Bookmobile ready to bring joy of reading to children this summer

Fizz! Boom! Read! is the science-based theme for the Oswego Bookmobile’s 2014 summer program.  

Each week of the summer from July 7 to Aug. 22 has its own theme as well. The Bookmobile has scheduled events throughout the summer to promote reading to children. 

At every site, the Bookmobile will provide children less than age of 18 with a snack and a free book.

The weekly themes are:

  • July 7-11: R2D2 comes to you, with a week focuses on robots.  SUNY Oswego will place its robot “NAO” on the Bookmobile. NAO will show off his tricks, such as his dance moves and his excellent speaking skills.
  • July 14-18:  Imagination Creation. During this week children will be engaged in wonderband activities, making items such as bracelets, headbands, and bookmarks, as well as reading to learn how to make them.
  • July 21-28: Bubbles and Books week
  • July 28-Aug. 1: Get Your Game On week. Special events and activities are scheduled for both weeks.
  • Aug. 4-8: Superheroes. The Bookmobile has an abundance of superhero books, plus graphic novels and comics.  Avengers, Spiderman and more are waiting to be chosen this week.
  • Aug. 11-18: Do you love Legos? This week is devoted to engineering and Legos. Get ready to construct and design because this week will be for building things; anything from skyscrapers to just playing with Legos.
  • Aug. 18-Aug. 22: The theme is Great Books: They’ll Blow Your Mind!

The Bookmobile will also be in the Fourth of July parade July 6. Bookmobile Student Advisory Council representatives will be marching in the parade wearing their pink or orange tie-dye T-shirts.  Some of the students will be wearing costumes.  

Bookmobile Student Advisory Council members will also be helping out at Harborfest July 25 and 26. There will be a section of books just for middle and high schoolers available there.

Many students have already had a chance to view the inside of the Bookmobile, which was recently updated by driver Harry Farrell, Hope Mazuroski, Joan Dain, Kathy Mantaro, Kris Rookey, and many other volunteer staff.  

Students across the Oswego school district were able to see a small selection of the books on the Bookmobile and be entertained by some of the antics of the NAO robot from SUNY Oswego. 

After having the opportunity to see this, many students could be heard talking about how it was “awesome and sweet” and how they “have to visit.”  

Ella Shambo from Leighton Elementary said, “”It’s torture to be on here (the Bookmobile) and not take a book!” 

The Bookmobile also appeals to adults. Teacher Heather Wood said, “It’s heaven on here,” when she brought her class on.

The Driving Books Home program for summer 2014 is brought to children and parents in the community by a partnership of the Oswego YMCA, SUNY Oswego, Oswego Public Library, and the Oswego City School District. 

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