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Writing class focuses on school memories

The river’s end bookstore in Oswego is offering the next in its series of programs for writers and those interested in becoming writers.

“School Days, School Ways: Recalling How and What We Learned” will explore the memories we have related to our school years: favorite teachers, best friends, embarrassing classroom moments, first crushes, etc.

The class begins Sept. 12.

“We have so much emotion stemming from our school years,” said Jim Farfaglia, writing instructor.

“It was a time when our minds and bodies were rapidly developing and we were learning new things — both in and out of the classroom,” he said. “By tapping into our school-related memories, we can discover how those years continue to inform who we are today — and we can have a little fun remembering.”

Class time will be spent participating in activities to rekindle memories and inspire writing.

Each week, the class will focus on a different aspect of school and participants will have the opportunity to share the stories they have written. No previous writing experience is necessary.

The class will be held at the bookstore, West Second and Bridge streets in Oswego, and will run for six Thursdays, beginning Sept. 12 and continuing through Oct. 17.

Class time will run from 6 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. There is a fee for the class.

For more information, or to register, contact the river’s end bookstore at 342-0077, or visit Farfaglia’s website at and click on “Writing Classes.”

Calling all amateur ham radio operators

Fulton Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce another free amateur radio entry level technician course starting 7 p.m. Sept. 16 in the County Building, Fulton, across from Mimi’s.

The only cost to students will be the purchase of the study guide.

The technician class license is designed for beginning level hams. This is where you will open the door and go inside to the exciting world of Ham Radio and learn more about Amateur Radio as you progress. It authorizes you all ham radio privileges above 30 Megahertz (MHz).

1500 watts of power and these privileges include the very popular 2-meter band. Many technician licensees enjoy using small 2-meter hand-held radios to stay in touch with other hams in their area or operate from just about any vehicle, boat, etc.

Imagine sending live TV in real time over the air or just still pictures over the air! Technician class Hams may operate FM voice, many digital modes including packet (computers), television, single-sideband voice and several other interesting modes.

As a technician class ham radio operator, you can even make international radio contacts via ham radio satellites, and actually communicate directly to hams aboard the International Space Station using relatively simple and inexpensive equipment.

Imagine the thrill of talking to the astronauts, many of whom are licensed ham radio operators, aboard the space station, talking directly to ham radio satellites in space that relay your signals to earth far beyond your horizon, or just around the block or around the world using your own licensed station and equipment!

Using the computer and ham radio, you can “talk” using your voice or the keyboard to ham friends or make new ones literally around the world using less power than a 100 watt light bulb! Hams know how to do this!

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, regular training for the ham radio community around Oswego County. We primarily conduct licensing courses, but we seek ideas for other types of training as well.

If you would like to become a licensed amateur radio operator, contact Fred Koch at 652- 8441 or Rick Boutell at 963-3814 to register.

Quilting in the woods weekend retreat starts Oct. 11

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County announces the eighth annual Quilting in the Woods Retreat to be held at the Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center.

This retreat will begin at 6 p.m. Oct. 11 and run through noon Oct. 13.

Whether a participant is an experienced quilter who has been making quilts for years or is just discovering the rewards of quilting, this retreat is perfect.

It’s packed full of great projects, quilting instruction, good food and lots of fun.

Saturday evening is social time with games and prizes. Participants will make new friends while spending the weekend quilting with people who share the same interests and love for quilting.

Workshops for the weekend include: Trade Winds (pinwheel), Piece of Cake, Zig a Zag table-runner or bed scarf from Quilt in a Day; and Take Five Quilts the Takes a Tumble pattern.

The weekend will end on Sunday with a mini-workshop including continuous bias binding, and measuring for borders.

Quilting in the Woods Retreat also includes a break from the sewing machine with a nature walk on the trails at Amboy with an environmental educator.

If they are unable to attend the whole weekend, quilters can attend individual workshops. Registration deadline with payment is Sept. 23. Materials lists will be sent after registration and payment are received.

For more information, or to register,  call the Oswego County 4-H office at 963-7286, ext. 302 or email

Please contact the office if you have any special needs.

CNY Arts Center’s Arts Market returns

It has become a popular event for vendors, crafters, flea market enthusiasts, and early Christmas shoppers and it’s here again.

CNY Arts Center’s third annual Arts Market is set for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 14 in the old Nestlé parking lot on Fay Street in Fulton.

“We’re getting a record response from vendors this year with nearly 50 booths already reserved,” said Nancy Fox, director.

