Oswego Middle School students receive awards at ceremony

The annual Oswego Middle School awards ceremony was conducted Friday, June 6 in the gymnasium.

Families and classmates joined in the celebration as numerous students were recognized by Principal Mary Beth Fierro.

Six students were highlighted with the presentation of academic excellence awards: Eleanor Lisec, Laurel Plunkett, Danielle DelConte, Alaina McMahon, Margo McBrearty and Samual Broadwell.

The New York State Attorney General’s Triple C Awards were given to Kristen Skinner and Samual Broadwell.

Meanwhile, the New York State Comptroller’s Achievement Awards were presented to Emily Bradshaw and Ryan Tharrett.

A substantial number of students were recognized with the President’s Award for Educational Excellence.

Students earning certificates from President Barack Obama included Cameron Adams Jr., Nicholas Back, Jade Ballard, Adeline Benjamin, Liam Benjamin, Kevin Blum, Michael Borer, Laura Bornheimer, Tegan Boyzuck, Emily Bradshaw, Noah Brancato, Samual Broadwell, Grace Bruns, Steven Buck, Brianna Bush, Nolan Callahan, Joel Caster and Claudia Chetney.

Also: Abigayle Christian, Gillian Clark, Zoe Clark, Christopher Colasurdo, Madelyne Cortright, Zachery Crossman, Reese Davis, Keleya Dawley, Danielle DelConte, Stephen Demong Jr., Tiffany Ditton, Kyle Dodge, Abigail Douglas, Kayla Drosihn, Megan Durval, Emilee Ekman, Alexander Emmons, Janelle Flack, Eryn French, Alecia Fuentes, Laurin Furlong, Mariah Galletta, Samantha Gardner and Jessica Godden.

Also: Kaitlyn Grant, Kaitlyn Gunther, Nicholas Hanna, Faith Hannock, Noah Hardter, Caitlyn Harpst, Grace Hibbert,  Allison Hibbert, Katheryne Hibbert-Nelson, Katherine Hill, Nicklas Holland, Rose Huang, Dawson Izyk, Dain Jerred, Tyler Johnson, Lauren Jones, Monique Jones, Spencer Kielb and Kyle Kon.

Also: Hannah Koster, Sheyenne Lacey, McKenzie LeDue, Addison Lee, John Lee, Madison LeRoy, Eleanor Lisec,  Evan Lupien, Matthew Mace, James May, Margo McBrearty,  Turner McElroy, Alaina McMahon, Benjamin McPherson, Leah Mullen, Alexander Osetek, Allison Pasco, Joseph Perras, Ivy Perry, Laurel Plunkett, Kaylee Polmanteer and Gregory Poston.

Also: Jason Proud, Breanna Race, Payton Reese, Leanna Restani, Cassandra Romeo, Cole Ross, Katterina Ruotolo, Isabella Sabatini, Lauren Samson, Jarod Sawyer, Nicholas Searor, Katerie Senke, Kennedy Shurtleff, Caroline Sincavage, Kristen Skinner, Katie Smith, Zachary Sova, Hannah St. John, Tyler Steinbach, Alexis Sterio and Madalynn Swan.

Also: Leah Taylor, Madelaine Taylor, Ryan Tharrett, Abhijit Tripathi, Catherine Volkomer, Vlad Volkov, Kiernan Vollmer, Hannah Wise and Caitlin Wisniewski.

 The G.E.M.S (Girls’ Excelling in Math and Science) awards, given by the American Association of University Women, were presented to students who have a 90 percent or greater average in both math and science.

 Recipients included Jade Ballard, Emily Bradshaw, Grace Bruns, Claudia Chetney, Danielle DelConte, Abigail Douglas, Megan Durval, Emilee Ekman, Laurin Furlong, Samantha Gardner, Kaitlyn Gunther, Faith Hannock, Caitlyn Harpst, Grace Hibbert, Lauren Jones, Sheyenne Lacey, Ellie Lisec, Margo McBrearty, Alaina McMahon, Leah Mullen, Laurel Plunkett, Leanna Restani, Cassandra Romeo, Kristen Skinner, Katie Smith, Madalynn Swan, Leah Taylor and Madelaine Taylor.

 Team awards also were presented.

 Eight South Team presentations were given to Lauren Samson (English), Lauren Jones (Math), Eleanor Lisec (Honors Math), Laurin Furlong (Science), Samantha Gardner (Social Studies), Scott Alton (Family and Consumer Sciences), Katterina Ruotolo (Technology), Jason Proud (Music), Kyle Kon (Academic Achievement) and Reese Davis (Citizenship).

 Eight East Team award winners were Turner McElroy (English), Jade Ballard (Integrated Algebra), Brianna Bush (Math), Alecia Fuentes (Science), Adeline Benjamin (Social Studies), Karlee DeGroff (Family and Consumer Sciences), Breanna Race (Technology), Julia Falanga (Music), Payton Reese (Academic Achievement) and Grace Hibbert (Citizenship).

The Eight West Team recipients included Stephen Demong Jr. (English), Cameron Adams Jr. (Math), Margo McBrearty (Science), John Lee (Social Studies), Brian Lebron (Family and Consumer Sciences), Abigayle Christian (Technology), Griffin Vrooman (Music), Alexander Emmons (Academic Achievement) and Chiane Mulcahey (Citizenship).

There were special area awards and they included:

  • Spanish-Emilee Ekman, Claudia Chetney, Katie Smith and Kiernan Vollmer
  • French-Leanna Restani and John (Jack) Lee
  • Band-Allison Pasco and Zachary Sova
  • Chorus-Mary Bornheimer and Dakota Sinclair
  •  String Orchestra-Leanna Restani and James May
  • Physical Education-Jason Proud, Ryan Tharrett, Grace Bruns and Eleanor Lisec
  • Art-Dain Jerred, Jeremy Swistak, Madelyne Cortright and Abigail Douglas
  • Literacy-Cameron Briglin and Gregory Poston
  •  Math Enrichment-Miranda Miller and Alexis Sterio
  • PBIS-Kayla Brown, Katherine Hill and Madalynn Swan

Several students were recognized for perfect attendance.

Seven students had perfect attendance in both years they have been at the Oswego Middle School and they included Rose Huang, Lauren Jones, Spencer Kielb, Sierra Palmer, Leanna Restani, Dakota Sinclair and Madalynn Swan.

Perfect attendance awards were presented to eighth-graders for the current year and included Cameron Adams Jr., Scott Alton, Allen Brooks, Nolan Callahan, Kyle Dodge, Mariah Galletta, Matthew Gill, Margo McBrearty, Ivy Perry and Trent Wilkinson.

Seventh-graders with perfect attendance this year were Jea Adams, Madeline Armet, Andrew Baker, Jacob Bellardini, Crissa Cabanlig, Monica Cahill, Christian Clary, Dakota Contryman, Nelson DiGregorio II, Marissa Forger and Maria Foti.

Also: Stephen Greene III, Jarreau Hoskins, Lara Kanbur, Kaitlyn Kelly, Mya Kinder, Margaret McSweeney, Andrew Mosbo, Daniel Murray, Trinity Perry, Cameron Peterson, Alexa Quesnell, Marina Regan, Christopher Sugar, Matthew Taormina and Mattie Wallace.

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