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Granby seniors to hear about history of phones, plan upcoming trips

By Emma Martin, secretary

Hi folks! We had a very good day for our Aug. 1 meeting. We had 44 members attending.

Seemed good to see our friends.

Joan Taylor won the cards by Jann, and the 50/50 drawing was won by Marge Walsh.

Our chaplain Ruth Sheldon said our prayer and we all said the pledge to our beautiful flag.

We had a very good luncheon with lots of yummy desserts. Seniors sure do eat good.

Our president Larry Flora opened the meeting with a couple of jokes. It’s always good to start the day with a laugh.

Membership lady Carrie Palmer stated birthdays and anniversaries. We all sang “Happy Birthday.”

We have had quite a few new members.Secretary Emma Martin read the secretary report.

Vice president Fran Wadas stated we will have a speaker, Alec Seymour, talking about the history of phones at our Aug. 15 meeting.

Treasurer Estelle Holmes read the treasury report. Joanne Gardner read about future day trips.

Kitchen committee for Aug. 15 will be Joanne Gardner, Fran Wadas, Iris Lefort, Donna Babcock, Jeanne Smith and Pat Russell.

Sept. 5 crew will be Gladys Daniels, Mary West, Joan Taylor, Lynn Shoutts and Betty Bartholemew.

Motion to adjourn was made by Allyn Sponable and seconded by Gladys Daniels.

Granby group plans summer, fall trips

The Granby senior citizen group is planning several trips for coming months.

  • Aug. 22: Akwesasne casino
  • Aug. 20: Historic Niagara on the Lake
  • Sept. 17: Glenn Miller Orchestra lunch and show
  • Oct. 15: Mystery day trip.

For information about these trips, call Joanne Gardner at 564-5797.

Fulton Junior high releases honor rolls for fourth quarter

The following students were named to the honor and high honor rolls for the fourth quarter at Fulton Junior High School.


Grade seven, high honor roll

Attaining high honor roll in seventh grade are: Olivia Abrams, Marissa Allen, Coby Anderson, Alexis Andreotta, Alfred Arduini, Gabriella Bailey, Zachary Barker-McLain, Justin Barney, Megan Bartlett, Katelynn Belson, Addison Billion.

Also, Matthew Borrow, Maura Botsford, Zoie Bowering, Devin Boyce, Gabrielle Boyce, Lillian Bray, Jade Brien, Elizabeth Brown, Alicia Carroll, Hailey Carroll, Calinda Ceterski, Mckenna Chesbro, Julia Cieszeski, Jenna Coakley, Tyler Coant, Joshua Compson.

Also, Sheenvia Conley, Dominic Conn, Cole Cotton, Jordan Coulon, Emily Dana, Kaitlyn Dexter, Samantha Diezel, Nicholas Dingman, Hunter Dudley, Morgan French, Jacob Geitner, Michael Gerth, Hannah Gigliotti, Meredith Grimshaw, Brianna Grinnell, Julia Guarrera, Megan Guernsey, Abigail Gugula, Brianna Gugula.

Also, Brooke Halstead, Cody Hartle, Kira Hartnett, Cassandra Hartranft, Marissa Hayward, Samantha Heywood, Kayleigh Hotaling, Nicholas Hughes, Dustin Huller, Randy Huller, Jasmine James, Megan Jonnson, Nolan Jonnson, Emily Kelly, Brittany Kimber, Mallori Kitts, Kylee Knaub, Alexis Kurak.

Also, Ryan Lalik, Madison Lang, Savannah LaPage, Amber LaRosa, Gage LeBlanc, Kayla Mackey, Bradley Martin, Jordyn Mason, Caitlyn McAfee, Ana Mendez-Rodriguez, Elver Merida, Nicholas Merlino, Annamarie Michels, Tayler Miner, Christopher Newton, Erin Nicholson, Anthony Noce, Alexus Pagan, Cole Parkurst, Dustin Parkhurst, Courtney Paro, Olivia Pawlewicz, Harlea Perry, Zenia Petrie, Alexis Phelps, Aricka Phelps, Julie Piscitelli, Katerina Porcari.

