Valley Viewpoints: ‘ King Obama ‘ and Fun in Granby

In today’s Valley Viewpoints, a former Fultonian criticizes Obama, and Ed Williamson reports on Granby’s Family Fun Day.

King Obama

Speaker John Boehner did NOT invite these kids from Central America to the United States.

YOUR PRESIDENT AND HIS POLICIES DID. Come to think of it, YOU NEW YORKERS helped get this worthless, lawless and reprobate of a human being into office.

Texas said NO to King Obama in both of the elections.

This “king” is responsible for Seal Team 6 going down; Americans murdered in Benghazi, illegal IRS shakedowns of Americans (“not even a smidgen of corruption”), semi-automatic weapons in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels, Obama-don’t-care health care and tax, illegal executive orders, complete disregard for our veterans, EPA harassment of Americans, etc…

In the Declaration of Independence, 56 real men wrote against such a man almost 238 years ago. It looks like we are right back where we started from. You can take the King of Britain out of this document and insert King Obama.

This “king” has a habit of creating a crisis and causing complete chaos and instead of blaming himself, he blames everyone else. Yep, he’s a “real” leader.

Come on people wake up. This man is guilty of treason and should be deported to where he came from, Kenya.

Ex-President Nixon is a Sunday school teacher compared to this “man” and this so-called man is STILL in office! I know you New Yorker’s hate the truth! I got smart and left NY in 1987.

Are you all too ignorant to recognize a King and a Communist tied together?  Food for thought, what about taking care of our own people like our veterans, our seniors, our kids, etc…  THAT IS THE HUMANITARIAN THING TO DO.

Do you want to really know what the Federal Government’s REAL job is?

Article 4, Section 4 United States Constitution states the United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

Ken Langdon
Mabank, Texas
Former Fultonian 

Fun in Granby

The Granby Family fun day on Saturday June 21 was a big success.

There were approximately 250 in attenance. The children and their parents enjoyed the day’s activities.

The town offered the following:

35-foot slide; tropical bounce; horseback riding; tennis games and training; fire truck and firefighrers; rock climbing wall; petying zoo; County Fire Department Training Center; face painting and tie dying; and the Bubble Man Show.

There also was popcorn, cotton candy, water and snacks for free. Hot dogs, hamburgers and soda was available at a modest price provided by the ARISE organization.

There also was a presentation for the Citizens of the Year to Lance Knapp and his wife Polly.

The town wishes to thank the generous donors: Granby Super Walmart and G&C Foods (David and AnneMarie LePage). Their help makes Family Fun Day a success.

Thank you to Youth Director Jennifer Brown and her family, Janet Ingersoll, John Snow Jr., Rhonda Nipper and all the others who volunteered to make the day a success.

Ed Williamson
Granby supervisor   

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2 thoughts on “Valley Viewpoints: ‘ King Obama ‘ and Fun in Granby”

  1. The post by Mr. Langdon was dead on correct and could not have been said any better. It is time for the NYT and liberal sycophant media to START reporting the TRUTH and not an “entertainment-lite” substitute in an effort to maintain a dumbed down electorate. But, that IS how he was elected…”Hope and Change” had turned into “Hopelessness and Despair”—talk is cheap.
    There are so many REAL scandals that I have whiplash.

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