“We have a great variety of handmade original art, crafts, food, jewelry, pottery, household goods, vintage items, pet products,” she said. “We will have prize baskets of items donated from each of the vendors, typically a $200 to $300 value, available for raffle.

“There are several food merchants lined up and with such a big parking lot, there’ll be plenty of room for shoppers to stroll among the vendors in the biggest annual outdoor market in Fulton. We will have an area for children to have fun with sidewalk art and bubble fun,” Fox continued.

“One vendor will have face painting and we’re even anticipating a sidewalk artist whose work was seen in the recent Syracuse Sidewalk Art Festival to come and share his unique art with us,” she said.

The annual event raises funds to support the multi-arts nonprofit organization with programming in studio and fine arts, writing arts, culinary arts and performing arts.

The center offers classes in all arts for all ages. Writer’s Café, Author Spotlight, live theater and Arty Camp are held in CNY Arts Center, in the lower level of State Street United Methodist Church, 357 State St, Fulton.

CNY Arts Center also maintains an art gallery in downtown Fulton. Arts in the HeART Gallery is located across from the gazebo at 47 S. First St.

It exhibits the work of nearly 30 local artists with a featured artist every month and Artist Meet-up on the last Tuesday of every month inviting local artists to meet and exchange techniques and ideas.

For more information on the group’s  events and activities, visit or call 592-3373.