Also, Celeste Raponi, Hannah Revoir, Destiny Rose, Mason Rowlee, Eliza Runeare, Kaitlynn Ryan, Anthony Salerno, Robert Salerno, Jeremy Samson, Alexander Semchenko, Jessie Sharkey, Dylan Sheldon, Valentina Shue, Emily Simpson, Zion Skipper, Cara Smith, Hailey Smith, Jason Southworth, Ariel Stacy, Alexander Stoutenger, Luke Stoutenger, Nathan Summerville, Maxwell Sunday.

And Marissa Tanner, Samantha Tanner, Christopher Tetro, Brian Trombly, Andrew Trumble, Janeda Vasquez, Kenneth Verdoliva, Keegan Wallace, Nicholas Wallace, Jacob Willcox, Madison Wilson, Andrew Woodruff, Lily Wright, Annya Yeh.


Grade eight, high honor roll

Placed on high honor roll in eighth grade are: Anika Archer, Shamika Austin, Erin Baker, Aryelle Barbagallo, Frank Barbagallo, Joseph Barbagallo, Evan Beckwith, Trent Berry, Paige Blakeman, Jackie Blasczienski, Amber Boiko, Connor Broderick, Miwa Burdic, Dakota Burgess, Nicholas Burrescia, Emily Bush.

Also, Alexis Carpenter, Alexis Caruana, Marshall Carvey, Adam Case, William Caster, Catherine Cianfarano, Cort Collins, Jasmine Collins, Briana Colon, Darrin Cooper, Cole Daniels, Daquan Davis, Kenneth Deloff, Dylan DeLong, Asia DeSantis, Ashli Dodge.

Also, Lauren Eggleton, Donivan Fancher, Joel Feliciano, Ernest Ferro, Michael Flynn, Stephanie Fowler, Tabor Freeman, Adam Gates, Emily Gerth, Sydney Gilmore, Cameron Gray-Blasczienski, Austin Greenier, Kimberly Hall, Nicole Hansen, Sydnie Harrington, Mallory Harter, Jeremy Herlowski, Nicholas Hicks, Mariah Holcomb, Daniel Hotaling.

Also, David Houck, Gabrielle Humphrey, Victoria Izyk, Karly Kearns, Ashlea Kemp, Julia Kingsley, Nicholas Kinney, Trey LaRock, Carissa Lee, Dawn Mabb, Lexi MacDonald, Michael Mankiewicz, Jared Marden, Austin McDonald-Hackett, Gage McHenry, Jarred Miller, Skyler Miller, Ryan Morehouse, Deirdre Murphy, Megan Nicholson, Zoe Norton.

Also, Mikayla Ogden, Michael Peck, Zachary Pepper, Kyle Perry, Zachary Pettit, Mackenzie Phelps, Austin Poirier, Tyler Potts, Miranda Prosser, Patricia Pryor, Michael Ramsey, Brianna Ray, Madison Reynolds, Cody Rhinehart, Sarah Rice, Alysa Rosenbarker, Cole Rothrock, Paige Rowlee.

Also, Michael Savich, Mikaela Schleicher, Rebecca Segouin, Stacey Sereno, Nathaniel Shatrau, Alexis Shaw, Nathan Shaw, Nathen Smith, Philip Summerville, Sarah Tallents, Sydney Tetro, Cara Todt, Ryan Vant, Jossmar Vasquez-Heaney, Victoria Venton, Sabrina Verdoliva, Makhali Voss.

And James Ward, Emma Warren, Madison Washburn, Taylor Wells, Malcolm Wettering, Marissa Whaley, Cassandra Wood, Ethan Wright, Andrew Yankowsky, Ryan Yates, Shannon Zych.


Grade seven, honor roll

Zachary Bliss, Victoria Bocyck, Stephanie Boland, Logan Brooks, Gillian Brown, Hannah Burlingham, Conor Collins, Dedrah Crowson, Breanna Debiew, Mya Decker, Paige Drake, Babette Dunham.

