Zone change for large part of Nestle plant postponed

By Ashley M. Casey

The city of Fulton’s Planning Commission voted June 9 to postpone the proposed zone change for a large block of the former Nestlé property, citing a lack of development plans outside the potential Aldi grocery store.

The area for the proposed Aldi store still will be re-zoned Commercial C-2 to accommodate the nearly 17,000-square-foot store.

Planning Commission Chairman Michael Malash told The Valley News the area bordered by South Fourth, Fifth and Fay streets will remain a Manufacturing M-1 district. The proposal was to change it to Commercial C-1, which allows businesses such as small retail stores, places of worship and professional offices.

“There wasn’t any plan to develop it, so we just approved the zone change for the store,” Malash said.

“The rest of the property stays as it is,” Malash added. “We acted on a request for a zone change by the property owners based on the fact that Aldi is intended to build there.”

At a recent Common Council meeting, County Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr. had raised the concern that if the property is not ready by July 1, Aldi may look to build elsewhere.

Property owner Ed Palmer of Carbonstead LLC had said he was waiting on abatement and demolition contracts and was delayed about two weeks.

Malash said he had seen some activity at the former Nestle site last week — people “scarfing through the rubble, segregating the metal there for salvage.”

Malash said the rezoning of the now-C-2 property, which comprises 2.2 acres of the 24-acre parcel, will allow for further development.

“There’s quite a bit of property in the portion that was rezoned,” he said. “There’s a goodly portion there that’s available for development as allowed by the zone changes.”

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