Kenney students honored for academics, attendance

Submitted by Oswego County BOCES

Students at Hannibal’s Dennis M. Kenney Middle School are continuing their commitment to education by excelling in the classroom and demonstrating outstanding character. 

A total of 184 students from grades five through eight were invited to the school’s third-quarter character education celebration where they were recognized for earning high honor roll status, honor roll status or raising their grade point average at least five points in the last quarter.

An additional 94 students also were invited to the celebration to earn special recognition for perfect attendance.

Principal Dee Froio congratulated each honoree during the celebration, commended the students for their commitment to school and said, “You are part of an elite group.”

She also made a special point to recognize the “five plus” students. These are the students who increased their grade point average at least five points between the second and third quarter.

“Earning a five-plus award takes dedication and a considerable amount of work,” she said as she led the celebration in a round of applause.

Froio also took a few minutes to recognize the students she referred to as “three-peat” honorees. These are the students who have earned honors at the first-quarter, second-quarter and third-quarter character celebrations.

“I challenge each of you to make a clean sweep [this school year]. Keep up the great work, I want to see each of you at the fourth quarter celebration,” she said.

Honored at the celebration for earning high honor roll status were students: Marc Barnhart, Austin Calkins, Mason Garbus, Jocelyn Guanciale, Kristin Kellog, Serena Mashaw, Lucas Mason, Benjamin Mustico, Phillip Nosko, and Olivia White.

Also, Kelsey Combes, Alyssa Emmons Hannah Heald, Jacob Kelly, Noah Kuc, Lea Kyle, Kelly Loveland, Emma Magnarelli, Dillon Plantz, Zachary Shortslef, Angel Wilber, Tyler Ward, and Steven Ward.

Also, Alyssa Beck, Owen Calkins, Krystina Carnifax, Logan Chetney, Zachary Gombas, Brandon Graham, Jillian Hall, Velvet Howland, Hannah Kuc, Edward Lamb, Rebecca Marsh, Sean Mason, Ashlee Norris, Nichole Oleyourrk, Hayden Pepper, David Prrzepiora, Kaitlyn Ryder, Hannah Shattell, Madelynn Wakefield, Emily Weaver, and Makayla Zapanta.

Also, Derek Cuyler, Tawny Forsyythe, Emily Goodman, Haley Goodman, Maria Guernsey, Sierrah Haas, Autumn Lanning, Kiersten Lathrop, Madison Leavea, Katie Pitcher, and Kennedy Vanburen.

Honored at the celebration for earning honor roll status were students: Adam Catherman, Ayden Cleary, Magen Darling, Hunter Dumas, Trisha Fiumara, Calista Keefe, Isabella Long, Dustin Palmatier, William Phillips, Daniel Przepiora, Cameron Stuart, Riley Trumble, and Emma Wood.

Also, Madison Baker, Jeremy Barnhart, Raina Bedell, Courtney Bullock, Joseph Cerillo, Calexander Connolly, Rachael Cummins, Nicole Durgan, Ethan France, Savanah France, Mykayla Harris, Noah Hosier, Mariah Hull, Miranda Lindsley, Nicholas McCombie, Zachary Moore, Ryan Nosko, Tory Paro, Jacob Powell, Brianna Simmons, Faith Smith, Erica Stauring, and Bradley Wiggins.

Also, Lilly Beaumont, Hailey Clark, Christina Cole, Ceth Deloff, Ciara Farnham, Patrick Hall, Erynn Harris, Jade Holmes, Cheyenne Hort, Nathaniel Hughes, Rebecca LaSalle, Kathrine McCraith, Kyle Olson, Seth Salmonsen, Devin Smith, Nathan Stuart, and Christina Thompson.

Also, Erin Babb, Alyssa Harrington, Xavier Tompkins, Kiersten Abbott, Alexis Cole, Connor Griffin, Rebecca Hall, Brooke Ranger, Benjamin Simmons, and Tiffany Young.

Recognized at the third quarter celebration for increasing their grade point average at least five points between the second and third quarter were: Ayden Cleary, Anthony Crofoot, Blake Donhauser, Hunter Dumas, Garett Durost, Hailey Hollenbeck, Calista Keefe, Zachary Loomis, Patrick Mcfarland, Jessica Litre, Michael Ryan, Geoffrey Schuler, Cameron Stuart, and Matthew Thompson.

Also, Colby Adams, Keysha Ayala, Cameron Cardinali, Scot Crego, Mackenzie Davis, Nicole Durgan, Alyssa Emmons, Ethan France, Hannah France, Dominic Greenwood, Jacob Guernsey, MyKayla Harris, Hannah Heald, Cole Hines, Mariah Hull, Dalton Johnston, Andrew Jones, Kayliyah Knight, Alexis Loomis, Kelly Loveland, Kyriah Maliszewski, Nicholas McCombie Brittiney Mills, Zacahry Moore, Cheyenne Norton, Joacob Pierce, Nolan Raymond, Matthew Rheinwald, Makayla Ritchie, Faith Smith, Mackenzie Steinbrecher, McKayla Tuzinski, Hallie Waugh, Ryan Whitcomb, and Bradley Wiggins.

Also, Trinity Barnes, Alyssa Beck, Cody Burmingham, Logan Chetney, Tyler Davenport, Rianna Harley, Nathaniel Hughes, Amberann James, Edward Lamb, and Jeremy Tassone.

Also, Tyler Burdick, Kathleen Carr, Kyle Fowler, Joshua Good, Amanda Learned, Alyssa Nash, Kennedy Vanburen, and Christian Walter.

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