Oswego County Legislature mulls personnel department name change

By Debra J. Groom

The Oswego County Legislature is mulling an idea that would bring it in line with many other counties in the state.

The legislature’s Finance and Personnel Committee this week discussed changing the name of the county’s personnel department to human resources department.

Committee Chair Terry Wilbur, R-Hannibal, who also is the legislature’s majority leader, said today the personnel department does much more than work on personnel issues.

“They are a jack of all trades,” he said. “They deal with Civil Service, health insurance, hiring, personnel management. It’s a lot more than it used to be.”

Wilbur said personnel office officials were asked to come up with a recommendation for the change for the committee to “entertain next month.”

“This will bring us into the 21st century,” Wilbur said.

Also at this week’s meeting, the Finance and Personnel committee went through a light agenda of resolutions to pass on to the full legislature for its meeting at 2 p.m. July 10.

Some of those resolutions are:

  • Accepting a $5,711 grant to help with polling place accessibility improvements and establishing a line in the budget for this money.
  • Transferring $150,000 from the unappropriated fund balance account in the budget to the county attorney legal fees account to pay for work on tax certiorari cases in court.
  • Accepting a $20,000 state grant to pay for the tire amnesty program in the county to help cut down on the number of waste tires lying around in the county. Water that pools in these tires is a breeding ground for mosquitoes which carry Eastern equine encephalitis and West Nile virus.
  • Accepting a $12,666 state grant to pay about half of the cost of required training for employees in the Department of Solid Waste.
  • Accepting $29,799 in additional Temporary Assistance for Needy Families money to help run the Summer Youth Employment Program. This program provides low-income youth ages 16-20 with paid summer work at public, private and nonprofit work sites throughout Oswego County.
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