Also, Austin Fleming, Makayla Florczyk, Meghan Foster, Devon Frank, Dakota Gilchrist, Drake Glusczyk, Cassandra Gray-Blasczienski, Cole Green, Brooke Greenier, Christopher Grosvent, Jordan Hagan, Hunter Hall, Camiel Heagle, Charles Hyland.

Also, Elizabeth Jackson, Jessica Kleiman, Dylan Kress, Allison Loomis, Angelina Marotta, Bobbi-Jo Mathews, Makayla Mattiaccio, Trinity Mills, Keely Morrison, Morgan Murphy, Mariah Nolin, Alex Pagan, Joseph Paro, Jonathan Parrish.

Also, Ethan Raponi, BriAnne Redman, Kyle Rowland, Jordan Sawyer, Daronda Scott, Ryan Sheffield, Sierra Sheradin, Michael Smith, Tucker Smith, Jesse Smithers, Kali Spaulding, Shannon St. Andrews, Austyn Stoughtenger, Austin Szymanski.

And Lilyonna Torello, Dakota Towne, Joshua VanHorn, Hunter Wagar, Gabriel Webb, Athena White, Karina Whitten.


Grade eight, honor roll

Brittney Alton, Gilly Aubeuf, Suzan Bean, Marc Benavidez, Justin Broadwell, Rian Burke, Devlin Bush, Elizabeth Buxton, Ethan Cimino, Matthew Conn, Jared Crucitti, Danny Davis, Donavin Downey, Julia Ende.

Also, Roy French, Autumn Fuller, Tayber Furbeck, Diana Galoni, Hayley Gibbs, Andrew Gilbert, Victoria Gillette, James Gray, Tyler Gregory, Tyler Griffis, Bryce Guernsey, Garret Hazboun, Dillon Holloway, Emma Holmes.

Also, Jonathan Johnson, Zoe June, Alexis Kempston, Richard King, Desiree Kopf, Mitchell LaBeef, Brendan Marra, Emily Marvin, Jennifer McEwen, Taylor Milks, Thomas Morrelli.

Also, Mitchell Nagelschmidt, Lauren Nichols, Reba Noble, Sarah-Ann Perkins, MacLeod Pollock, Frederick Porter, Cameron Ripley, Kathleen Searor, Noah Simon, Kelsi Smith, Marcus Stacey, Breanna Stoutenger, Payton Stowell, Lisamarie Swatkowski, Brandon Tice, Tanner Trovato, Kevin Tucker.

Also, Zachary Vaccaro, Kayla Vandish, Austin Vashaw, Abiu Velasquez, James Vincent, Nicholas Walberger, Brynn Waloven, Brianna Walter, Kaelee Wise and Maryssa Woodcock.

What’s Happening at CNY Arts Center?

Open Studio returns this week at the center from 6 to 9 pm. Aug. 8.

All skill levels are welcome to join other artists to practice life drawing or painting from still life. Chat with friends and just have fun!

We’ll go outside some days (weather permitting). Bring your own materials or use some of ours. An artist facilitator will be on site. Artists can get practice drawing and painting from life and go home with a finished work. Come early, stay late!

Introductory Stained Glass series continues from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursdays for ages 16 and older.

Make a stained glass panel using the leaded method, be introduced to copper foil method, learn glass selection, cutting, grinding, soldering, framing, hanging and patina techniques.

Some patterns will be provided or students can get help adapting their custom design.

Aug. 10 is a full day at the center starting with Bonnie McClellan’s Oil Painting “Mountain Reflection” from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Or choose Collage Making with Kendra Matott from 9 a.m. to noon, followed by her popular Different Ways to Draw class from 1 to 4 p.m.

Try a variety of drawing methods, including some unconventional ones: still life drawings, energy drawings, paint splatters and drawing with your feet. They will help widen your drawing skills and provide you with tools to break through creative blocks. All skill levels welcome!

