Valley Viewpoints: Castiglia on the East Side Pool

Do study, get grant money for East Side Pool

We have all heard the saying about beating a dead horse.

Well I’m going to talk about the pool situation in the city of Fulton. This dead horse has been beaten so much that the buzzards have left.

Not me.

Just the other day there was a story about our pool situation on television with interviews with the mayor and another gentleman. The mayor spoke about how much it would cost to rebuild the East Side pool. 

The other gentleman spoke about how sad it was that kids wouldn’t have a pool to use and then he spoke about the use of the lake.

I would just like to point out some information I have heard. The first is that the mayor is almost correct with the amount it will cost to repair or rebuild the East Side pool. What he doesn’t say or the reporter edited out was that there are grants out there that would or could cover the cost of the repair or rebuild.

The Catch 22 is you have to apply for them. In order to apply you have to know how much you need and right now we don’t know.

The last study done was over five years ago. Because the study was so old, our application for a grant was rejected.

A new study has to be done in order for a new application. The cost of that study is around $4,000 or $5,000.

There was (I believe) $44,000 in the budget for the East Side pool for this year. How much of that is left I don’t know.

The city of Cortland just this year received almost $400,000 to repair its pool. It took them two years to obtain that grant money but it was worth it.

We could do the same thing.

There was a reference to the use of the lake. This is a very good idea but it will take at least two years to dredge the lake.

When that is done the water has to be tested daily to ensure the water is safe to use for swimming and if it isn’t you can’t add anything to make it safe — you just can’t use it.

This was one of the selling points I’m sure back when the city leaders put in the East Side and West Side pools back in the day.

I am sure that the mayor would like to see the study done and a grant to repair or rebuild the East Side pool obtained. It has always been presented that a pool is safer and healthier than a lake any day.

We need both and both will only cost the city the price to have a study done.

The only thing I’m asking the Common Council to do is OK the spending of $4,000 or $5,000 of the money budgeted for the pool to do the study so the Parks and Recreation Department can apply for the grant money to repair or rebuild the East Side pool.

Frank Castiglia Jr.

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