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Injunction issued against Oswego County in flow control case

by Carol Thompson

A federal court judge has handed down a preliminary injunction against Oswego County in the ongoing court battle over the county’s flow control law.

It’s a battle that is has been costly to the taxpayers and could become even more costly. Last week, the legislature approved the payment of $65,214, as ordered by the court, for the purpose of reimbursing the plaintiff for legal fees. The day after the meeting, Senior District Court Judge Neal McCurn filed an injunction against the county.

Jeff Holbrook of JWJ Industries, Inc. brought a lawsuit against the county alleging that the legislature passed an unconstitutional flow control law. The court agreed and legislators were ordered to amend the law.

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Huhtamaki awarded $500,000 state grant

by Andrew Henderson

Huhtamaki has been awarded $500,000 in state funding from Empire State Development for the company’s new flexographic printing machinery and equipment.

The Empire State Development’s Board of Directors met this week and approved the funding. Huhtamaki was one of several businesses to receive a grant.

“Today’s action shows we are continuing to leverage private investment and optimize limited state resources to retain and create much-needed jobs across the state,” said Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Kenneth Adams.

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Roy Hodge

Hodgepodge: April 21, 2012

Roy Hodge

by Roy Hodge

I was in the seventh grade at Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School in Syracuse when word was spreading that the world was going to end on a particular day that was coming up soon. Whoever was spreading the news even gave us a time: 11 a.m. I don’t know if it was Eastern time, Pacific time, daylight savings time, Howdy Doody time, or what.

Other than that, the bearers of the grim news didn’t furnish details – not any that I remembered anyway. I did know that I was supposed to be in Mr. McLaughlin’s study hall at 11 a.m. on that day. Mr. McLaughlin was a mechanical arts teacher, which translated to the fact that he taught shop.

I liked Mr. McLaughlin. He was a nice man, and besides being a teacher, he lived in my neighborhood, was very friendly and was generous to the neighborhood kids at Halloween.

In shop, he taught me to make a scissors holder and even though I thought it looked like a block of wood with a hole in it my grandmother let it hang on a wall in her kitchen for 20 years.

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Valley Viewpoints: ‘No more’

by Stephen Chapple of Fulton

Our school district and library are at it again.

The library wants a second bite of the apple and more money. I have been to the Fulton library and did not see anything that I couldn’t get on my home computer.

As far as I’m concerned, we could close the library and I wouldn’t miss it at all.

I believe that it is a unnecessary drain on this community. I would rather see a new business come in and who is going to pay taxes, than a library who doesn’t not pay, but continually asks for more money.

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Valley Viewpoints: Care for the people, not self

by Rose Anthony of Granby

In all my years going to town and legislature meetings, I have never heard what I have heard come of our council person in Granby.

During the March 14 meeting, town board member Lori Blackburn was trying to get insurance buyout on an employee; she got out-voted by the board.

In her statements, she said, “What is good for the goose and is good for the gander.” She also said, “You got to grab what you can grab.” Wow!

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Valley Viewpoints: Good budget for farmers

by Dean Norton, president of the New York Farm Bureau

This year’s final state budget had a lot of good news for local farmers.

It marked the second year in a row that a fiscally responsible budget was approved on-time and without any increases in taxes or fees.

While that alone would be a major accomplishment, this budget also marked the first time since 2008 that support for agricultural programs increased.

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On the mound – Fulton pitcher Mikayla Guernsey delivers a pitch during last Tuesday’s game against Phoenix at the Fulton Athletic Complex. The Lady Raiders lost to the Lady Firebirds 10-3. –Valley News photo by Hal Henty

Jamesville-DeWitt cruises past Fulton softball team

On the mound – Fulton pitcher Mikayla Guernsey delivers a pitch during last Tuesday’s game against Phoenix at the Fulton Athletic Complex. The Lady Raiders lost to the Lady Firebirds 10-3. –Valley News photo by Hal Henty

by Rob Tetro

The Fulton softball team went into the fourth inning of Wednesday’s game against Jamesville-DeWitt trailing by only three runs.

By the end of the inning, Jamesville-DeWitt had taken a competitive game and blown it wide open.

The fourth inning was part of a two-inning stretch where Jamesville-DeWitt outscored Fulton by nine runs en route to a 13-1 win.

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