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Fulton native returns for concert

Fulton High School graduate Allan Howe will return to perform as part of the band he leads, Swing Set, at the Canal Landing gazebo on South First Street, Friday, Aug. 3.

Coordinated by the Fulton Department of Parks & Recreation, the concert will get underway at 6:30 p.m.

For the concert in Fulton, Swing Set will consist of Howe on piano and vocals; Tom McClure of Geneva on sax, clarinet, flute; Rochester bassist Gary Cummings; and drummer Terry (“Spanky”) Haschmann from Greece.

The group will perform mostly Swing-era tunes, ones made popular by Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, and more recently Nancy Kelly, Diana Krall, and Mark Murphy, Howe’s cousin.

Howe comes from a long line of Fulton musicians: Howes, Murphys, and Bidwells.

“This past winter my cousin, Dwight ‘Doc’ Murphy, passed away, and I am dedicating this concert to his memory. He — along with my mother, Mary Howe Woodruff — was one of my main inspirations to continue in music and persevere through those early years when progress is so slow,” he said.

“Doc inspired lots of others, too, teaching music for just under 40 years, heading bands of his own, and always leading singalongs at family reunions, during which we started early and ended late, laughing and singing all the way.

“Dwight is also brother to one of the world’s best jazz singers, Mark H. Murphy, and the two men grew up making music all through the central New York area,” he added. “Brother Mark has had six Grammy nominations and produced more than 30 albums as a vocalist.”

Most of Howe’s playing takes place in western New York, where he resides, but in the summer, when his family returns to the family cottage in Fair Haven, he often plays in an area from Geneva to Fair Haven and Oswego.


Welfare fraud program leads to 25 arrests

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County District Attorney Gregory Oakes gave the legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee an update on the new welfare prosecution program Monday morning.

County Administrator Phil Church and Barry Leemann, who was the legislature chairman at the time, approached Oakes with concerns in regard to welfare fraud cases.

“Since we’ve began this program we’ve had 25 arrests,” Oakes said.

Between October and December, there have been 11 felony arrests. As of the first of the year, there have been 14 arrests. The total number of arrests in four years is 29.

“So essentially in the last three months, we’ve got what we had four years prior,” Oakes said.

He added that the staff is building great cases. “I thank this body,” Oakes said to the committee for allowing his department the resources to do the work.

The county has recovered $57,861 since the first of the year. The amount of $48,924 has been paid to the county Department of Social Services. Approximately $5,700 is being recouped through diminished benefits and $3,182 is being paid through probation.

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Legislators consider hiring firm to assist with employee retention

by Carol Thompson

Members of the Oswego County Health and Human Services Committee will consider a proposal from Core Skills, True Impact in the amount of $9,200 to assist with the retention of employees in the county Health Department’s nursing services.

The county has seen a significant turn over of staff, especially registered nurses. The high turnover has been attributed to a lower salary than other entities offer.

If approved, the company will conduct an employee satisfaction assessment through interviews with 22 clinical staff and five supervisors. The company will then be required to analyze the results and provide both a written and oral summary to managers and staff as well as provide 20 hours of training for specific groups with the goal of improving staff satisfaction and retention.

Only one other bid was received. SUNY Oswego submitted a proposal for $15,000.

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Phoenix resident chosen as one of six New York Sea Grant Launch Stewards

The first New York Sea Grant Launch Stewards are now at public boat launch sites along Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake and the Salmon River.

The six stewards are participating in a nationwide campaign educating boaters about how to inspect their vessels to help slow the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Boaters in New York State participate in the inspections voluntarily.

One of the 2012 New York Sea Grant Launch Stewards is Julia Gilbert of Phoenix. She is a sophomore at SUNY Canton. She is  majoring in engineering science with an interest in alternative energy and the environment.

New York Sea Grant Community Development Specialist Mary Penney, based at SUNY Oswego, leads the environment-focused workforce development initiative.

“This type of ‘in-the-environment’ employment is a great way for students to gain valuable experience through public interaction and education opportunities,” said Penney.

“They research a chosen aquatic invasive species topic and prepare a public information program and materials. They also engage citizens one-on-one on timely, need-to-know issues of local interest.”

The stewards’ observations and documentation of aquatic invasive species is useful to local resource managers and such organizations and agencies as the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The students’ career aspirations include becoming environmental resource managers, marine biologists, and teachers.

County encourages state to provide more significant mandate relief

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Administrator Phil Church presented members of the legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee a draft resolution asking the state to finish the job it began in April and provide more significant and sustainable mandate relief to counties.

During Monday’s meeting, Church said the resolution addresses Medicaid and state retirement.

“Using the letter that they sent to us, the state health department is only taking over the state portion of Medicaid,” Church said.

Mandates consume 82 percent of the county’s annual budget and the Medicaid mandate alone is 58 percent of the entire property tax levy.

The three-year phase out of county-paid Medicaid growth will cost the county taxpayers an additional $500,000 in 2013 and an additional $250,000 in 2014.

“Taxpayers will send one-half million dollars to Albany every week,” Church said.

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Eugene Ropelewski, resident of Fulton

Eugene Ropelewski, 87, of Fulton, died Sunday, July 22,2012 at Senenca Hill Manor with his family by his side.

He was born in Elmira and has been a resident of Fulton for over 25years. He was a member of the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #273. He was the owned and operated Gene’s Heating & Air Conditioning in Fulton.

He is survived by his wife, Carol Cathcart of Fulton; children, Paul of Florida, Antionette Lyons of Florida, Markee Cathcart of Fulton, Kevin and Keith Sheridan of Oswego, Kim McPherson of Oswego, Kathy Sheridan Bradwisch of Oswego, Erin Cartcart of Syracuse, and Sean Cathcart of Baldwinsville; and several grandchildren.

Funeral services and burial will be private. Arrangements are in the care of the Sugar Funeral Home, Fulton.


Oswego Police announce Harborfest advisories

In preparation for Harborfest 2012, the Oswego Police Department announced the following advisories regarding traffic, pedestrian and general information specific to the Harborfest Celebration scheduled for July 25-29.

Alcoholic Beverages/Open Container Ordinance — Harborfest is designed to be a fun, family oriented event and Oswego police are asking those attending Harborfest to be respectful of others enjoying the festival and to act responsibly.

The city’s Open Container Ordinance, which prohibits the possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage in a public place, will be strictly enforced throughout this event.

Fines for this violation can be up to $250, 15 days in jail or both.

The only exceptions to the ordinance, where adults over the age of 21 may legally possess an open container of an alcoholic beverage in public space are, Breitbeck Park, the Picnic Areas located in Wright’s Landing, and the designated vendor Café area in Washington Square.

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