Fulton varsity sports releases team rosters

Fulton varsity football

Listed by number, name, grade, height, weight, position

2 Quinton Jackson 10 5’5” 180 RB/LB

3 Cody Green 10 5’8” 160 QB/DB

4 Connor Aldasch 12 5’11” 180 QB/DB

5 Mark Pollock 12 5’11” 180 RB/LB

7 Seth Delisle 12 6’1” 190 WR/DB

9 Gauge Coleman 11 5’8” 165 RB/DB

10 David Hursh 11 5’7” 165 RB/DB

11 Dallas Bradley 11 5’8” 180 RB/LB

21 Solano Sanchez 12 6’2” 180 RB/DE

24 Keyshon Carver 11 5’7” 160 RB/DB

28 Brian Hudson 11 6’1” 185 RB/DE

39 Chris Jones 10 6’2” 175 WR/DB

42 Corey Scoville 11 5’8” 160 RB/LB

50 Seth Britton 12 6’2” 230 OL/DL

51 James Bailey 12 6’0” 180 OL/LB

52 Travis Race 9 5’11” 175 OL/LB

56 Nick Reitz 11 6’1” 185 OL/DE

66 Malachi Manford 11 6’2” 240 OL/DL

68 Noah Gates 10 5’9” 185 OL/DL

70 Matt Marshall 11 6’0” 220 OL/DL

74 Emilio Garcia 11 6’2” 250 OL/DL

75 Jared Crucitti 9 6’2” 225 OL/DL

79 Liam Roberge 12 5’8” 275 OL/DL

84 Logan Diefenbacher 11 5’11” 160 WR/DB

87 Jon Cummins 11 5’10 165 WR/DB

Varsity coaches: Jeff Rothrock, Craig Halladay,

Bob Gallini, Chuck Bono

Trainer: Anthony Wendt

Athletic director: Chris Ells

Fulton varsity girls volleyball

Coach: Caroline Richardson

Listed by name, grade, number, position

Abelgore, Alexia, 11, 8, LH

Aiken, Donna, 10, 15, Setter

Clark, Mallory, 11, 12, RH/MH

Falanga, Monica, 12, 11, DS

Harvey, Emma, 11, 4, LH

Miller, Sami, 12, 1, MH

Murphy, Tracie, 11, 10, DS/LH

Pawlewicz, Erica, 11, 2, MH

Pierce, Keisha, 12, 14, LH

Smithers, Taylor, 11, 9, Setter

Stone, Jordyn, 12, 13, RH

Fulton varsity boys soccer

Listed by name, number, position, grade

Anderson, Anthony 2 Defense 12

Walberger, Shawn 3 Defense 11

Feliciano, Carlos 4 Striker 12

Vono, Spencer 5 S/M 10

Prosser, Derek 6 Defense 12

Reynoso, Paul 7 S/M/D 12

Vono, Carson 8 Striker 12

Waldron, Jeff 9 Midfield 12

Langdon, Jeremy 10 S/M 12

Devendorf, Ian 11 Midfield 10

Wilde, Austin 12 Midfield 10

Marroquin, Hector 13 Midfield 12

Grow, Kristopher 14 Defense 11

Jimenez, Udiel 15 Defense 12

Blair, Avery 16 S/M 11

Holden, Matt 17 S/M 12

Tallents, David 21 Defense 10

Carvey, Logan 22 Midfield 12

Marden, Jarad 23 Midfield 9

Roik, Garet 27 Defense 10

Borrow, Robert GK/18 GK 11

Head coach:  Nate Murray

Assistant coach:  Derek Lyons

Trainer: Anthony Wendt

Athletic director: Chris Ells

Fulton girls varsity soccer 

Listed by number, player, position, grade

2 Lena Pawlewicz M 12

3 Shawna Cooper D 10

4 Karli Bricker M 11

5 Callie Beckwith D 10

6 Sydney Gilmore M 9

7 Oliva Coakley D 10

8 Juli Duca D 10

9 Christine Hotaling D 12

10 Kara Bricker D 11

11 Amelia Coakley D 12

12 Mackenzie Loomis M 11

13 Christina Ravesi M 10

14 Hunter Hartranft GK 10

15 Amanda Deavers D 11

16 Jordan Coulon M 8

17 Julia Lee F 12

18 Hailey Carroll F 8

19 Madden Rowlee F 11

20 Maddie Lang GK 8

21 Meriah Dishaw F 12

22 Sarah Halstead F 12

Coach: George Beckwith

Assistant coach: Mike Weakley

Athletic director: Chris Ells

Trainer: Anthony Wend

Fulton varsity boys

Coach: Joel Carroll

Bailey, Jacob, 10

Belcher, Jacob, 11

Cuyler, Jacob, 11

Deloff, Kenneth, 09

Earl, Jonathan, 09

Flynn, Colin, 10

Halstead, Chase, 12

Holcomb, Michael, 12

Labeef, Mitch, 09

Littleton, Scott, 10

Lutz, Bailey, 11

Martin, Jimmy, 12

Michaels, Geoffry, 11

Rhinehart, Cody, 09

Shaw, Nathan, 09

Simard, Tevin, 12

Tice, Brandon, 09

Fulton varsity girls

Coach: Gary LaGrou

Dishaw, Johnelle, 11

Eckhard, Victoria, 09

Gaido, Lauren, 10

Hudson, Jenna, 11

Lamie, Johnna, 11

Laun, Cheyanne, 11

LiVoti, Marisa, 09

Rice, Amanda, 10

Fulton varsity girls tennis

Coach: Matt Goodnough

Bray, Savannah, 12

Cealie, McKenna, 11

Coulon, Maddie, 11

DaSilva, Fabiane, 12

Fox, Samantha, 11

Giovannetti, Sophia, 12

Guernsey, Anna, 12

Iijima, Miki, 12

Kearns, Kassidy, 12

Kimbrell, Angeline, 11

Ludington, Julia, 12

McCann, Maureen, 12

Rose, Taylor, 12

Shannon, Casey, 12

Smith, Courtney, 11

Stanski, Hannah, 11

Williams, Carly, 11

Williams, Hope, 11

Williams, Maggie, 11

Fulton varsity golf

Coach: Dante Ascenzi

Abbott, Nick, 11

Clark, Cameron, 01

Goss, Connor, 12

Hubel, Hunter, 9

Kitts, Matthew, 10

McIntyre, Nick, 11

Raponi, Bayley, 10

Seymour, Jacob, 11

Shatrau, Daniel, 12

Shatrau, Nathaniel, 9

Strauss, Jacob, 12

Webb, Brandon, 10

The Sportsman’s World

By Leon Archer

The fishermen in Washington have been tearing up the pink salmon on the sound, and it’s no wonder — the fish and game folks estimate the run at about six and a half million fish.

That’s enough for a couple on every fisherman’s stringer with plenty left over to produce the next crop in 2015.

Fishermen have been getting excited by the number of coho salmon (silvers) that have been showing up in steadily increasing numbers along with the ever present pinks.

Silver salmon traditionally start running after the pink run is well under way, so getting one mixed in on occasion is not all that unusual, but the early numbers might be predicting a strong run of silvers to start on the tail end of the humpy run. That would be welcome news to the fishing fraternity here.

For the rest of this story, pick up the print version of The Valley News. Call 598-6397 to subscribe.

DEC announces changes to September Canada goose hunting seasons

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens today announced several significant changes to September Canada goose hunting seasons throughout the state.

The season dates are similar to past years, but higher bag limits and other special measures will be allowed this year because local-nesting (a.k.a. “resident”) Canada goose populations remain too high in many areas.

