BOCES students inducted into Technical Honor Society

During the recent National Technical Honor Society induction ceremony, Koti Turner, an Oswego County BOCES Public Safety and Justice student, lights a candle to signify one of the seven attributes required for membership in the organization.
During the recent National Technical Honor Society induction ceremony, Koti Turner, an Oswego County BOCES Public Safety and Justice student, lights a candle to signify one of the seven attributes required for membership in the organization.

Submitted by Oswego County BOCES

Surrounded by a standing-room-only crowd of friends and family members, Oswego County BOCES Career and Technical Education (CTE) students were recognized for their commitment to their schoolwork and for their exemplary citizenship and service outside of the classroom.

“This year’s class of inductees is remarkable to say the least,” said CTE Principal Marla Berlin, who noted the support of families and friends was equally noteworthy. “Congratulations to all of you.”

The students were from every school district in the county and represented the newest members of the National Technical Honor Society, which is the highest recognition for outstanding students in CTE.

To be eligible for the distinction, the inductees must earn a 90 or higher Grade Point Average in their CTE class and an 80 or higher GPA at their home school district.

In addition to academic achievement, the honorees must also maintain an excellent attendance rate and demonstrate the following character attributes: honesty, service, responsibility, knowledge, skill, scholarship, citizenship and leadership.

All of these qualities were on display during the induction ceremony in the Mexico High School auditorium as the honorees humbly accepted their recognition certificates from BOCES administrators and officials, who lauded their achievements.

“These inductees have become role models to their family, friends and peers. They provide service at home and in their communities,” said Oswego County BOCES Board of Education President John Shelmidine. “It is a wonderful honor as well as an incredible responsibility.”

The board president also encouraged the inductees to be ready to adapt to change and to display character when encountering challenges. “When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond?” he asked.

For the 160 students who were inducted into the honor society, adversity and challenge are part of daily life.

CTE students are challenged with more intensive reading and more demanding schedules than many of their peers, noted Roseann Bayne, assistant superintendent for instruction at Oswego County BOCES. In fact, Bayne cited research that showed that reading levels in technical education exceeds the reading levels in an average 11th or 12th grade classroom.

“Being able to read a technical manual puts you beyond a college level,” she said. “So when you have children attending BOCES, they’re not stepping down. They’re not learning less, they’re actually becoming more college and career ready.”

Those college and career-ready students who were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society (* denotes second-year member) were:

Abigail Allen, Emilee Anderson, Logan Aubeuf, Mckenna Bahner, Daniel Barsuch, Gary Baumbach Jr., Emily Becker, Khrysha Bednar, Jordan Bennett*, Aaron Bentley, Haley Besaw, Tyler Bliss, Sean Blum, Kyle Bogart, Alantis Bonanno, Trevor Boni, Taylor Borst, Alexander Britton, Kyle Buck, Savannah Bush, Joshua Buskey, Makayla Carson, Nicole Carvey*, Gabrielle Christopher and Joseph Clark.

Also: Brittany Cole, Alyssa Crandon, Kevin Cronk, Aaron Davis, Evan Davis, David DeLand, Dylan Dewitt, Johnelle Dishaw, Abigail Dixon*, Hollie Doyle, Taylor Duda, Hailey Dunsmoor, Miranda Edick, Makayla Elliott, Cody Ericksen, Joshua Ernestine, Tony Finch*, Annamarie Forestiere, Gabryel Fortino, Jacklyn Foster, Makayla Fowler, Alena Fresch, Jerry Friot, Benjamin Frymoyer, Hannah Gardner, Kyle Gravelle, Frances Green, Kylie Hanni, Benjamin Harper* and Richard Harper.

Also: Ashley Hatten, Anthony Haywood, Hunter Hilton, Karley Hilton, Cassondra Horridge, Patrick Howell, Eric Hulbert*, Ashley Hurlbut, Samantha Ingersoll*, Allison Johnson, Mariah Johnson, Devlin Kilmer-Allen, Jacob Kimball, Kody Kingsley, Kathleen Kinney, Ty Kranz, Aleah LaFlamme, Ruby Lagoda, Derrik Lamanteer*, Steven Larkin, Mark Lauricella*, Jeffrey Lawson, Shawn Layton, Jason Leon, Zachary Litz and Meghan LiVoti.

Also: Paige Lockwood*, John Loura, Alexandra Mannise, Leonardo Marino, Steven Maynard, Ashley McCann, Maureen McCann, Caitlyn McRae, Jesse Merritt*, Gianna Migliaccio, Bradley Molsberger, Desteny Moore, Michaela Moran, Cullynn Morley, Rachelle Morrison, Zachery Mosher, Alexandra Mueller, Erik Muench, Kayla Munger*, Tracie Murphy, Kaitlyn Naylor, Erik Neacosia, William Niedzwecki*, Meagan Oakes and Perrin Ogden.*

Also: Brenna O’Neil, Hunter Ouderkirk, Jonathan Parker, Austin Parkhurst*, Gage Parkhurst, Courtney Pasco, Kathryn Paye, James Peet*, Jadon Powell, Elaine Powers, Richard Prent*, Haley Purdy, Richelle Ranieri, David Rice, Kayla Richards, Kendall Ridgeway, Austin Rizzo, Maxwell Roberts, Alissa Robinson, Lindsay Rollson, Brandon Rotach*, Amanda Ryan, CodiAnne Salzman, Anita Savich, Nathaniel Schroeder, Stephanie Seeley* and Shelby Sheehan.

Also: Natalie Shopland, Garrett Skinner, Joseph Smith, Leighton Smith, Mikaylea Sonnacchio, Matthew Sova, Erin Stever, Annalee Stirpe*, Steven Stonecypher, Robert Swan, Eric Swart, Katrina Tafler, Daniel Taylor*, Jessica Thompson, Koti Turner*, Jhannine Verceles, Michael Visco, Ian Vivlemore*, Natasha Waloven, Taylor Walpole, David Whaley*, Kelsie Wilson, Heather Wood, Jennifer Young, Caden Zahn, Adam Zayown and Caleb Zehr.

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