Harborfest advisories issued by police


In preparation for Harborfest 2014, The Oswego Police Department are announcing the following advisories regarding traffic, pedestrian and general information specific to Harborfest scheduled for July 24 – July 27.

Alcoholic Beverages / Open Container Ordinance – Harborfest is designed to be a fun, family oriented event and we ask all those attending Harborfest to be respectful of others enjoying the festival and to act responsibly. The city of Oswego’s Open Container
Ordinance, which prohibits the possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage in a public place, will be strictly enforced throughout this event.

Fines for this violation can be up to $250, 15 days in jail or both. The only exceptions to the ordinance, where adults over the age of 21 may legally possess an open container of an alcoholic beverage
in public space are Breitbeck Park, the Picnic Areas located in Wright’s Landing, and the designated vendor Café area in Washington Square.

Traffic Control / Signage – As always, there are many signs directing traffic in certain areas. Additionally, there may be other signage specific to Harborfest (such as no left turn signs, temporary no parking signs, etc.) that may be in place. We ask that motorists pay
particular attention to the signage over the Harborfest weekend to help eliminate undo traffic congestion as a result of disobeying the traffic control devices.

Street Closings – At 5:30 p.m. Saturday, July 26, barricades manned by law enforcement and city personnel will be placed at each intersection along West Bridge Street from West First Street to Liberty Street to stop vehicular traffic from traveling north of
West Bridge Street. Residents in this area may obtain access, with appropriate identification, at Liberty Street and West Bridge Street.

Family members and friends of these residents who are planning to go to these residences should plan on arriving before 5 p.m., as they will not be allowed access to the area once the streets are closed.

Additionally, there are a number of temporary parking restrictions that motorist should be aware of (see listing of affected streets). Harborfest vendors, delivery persons and cabs will also be allowed access at Liberty Street and West Bridge Street.

At 6 p.m., there will be no vehicular traffic permitted on Lake Street until after the fireworks and all pedestrian traffic clears.

Sheldon Beach – The Sheldon Beach area on the North end of Sheldon Ave will be closed to all pedestrian and vehicular traffic beginning 7 a.m. Thursday July 24 through 7 a.m. Monday July 28. The area will be temporarily opened between 7 p.m. and midnight Saturday July 26 for viewing of the fireworks.

NOTE: The Bridge Street Bridge and the Utica Street Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic from 9:30 p.m. to midnight on Saturday, during and immediately following the fireworks, only pedestrians and emergency vehicles will be allowed access during that time. Motorists are strongly encouraged to plan accordingly.

Boat Launching – Any person wishing to launch their boat at Wrights Landing on Saturday will have to do so before 5:30 p.m. Anyone who has parking passes for Wrights Landing, plan on being there by 5:30 p.m., because once we close the streets, you will not be allowed access.

Parking – Parking is limited near all Harborfest venues. Additionally, to help facilitate the movement of emergency vehicles, the following parking restrictions will be in effect (some of which may already be in place):


Streets that run North / South

West First between West Seneca and Lake Street (No Parking East side)
West Second between West Bridge and Lake Street (No Parking East side)
West Third between West Bridge and Lake Street (No Parking East side)
West Fourth between West Seneca and Lake Street (No Parking East side)
West Fifth between West Utica and Lake Street (No Parking East side)
West Sixth between West Bridge and West VanBuren (No Parking East side)
West Seventh between West Bridge and West Schuyler (No Parking East side)
Montcalm Street between West Schuyler and Lake Street (No Parking East side)
West Eighth between West Bridge and West Cayuga (No Parking West side)
West Eighth between West Cayuga and Lake Street (No Parking East side)
Ontario Street between West Cayuga and Lake Street (No Parking East side)
Liberty Street between West Bridge and the North End (No Parking East side)
Dorcas Street between Bronson and West VanBuren (No Parking East side)

Streets that run East / West

West Bridge between West First and West Third (No Parking North side)
West Cayuga between West First and West Bridge (No Parking North side)
West Seneca between West First and West Bridge (No Parking South side)
West Schuyler between West First and Liberty (No Parking North side)
West Schuyler between Liberty and John (No Parking Either side)

West Schuyler between John and First Avenue (No Parking North side)
West Van Buren between West Second and Liberty St. (No Parking South side)
Bronson Street between Montcalm and Liberty (No Parking North side)

Handicap Parking – Handicap parking is limited in the Breitbeck Park area. If you plan on trying to park in one of these locations, you should plan to do so by 5 p.m. Once the streets are closed vehicular traffic will be denied. Note: These handicap parking spaces
are usually full by late morning on the day of the fireworks. Please consider using trolleys and cabs as they will be allowed access.

Ticketing and Towing – Parking violators will be ticketed and towed beginning Thursday, July 24. Scotty’s Towing, 500 W. First St., Oswego, 342-2869, will remove all vehicles that are illegally parked. Any towing fees incurred will be assessed by and payable to Scotty’s towing.

Pedestrians –We ask people attending Harborfest to use crosswalks at an intersection controlled by a police officer or a traffic light, as vehicular traffic will be heavy, particularly on Saturday. We also ask that motorists be extremely cautious of pedestrian traffic.
Pedestrian safety is a priority for the Oswego Police Department and we ask all pedestrians to use the sidewalks as they walk throughout the city during Harborfest.

For additional Harborfest information, visit the festival’s website at www.oswegoharborfest.com.

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