Winners announced for Fulton Art Association show

The Fulton Art Association held its 41st annual art show and competition in May at the Fulton Municipal Building.  

Twenty-four artists from Fulton, Oswego, Baldwinsville, Hannibal, Central Square, Phoenix, Liverpool, Syracuse and Mexico participated in the show.  

The show displayed 94 entries this year in 12 medium categories – Acrylics, Digital Photography, Drawing A, B, C and D, Computer Graphic Art, Painting Mixed Media, Oils, Three-D, Watercolor and the Special Category: The Oswego River, said President, Kathy Mihalek.  

Emmanuel Vaucher, a photographer from Camden and one of the judges for the Everson Museum since 2001 for the On My Own Time competitions, was the judge for this year’s show. 

Edwin Schuss won Best of Show with his Drawing A (pencil) entry entitled Nature’s Cathedral.

Acrylics: First place, Kathryn Mihalek (Fulton) for Brutus; second place (3-way tie) Margaret Rusaw (Fulton) for Classic Mustang, Jody Pike (Baldwinsville) for Cedars at Green Lakes State Park, and Peggy Boyd (Baldwinsville) for Looking for Fish; honorable mentions Beth Anesko (Fulton) for Sunrise #11, Peggy Boyd for Reflections, Carolyn Mosier (Fulton) for CAUGHT, Jody Pike for Rock Fence at Lake George, Margaret Rusaw for Dillon & Dusty, and Edwin Schuss for Escape.

Computer Graphic Art: First place to Lisa Davis (Fulton) for Spring Fairies of NYS; second place for Five Naturals.

Digital Photography: First place, Katherine Lust (Oswego) for Carousel Horse; second place (tie) – Tim Markert (Central Square) for Morning Bloom and Katherine Lust for Baby Doll; honorable mentions to Derek Grindle (Oswego) for It Is Beautiful Out, Ellen Landphere (Mexico) for A Different Perspective, and Tim Markert for It’s All Around You.

Drawing A (pencil, charcoal): Honorable mentions to Patricia Hall (Oswego) for Gregory and Carolyn Mosier (Fulton) for Moreaki Boulders-New Zealand.

Drawing B (colored pencil/Prismacolor): First place to Patricia Hall for Fly Away; second place (tie) to Barbara Ketcham (Hannibal) for Mountain Spirits and Patricia Hall for Species.

Drawing C (liquid mediums): First place to Mary Ann McDougal (Phoenix) for Fireworks in the Harbor; second placefor Sunflowers.

Drawing D (Drawing Mixed Media):   First place to Mary Ann McDougal for Nite Life on Water Street.  

Oils: First place, C.J. Smith (Fulton) for Resting Place; second place (3-way tie) to C.J. Smith for Transformation and also Santa Claus, and Nick Iamaio (Oswego) for Walk in the Woods; honorable mentions to Nick Iamaio for Smoky Mountains and Yellowstone, C.J. Smith for The Stillness, Diane Sokolowski (Liverpool) for Mountain View, and Jeremy Thurlow (Syracuse) for Saturday Hike.

Painting Mixed Media: First place to Margaret Rusaw for Under the Lake; second place to Rhoda Cunningham (Oswego) for Nehustan/Cadeuceus; and honorable mention to Beth Anesko (Fulton) for Sunrise Over the Atlantic.

3 Dimensional: First place, Ginger Suntag (Fulton) for Autogiopic; second place (3-way tie) to Ginger Suntag for Peace/Yoga Woman and Technology and Shells & Frames; honorable mentions to Rachel Salvetti for Calla Lilly Bouquet and Mini Crazy Quilt, and Ginger Suntag for Op Pop.

Watercolor: First place, Barb Erwin (Oswego) for Cardinals; second place (tie) to Rhoda Cunningham for Ancient Melchizedek and Barb Erwin for Crazy Flowers; honorable mentions to Carol Burghart (Hannibal) for Lazy River, Rhoda Cunningham for Flight from Planet Earth, Barb Erwin for Sunset, and Jody Pike for Red Mill at Lock 24.

2014 Special Category – The Oswego River: First place to Margaret Rusaw for Oswego River at Black Creek; second place (tie) to Nick Iamaio for Minetto Bridge and Jody Pike for Oswego River Fishing; honorable mention to Peggy Boyd (Baldwinsville) for Oswego River.

Special appreciation is extended to the local businesses and individuals that supported our association making our 2014 shows possible: David Mirabito (Metropolitan Life), Fulton Savings Bank, Medicine Place, Mimi’s, Spencer and Ann Ludington and Pathfinder Bank.

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