It will be a full day of art fun. Bring a lunch or bring a friend, but remember to pre-register at

Aug. 11 is the date of our Café Exchange bringing all artists together for one great evening of socializing and sharing. Writers, studio artists, actors, culinary artists all meet at the Arts in the HeArt Gallery from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at 47 S. First St. It is free and open to the public and should be a great night of fun and the arts. Bring a friend and join us!

Story Time Art, for 4- to 7-year olds next week moves to Aug 14 for one week only from 6 to 7 p.m. with Kendra Matott. Our book title, “Olivia,” will have kids splattering paint just like Olivia!

More great titles and fun art projects are bringing summer fun. Don’t miss out. Pre-register at

“Charlotte’s Web” opens Aug. 16 for three performances only, 7 p.m. Aug 16, 2 p.m. Aug 17 and 18. Tickets and reservations for this kids-only cast of more than 30 are available at

Arty Camp was so much fun in July and more great things are being planned for our next session Aug. 19 to 23. There is still time to register your child. Scholarships are available — no child will be turned away. Visit for information.

Students are reminded to pre-register for all classes and workshops to avoid missing out. Classes and workshops charge a modest fee.

Visit  for more information or call 592-3373 for details and updates and remember we bring all arts for all ages at two separate locations.

Classes, Writer’s Café, Author Spotlight, live theatre and Arty Camp, are held in CNY Arts Center located in the lower level of State Street United Methodist Church, 357 State St., Fulton.

Arts in the HeART Gallery is located at 47 S. First St. in downtown Fulton across from the gazebo for local artists who want to display their artistry. Artists can apply for gallery space online at

Local youth spin performance of ‘Charlotte’s Web’

Just two weeks from opening night, more than 30 children are rehearsing to bring the classic story of “Charlotte’s Web” to the stage at CNY Arts Center at the State Street Methodist Church in Fulton.

Performances are set for Aug. 16 to 18. The cast includes many children with no stage experience and multiple families involved in the action from the smallest gosling to the artistic staff.

“We are excited to work with these children,” said director Rebecca Fox. “It is great to have siblings together in the play that can help each other learn lines and find their place on stage. The lessons they learn from this experience will carry over into other aspects of their education as they develop stage presence and a sense of accomplishment being part of something bigger than their individual selves …even better to share it as a family.”

Fox, the daughter of Nancy Fox, executive director of CNY Arts Center, is visiting for a few months from Los Angeles, where she has pursued her acting career with appearances on “Glee,” “Mind of Mencia” and the reenactment TV series “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” among others.

The beloved tale is the classic E.B. White story of two friends and a barnyard full of animals who work together to keep Wilbur from the butcher’s block. Charlotte, a beautiful spider, spins words of glowing comment over the pig’s pen.

As onlookers gather and marvel at the miracle overhead, Wilbur is deemed too valuable for an ordinary outcome. The story is adapted for the stage by Joseph Robinette and presented by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing.

“This extremely large cast has worked hard to grasp the demands and commitment necessary to bring this story to life on stage. It is a new experience for most of them, parents included,” Fox continues. “We are grateful for their commitment to faithfully bring the children to rehearsals all summer long, coach them to learn their lines and help pull props and costumes together. The end result will be a great memory for all of us.”

“Charlotte’s Web” will run for three performances only: 7 p.m. Aug 16, 2 p.m. Aug 17 and 2 p.m. Aug 18. Use the Park Street entrance. For tickets, reservations or more information, visit or call 592-3373.

Linda Diane Pelkey: Supervisor at Carrier Corp.

Linda Diane Pelkey, 60, of Phoenix passed away Aug.

She was born in Lowville to her late parents, Flossie (Walker) and Bernard Bailey, Oct. 2, 1952.

She was a supervisor for Carrier Corp., Syracuse.

Linda was a member of the New Vision Spiritualistic Center. She was an avid gardener.

Besides her parents, she was predeceased by her brother, George “Slugger” Bailey in 1969.

Surviving are her loving husband of 23 years, Richard J. Pelkey; one son, Ronald (Lindsay) Theobald of Rochester; one stepdaughter, Kimberly Rudge of Minden, WV; one grandson, Maxwell Brayden; one sister, Sally Abare of Orlando, Fla.; one niece, Tammie Abare of Orlando, Fla.; several aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.

