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My adult children have all attended BOCES. What an opportunity it was for them!

They have all stayed in this area and are doing well, working and raising families here.

The Oswego County BOCES automotive program has been a great asset for Oswego County. But during the past few years all of the trade programs have been dropped: Plumbing, Mason, HVAC, Greenhouse, Electronics and some Automotive programs have been gone totally.

Mr. Palmer from Oswego was an electronics teacher for many years. Mr. Chris Todd should get Mr. Palmer’s input — also other successful business people who have taught at BOCES should be consulted before bad decisions are made by the BOCES superintendent.

Young people out of high school, especially those who might not have excelled in academics seem to have no future here. There are many polite kids who are being overlooked, even tossed aside, by the BOCES administrators and school guidance counselors.

There are nine school districts in our area that support BOCES. BOCES only has a half-day program for Auto Body. This is a shame!

Per Steve Burdick’s letter this past week … “Don’t Block in the 3 Bays!”

At one time BOCES had room for 25 cars to be worked on, now it is down to eight bays and now the superintendent Mr. Chris Todd wants to block in three bays.

This is just a “test balloon” that Mr. Chris Todd to see how much he can get away with.

There is a fellow from the TV Show “Cheers” (Cliff, the mailman) who is a big supporter of trade education for high school students and adult students. He is an advocate of BOCES education. This type of education is the key for many students.

Oswego County BOCES is getting a new $50,000 state of the art Alignment Machine — that will be great for the high schoolers, but our adult students who attend BOCES might not have access if the three bays are blocked in, since Superintendent Chris Todd might decide to separate the adult student classrooms from the traditional student classrooms.

The adults come into BOCES after the high school students leave, like a second shift. This is a great thing that has been going on for quite some time before Mr. Chris Todd became superintendent. Don’t waste money trying to move the adult education programs to a different location.

A total of $35 million has been going into BOCES renovations — the same as Driver’s Village in Cicero has spent. That is a lot of taxpayer money that is going into BOCES and needs to be spent the best way to improve our area with more skilled workers and less hopeless individuals.

Automotive education is crucial to our economy, especially here in Oswego County where a car is essential to employment.

New York state understands how important BOCES programs are and reimburse $6,000 of the $8,000 to the home schools per student. The state will pay to keep our youth in high school until they’re 21 years old if that is what is required for the student to be successful.

Let’s bring Oswego County back to prosperity! Combat drug and suicide rates and help educate our youth and unemployed adults! The cost of BOCES is much less than prison!

Our youth is our future! Our fathers need hope for Father’s Day!

Superintendent Todd — Grow BOCES! Don’t shut out so many of our residents. Call our state Sen. Patty Ritchie and Assemblyman Will Barclay. Let’s make something out of this area!

Grow BOCES — Not the Welfare Department.

Len Spano


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