick, Kirby LaBeef, Brandon Ladd,  Jeremy Langdon, Marissa McGraw, Augusto Mendes Siega, Nicholas Miller, Samantha Miller,  Donald O’Bryan III, Cassondra Orr-Savage, Angela Paul, Anthony Paulich, Joshua Plonka, Mark Pollock, and Richard Prent.

Also, Daniel Renner, Coral Reynnells, Dawson Samson, Taylor Simpson, Amber Swank, Pui-Onn Tran, Jessica Vaccaro, and Caden Zahn.


Soldier from Oswego promoted

A National Guard member from Oswego has been promoted.

Major General Patrick A. Murphy, The Adjutant General for the State of New York, announced the promotion of Christian Dias, from Oswego, to private.

Murphy promoted a number of Army National Guard soldiers in recognition of their capability for additional responsibility and leadership.

Dias is with the 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

Army National Guard promotions are based on overall performance, attitude, leadership ability, and development potential. These promotions additionally recognize the best qualified soldiers and attract and retain the highest caliber Citizen Soldiers for a career in the New York Army National Guard.

For more information about the New York Army National Guard, visit or

Fitzpatrick honored with adviser award

Craig Fitzpatrick will be honored as a 2013 top adviser of Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc., a broker/dealer based in Syracuse.

Of more than 900 advisers associated with Cadaret, Grant, Fitzpatrick was among the 20 percent who qualified for the prestigious award.

Fitzpatrick has been serving clients at Pathfinder Investment Services, a division of Pathfinder Bank, based in Oswego, since 2010. He will work with new and existing client portfolios to implement information received from the conference.

“I am grateful to have had a successful year, but I am most honored to work with people and clients who make my job so rewarding,” Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick will attend the company’s annual top advisers conference, this year located in Southampton, Bermuda, May 1-4, where he will be awarded for his outstanding achievement.

Cadaret, Grant, a privately owned broker/dealer headquartered in Syracuse, supports nearly 900 registered representatives in more than 400 branch offices nationwide. The company provides service, advanced technology, effective marketing tools, and a supportive business environment for financial advisers.

Pathfinder Bank is a New York state chartered savings bank headquartered in Oswego, whose deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The bank has eight full-service offices located in Oswego, Fulton, Mexico, Lacona, Central Square, and Cicero.

Ferro interns at Chirello agency

Sarina R. Ferro, a senior marketing major at SUNY Oswego, has joined Chirello Advertising this spring as an intern, it was announced by Steve Chirello, owner.

Ferro, a native of Greece, NY, will be working on research, writing and production for advertising campaigns dealing with newspapers, magazines, TV commercials, brochures, video production, and web design. Within the marketing realm, Ferro will be working on advertising and marketing tactics as well as publicity.

“Sarina will be involved in market research for our clients in financial and retail arenas, copywriting, and assisting with advertising, marketing, public relations planning and operations,” Chirello said. “We are delighted to have her passion and enthusiasm for public relations and marketing here at Chirello Advertising.”

At SUNY Oswego, Ferro is a member of the American Marketing Association, and through it works with social media, promotional events, local businesses, faculty and student involvement, and club awareness on campus and throughout Oswego.

Since starting at Chirello Advertising, Ferro had the opportunity her first day as an intern to travel to the Channel 9 television station in Syracuse to be in one of Oswego County Federal Credit Union’s TV commercials.

“I never realized all the little details that went into creating a 30-second commercial and I could not believe that they wanted me to be the girl in the “Pod of Gold,” prize vault to catch as much play money as I could in thirty-seconds,” Ferro said. The commercial is a part of a current membership referral campaign.

Following completion of her bachelor’s degree at SUNY Oswego in May, Ferro plans to begin an internship in Rochester, Baltimore and Texas with Frito-Lay, owned by PepsiCo., this summer.

“After completing the 12-week program in sales and marketing, interns are often offered full-time employment,” Ferro said.

Located in Fulton, Chirello Advertising celebrates its 18th anniversary in 2014. The firm offers full service advertising, public relations, and marketing expertise to a variety of industrial, professional, institutional and retail clients throughout Central New York.

The agency, working with in-house staff and outside associates, specializes in public relations planning, web design, streaming video, video production, television, radio, print advertising and collateral material.

Chirello can be contacted at 592-9778 or visit the website at

Huyhn joins Harmony Financial Services in Oswego

Hahn Huyhn has joined Harmony Financial Services in Oswego as an intern.

A senior at SUNY Oswego majoring in business administration, Huyhn discovered Harmony Financial Services while visiting the SUNY Oswego website, for internship opportunities.

“I was looking for a chance to work with a business that would be a good match for my career interests,” she said. “When I noticed Harmony Financial Services and read the synopsis of Mr. Rolfe’s business and his commitment to customer service, I knew it would be a good fit for me.”

Harmony is owned by Rob Rolfe.

Huynh has a passion for business and a willingness to help others. In addition to assisting with product and market research, Huynh will be involved with the planning of customer appreciation events and other customer service related projects, including the creation of a customer personal interest survey.

“I’m really enjoying the work I am doing,” said Huynh.  “I am also an intern at SUNY Oswego Career Services where I help students with resumes, cover letters and serve as a tutor in the accounting department.  I enjoy helping others.  My internship with Harmony Financial Services meets my values, fulfills my goals and is a great experience,” she said.

Rolfe said Huynh has proven to be a valuable asset.

“Hanh’s work ethic, passion for learning, and willingness to help others is remarkable. She is a welcome addition to our staff,” he said.

Huynh, a native of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, had previously studied at the Vietnamese International University before attending SUNY Oswego.

“It is much different from learning in the classroom. It is interesting to see how the theories we learn apply in an actual work environment,” she said.

“It’s exciting to learn new things and gain new knowledge. Working with Rob and Teri Lynn is a good chance for me to develop myself professionally.  It will make the transition from college to working life easier.  What you learn is one thing; how you apply it is another.  I feel fortunate to have this opportunity.”

Located at 31 E. First St., Oswego, Harmony Financial Services offers a complete range of financial products including mutual funds, annuities, retirement income planning, long term care insurance, life and disability income insurance, college savings plans, IRAs, Roth IRAs and 403bs.

For more information on Harmony Financial Services contact Rob Rolfe at 216-4052 or visit  Securities and Insurance offered through Cadaret, Grant, & Co., Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.