Services were Aug. 6 in the Allanson-Glanville-Tappan Funeral Home, Phoenix, with the Rev. Diane Bradshaw Kimpland officiating.

Burial will be at a later date at the convenience of the family.

Calling hours were Monday at the funeral home.

Contributions in Linda’s memory may be made to Hospice of Central New York, 990 Seventh North St., Liverpool, NY  13088, or visit

Margaret J. Wilkinson: School cafeteria manager

Margaret J. Wilkinson, 85, of Phoenix passed away Aug. 2.

She was born in Fulton to her late parents, Margaret E. (Ludington) and Carl E. Morehouse, on Aug. 18, 1927.

Margaret was a cafeteria manager for Phoenix Central Schools. She completed 22 years of service.

Margaret spent most of her life in Phoenix. She belonged to the First Baptist Church;  Order of the Eastern Star, No. 172, Phoenix; Phoenix Fancy Hats; Phoenix Nutrition Site; Phoenix Senior Citizens; the OCVI, Oswego; and the Pioneer Horseshoe Club, Syracuse.

Margaret was predeceased by her husband of 58 years, Harlan F. “Harky” Wilkinson, on April 30, 2005, and her twin sister, Marjorie  J. Schenck, on Sept. 19, 2003.

Surviving are her children, David H. Wilkinson (Helen Mensinger) of Wayland, Dale A. (Sharon) Wilkinson of Pennellville, and Margaret R. (Rod) Sayles of Phoenix; five grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; one niece, one nephew.

Calling hours were Aug. 6 with a brief   OES No. 172 service at the Allanson-Glanville-Tappan Funeral Home. Phoenix.

Services will be 10 a.m. today, Aug. 7, at First Baptist Church, 16 county Route 57A, Phoenix, with Pastor J. Scott McElyea officiating. Burial will be in Greenlawn Cemetery, Warners Road, Warners.

Contributions in Margaret’s memory may be made to the Phoenix Area Food Pantry, 43 Bridge St., Phoenix, N.Y. 13135 or Friends of Oswego County Hospice, P.O. Box 102, Oswego, N.Y.  13126.

Jerry’s Journal

Editor’s note: Due to an editing error, a copy of an advertisement was left out of Saturday’s Jerry’s Journal. Below is the ad, along with information about it from Jerry. The Valley News regrets the omission. 

By Jerry Kasperek

Please note the accompanying advertisement. It’s where Mike and I bought our first car, a maroon, 1949 Plymouth two-door coupe. It was in 1954, and what a bargain: we paid $800 for it!

OP Jerry 8-3

Naomi Durfey: Always sent birthday cards

Naomi Durfey, 82, of Fulton, passed away Aug. 1 at Morningstar Residential Care Center in Oswego.

Naomi was born in Fulton, a daughter to the late Raymond and Anna Kerfien and she lived all her life in the Fulton-Volney area.

She had worked at Comstock Foods and Birdseye Foods before becoming a homemaker.

Naomi always sent birthday cards to her family and this is a tradition that will be dearly missed.

She was a member of the Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church and active with the women’s groups. Naomi was an avid bingo player and a former member of the Mount Pleasant Grange.

She was predeceased by three daughters, Norma in 1960, Irene in 1972 and Betsy in 1998; two sons, George in 1967 and Lawrence in 2003; and by her husband, Steven A. Durfey, who died in 1994.

Naomi is survived by her daughter, Della (Scott) Daniels of Fulton; siblings, Dianna Reynolds of Tennessee, Alton Kerfien of Fulton, Sheila Schliecher of Fulton and Linda (Daniel) Jodway of North Carolina; seven grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren along with several nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews.

Calling hours were Aug. 4 at Foster Funeral Home, Fulton. Funeral services were Aug. 5 at Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church, Volney. Burial will be in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Contributions in memory of Naomi may be made to the Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church Memorial Fund, 2996 county Route 45, Fulton, NY 13069.