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Obama? How about Bush?

How careless of the Valley News in typesetting reader Langdon’s letter!

His entire section on the glorious reign of George Bush and Dick Cheney was omitted under the heading “Texas Viewpoints”.

The Bush Cheney failures in Iraq.

The Bush Cheney failures if Afghanistan.

The B/C failures leading to the 9/11 disaster

The B/C failures leading to and condoning Abu Ghraib tortures and Guantanamo. The imprisonment of individuals without trial.

The B/C approval of snooping on the populace.

The billions of dollars wasted and the thousands of lives lost and individuals crippled for Bush’s warped ideology and worthless wars. And Bush is receiving a pension? A noose would have been more appropriate.

Walt Carrington

Evanston, Ill. 

(Another ex Fultonian, 

Fulton High School ‘57

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