Child molester Raymond Younis released from prison; murder suspect rejects plea deal

By Debra J. Groom

Raymond Younis, who has been in state prison for about 16 years due to a conviction as a sex offender in the Phoenix area in the late 1990s, was released from prison July 23.

He has been “court order discharged” to “secure custody” within another state agency, according to information  put out by The VINE Service.

“The offender will remain in secure custody with that state agency until further court order, at which time the offender could remain in secure custody with that state agency, return to the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, or be released to community supervision,” the VINE Service announcement states.

”If the court proceeding results in a dismissal or withdrawal and the maximum expiration date of the sentence has been reached, the offender will be released to the community without supervision,” the VINE Service states.

In 1998, Younis pleaded guilty to 86 counts of sexual abuse with victims ranging in age from 5 to 14 years old. The original indictment against him listed 17 boys involved as victims. He always insisted he was innocent.

Plea rejected

One of the three defendants in the killing of a Granby man rejected a plea deal this week.

District Attorney Gregory Oakes said Zachary M. Scott, 19, of Van Buren Road, town of Van Buren, was offered a charge of attempted burglary first degree with a sentence promise of 18 years in state prison.

He rejrected the plea and went through with a Huntley Hearing, which is a hearing to decide if  statements made are admissible during a trial.

He will be back in Oswego County Court Aug. 4.

His co-defendants, Michael H. Celi, 17, of McHarrie Street, Baldwinsville, and Glenwood E. Carr, 16, of Lamson Road, Lysander, will be in county court for a hearing July 28.

The trio is charged in the death of Anthony J. Miller of Granby.

Miller was found dead Feb. 3 in his mobile home in the Indian Hills Mobile Home Park off Route 48.

All three area charged with second-degree murder and first-degree burglary, both felonies.

At first, troopers called the death of Miller, 46, suspicious, but later said it had been ruled a homicide.

Friends found Miller deceased in his home.

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