The updated regulations are now posted on the DEC website at

“When DEC established the September goose hunting season in the early 1990s, New York’s resident Canada goose population was estimated to be around 130,000 birds, but today we have more than 200,000 birds,” Commissioner Martens said.  “New York waterfowl hunters annually take more than 50,000 Canada geese during the September season, and we hope the changes adopted this year will enable hunters to take even more to help reduce the population.”

DEC’s management efforts are working toward a reduction in the population to eventually hit approximately 85,000 birds to alleviate the variety of problems they are causing in urban, suburban and rural areas.

Season Dates and Bag Limits

The opening and closing dates for the upcoming September Canada goose season are set for specific goose hunting areas, as follows:

Lake Champlain: Sept. 3–25

Central and Eastern Long Island:  Sept. 3–30

Western Long Island: closed

The rest of New York State: Sept. 1–25

Each of these areas is outlined at

Western Long Island does not have a September season because federal regulations allow DEC to have a longer regular goose season later in fall and winter, when hunting opportunities are preferred by most waterfowl hunters in that area.

During most of the September goose hunting seasons, hunters are allowed to take up to 15 Canada geese per day. The previous limit was eight per day; however, as several other eastern states with overabundant resident geese have done, DEC has allowed the maximum number acceptable under federal regulations.

Although few hunters will take a full daily limit, the opportunity to do so may be helpful in some chronic problem areas where hunting is allowed and hunters are particularly successful.

The only exception is the Lake Champlain Zone, which will continue to have a daily limit of five Canada geese per day, consistent with adjoining areas in Vermont.

Possession limits for waterfowl have also increased this year to three times the daily bag limit.

Special Regulations

In addition to the higher bag limit, three other changes will be in effect during the September season in most areas: 1) shooting hours will be extended to one-half hour after sunset instead of the usual closing at sunset; 2) hunters will be allowed to use electronic calling devices to help entice geese within shooting range (typically 50 yards or less); and 3) hunters will be allowed to use shotguns capable of holding more than three shells at a time, but no more than seven.

The only time and place where these three measures are not allowed are during Sept. 21–22 in the Northeastern Waterfowl Hunting Zone. That is the Youth Waterfowl Hunt weekend in that area, when junior hunters may be afield hunting both ducks and geese.

Federal regulations do not allow the special measures for Canada geese whenever any other waterfowl hunting seasons are open.

License Requirements

To participate in the September Canada goose hunting season, hunters must: 1) have a 2012-13 (last year’s) hunting license, with small game hunting privileges, as these licenses remain valid through Sept. 30, 2013; and 2) be registered for 2013-14 in New York’s Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP). HIP registrations expire on June 30 annually, so all hunters must register now to hunt during September. To register in HIP, call toll-free 1-888-427-5447 (1-888-4 ASK HIP) or visit

Hunters age 16 years or older must also have a new (2013-14) federal duck stamp to hunt during the September goose season. Federal duck stamps cost $15 and are available at most post offices and some sporting goods stores. They are also available by calling toll-free 1-800-852-4897 or at

Stamps must be signed across the face by the hunter before they become valid, but they do not have to be attached to the hunting license.

Hunting Safety

Commissioner Martens reminded hunters to follow simple safety guidelines and use good judgment when choosing a time and place to hunt. Being considerate of other people enjoying the outdoors or who live nearby can help avoid potential conflicts and ensure a safe and enjoyable season.

As coastal areas become more populated, new landowners unfamiliar with the safety, ethics and traditions of waterfowl hunting sometimes respond by seeking to limit hunter access to popular waterfowl hunting areas. Hunters should be considerate and try to minimize disturbance of local residents whenever possible.

For More Information

New York’s 2013-2014 Waterfowl Hunting Seasons and Regulations brochure, with all the waterfowl season dates and bag limits, is now available on the DEC website, and a limited supply of paper copies will be distributed in September to all license-issuing agents and DEC regional offices.

To learn more about waterfowl hunting in New York, including public hunting areas around the state, go to or contact any DEC wildlife office.

Speed Demons hold swim tryouts Sept. 16

The Fulton Family YMCA’s competitive youth swim team, the Speed Demons, is holding tryouts at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 16 at the Granby Elementary School pool. Senior practices (age 13 and up) will be held Mondays and Wednesdays 5 to 7 p.m. and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 5 to 6 p.m. The first day of senior practice is Sept. 18 at 5 p.m. Junior practices (age 12 and younger) will be held Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 6 to 7 p.m. Junior practice begins at 6 p.m. Sept. 19. Those seeking more information may call the YMCA at 598-9622.