Fulton closer to replacing War Memorial floor

 By Ashley M. Casey

The city of Fulton has moved one step closer to replacing the gymnasium floor of the Fulton War Memorial.

The Common Council approved a $400,000 bond resolution and an engineering agreement for the removal and replacement of the floor at a special meeting July 22.

Mayor Ron Woodward signed an engineering agreement with Barton & Loguidice. Parks and Recreation Superintendent Barry Ostrander said the firm will submit specifications for the floor’s removal and replacement soon.

The city is taking out a $400,000 bond to finance the project, which has been estimated at $333,450. The estimate includes removal of the floor, hazardous materials removal and installation of the new floor.

The floor is 18 years old and was made by Martin Surfacing, which Ostrander said has long since been sold.

The floor has tested positive for mercury. Second Ward Councilor Dan Knopp said the floor’s “spalling” — separation and deterioration of the layers — is caused by expanding rebar in the concrete component of the floor.

Ostrander said the issue is similar to that which faced the Lanigan Elementary School gym floor. Lanigan’s floor is being replaced this summer.

Ostrander said he does not have a set timeline for the floor replacement yet, but he hopes the project can begin early this fall. He said it will take three to four weeks to remove the rubber floor layer, two to three weeks to remove the concrete, and about four weeks for the new concrete layer to cure.

“The biggest thing is the removal of the mercury,” Ostrander said. He said he has been consulting with the Fulton City School District, which contracted with Genesee Environmental for the Lanigan gym floor’s mercury removal.

“Ours is no different than the Lanigan floor,” he added.

“It’s going to inconvenience our winter programs,” Ostrander said.

Men’s basketball begins at the War Memorial in November and youth basketball begins in December. Ostrander said these seasons may have to be “abbreviated” to allow for the floor to be replaced.

Despite the effect on the winter sports, the city intends to replace the floor as quickly as possible.

“We’re not going to push it off. The mayor is pretty adamant about that,” Ostrander said.

Woodward called the War Memorial “the most used building in the city.”

“It’s an investment,” Sixth Ward Councilor Larry Macner said of the floor project. “It has a lot of events.”

Other business

• The council approved an amendment to Fulton’s parking ordinances. The amendment prohibits oversize vehicles (with dimensions exceeding 8 feet wide, 8 feet high or 18 feet long) from parking on city streets, sidewalks, or between curbs and sidewalks in the R-1, R-1A, R-2 and R-3 zones. If there is no sidewalk, the vehicle can park within eight feet of the curb.

The ordinance applies only to vehicles that are parked. Stopped or standing vehicles that are dropping off passengers or merchandise are not included.

• The next regular meeting of the Common Council will be at 7 p.m. Aug. 5 at the Municipal Building, 141 S. First St.


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