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In today’s Valley Viewpoints, a family thanks fellow diners for their help and Len Spano defends BOCES for “at risk” students.

Thanks for help at Mimi’s Diner

We would like to thank all the wonderful people who came to my mother’s asistance at Mimi’s Diner on June 19 for their help, kindness and concern.

We would like to thank the paramedics for their quick response and excellent treatment of my mother. They are the best.

Also a special thank you to the woman and her daughter who sat with us until the paramedics arrived. 

Once again, our thanks to everyone.

Val and Mary Torrese

Editor’s note: Val’s mother had passed out at Mimi’s. She is doing fine now. 


BOCES must be strong

BOCES has previously eliminated several skilled trade courses including, but not limited to, Heating and A/C, Masonry, Agriculture/Greenhouse, Electronics and Residential Wiring. 

According to Mr. Chris Todd, BOCES Administrator/Director, these skilled trade courses were eliminated due to decreased student enrollment over time; and that may be true since BOCES and Oswego County Schools have a policy of denying enrollment to students until 11th grade. 

Some of Oswego County youth upon entering high school are classified as “at risk” students, in essence this “at risk” designation means that these youth are at an increased risk of failing to graduate from high school/dropping out. 

Oswego County school districts and BOCES should be placing these ninth- and 10th-grade students in skilled trade courses through BOCES. This would eliminate decreased enrollment in BOCES programs and provide some skills via a trade to the at-risk youth of our community. 

Not every child is college bound and some will not graduate high school. In keeping with the No Child Left Behind Act, we should be providing a better means to ensure EVERY child success in life. 

I believe that this can be accomplished by offering all 9-12 grade high school students the opportunity to learn a skilled trade. That ninth- or 10th-grade student planning on dropping out of high school as soon as the law allows might be educationally and mentally stimulated sufficiently to graduate high school and continue their formal education. 

And if not, at least they will have some skills in a trade that will allow them to become and remain productive members of society. 

Chris Todd, school administrators and principals should be rethinking and reevaluating their position on delaying enrollment in BOCES until a student is entering 11th grade.   

Patty Ritchie needs to address these valid concerns and issue a STOP WORK order on the BOCES renovation project until such time that common sense can be discovered and used by the decision makers in Oswego County. 

Oswego County taxpayers are fed up with taking the hit via higher taxes and cuts in services because of the bad decisions made by the incompetents holding positions of power in this county.

Patty, tell Chris Todd not to block in the three auto bay doors and grow BOCES, not welfare! New York state pays for a young person’s education until they are 21 years old, let’s take advantage of that. Let’s get back to Burton Ramer’s high standards – thinking about our kids and good teachers.

Your legislators better look around and see these kids floundering in the streets and show some concern. Give our youth good skills and keep them out of the Oswego County jail, which is over-crowded and over budget above and beyond our Oswego County Legislature’s normal spending budget for the jail.

Len Spano



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