Odds and ends from the managing editor

By Debra J. Groom

It’s time for a few updates on what’s been going on at The Valley News.

First off, let me wish everyone a happy summer and happy bass season. Summer starts today and I welcome all that comes with it — warmer temperatures (not hot, mind you, just warm, say 80 degrees), sunshine, camping, flowers, fresh veggies and fruits, sleeping with the windows open and of course, fishing.

And speaking of fishing, today is the opening of bass season. I’ll be out on Oneida Lake this weekend. Where will you be?

Now on to newspaper stuff. We still have two reporting openings here — we need a part-time person to cover the towns outside Fulton (Granby, Volney and Schroeppel) and we need a part-time person to cover the county legislature.

If you like to write and find government interesting, drop a resume to dgroom@scotsmanmediagroup.com

Submitted photos and releases

Folks have been getting a lot better at submitted photographs to the newspaper by email and including names of those in the photos with the email.

Thanks so much for cooperating. It makes life easier when it comes to putting the newspaper together and helps me get your news in the paper much quicker.

Also, try to remember to submit press releases, letters to the editor, senior news and other items by email too. Again, this makes it easier to get them in the paper quicker instead of me having to find the time to type them all in. Plus, with an email, I can simply cut and paste — when I type something in there is more of a chance of me making a typo.

Also, try to get items in to me at least two weeks in advance, especially if they are for events. That gives me time to get it into the paper and in our calendar.

Wednesday cover photos

We are plum filled up for 2014 except for the Dec. 10, 17, 24 and 31.  And one of those days there will probably be no paper due to the holidays.

And for 2015, keep those phone calls coming. So far, the following dates in 2015 are still open for cover photos:

  • All of January
  • Feb. 11
  • March 18 and 25
  • April 22
  • May 6 and 13
  • June 10 through Sept. 2
  • Oct. 28
  • Nov. 4 and 11
  • All of December.

To reserve a Wednesday cover photo, call me at 598-6397 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

July 4

The Fourth of July will soon be upon us. Please email me this week (deadline 3 p.m. Wednesday June 25) with any events, celebrations, parades, etc. for July 4 so I can get them into our calendar that runs in each Saturday newspaper.

Thanks — that’s it for now. Happy Summer, enjoy the warmth, the outdoors and all the great locally grown foods that will be showing up at farm stands and farmers’ markets soon.

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