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Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County joins OCO

Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County joins OCO

Beth Kazel, director of Oswego County Opportunities Education Services, has announced that Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County has joined the extensive list of human services programs that OCO provides for Oswego County residents. Established in 1985 as a non-profit community–based educational organization, Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County has provided tutoring in basic literacy skills and(…)

Oswego County legislators consider giving support to full casino gaming

by Carol Thompson The Oswego County Legislature will consider a resolution in support of full casino gaming when lawmakers meets tonight. The resolution would be sent to state officials, who are considering a change to the state constitution to allow gaming at New York State facilities. During last month’s meeting of the legislature’s Strategic Planning(…)

Oswego County Legislature Clerk polled other counties on FOIL policies

by Carol Thompson Oswego County Legislature Clerk Wendy Falls said that she polled other counties in regard to their Freedom of Information Law policies through a list service provided by the New York State Association of Counties. At issue is whether Oswego County legislators should be required to request in writing and pay for copies(…)

Oswego County Ethics Board dismisses charges against legislator

by Carol Thompson The Oswego County Ethics Board unanimously dismissed a complaint lodged against Legislator Shawn Doyle by former legislature Chairman Barry Leemann. The charges stemmed from the Town of Richland’s decision to house the town historian’s office in the Pulaski Courthouse, which is owned by the county. Doyle, the town’s historian, and other town(…)

Composition of Oswego County Ethics Board slated for discussion

by Carol Thompson The recent events in regard to an apparent ethics board leak has led to the discussion as to whether the composition of the board needs revamping. The Oswego County Legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee will discuss the board when legislators meet April 23. In the meantime, some legislators are gathering information(…)

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