More on the Aldi project

By Ashley M. Casey

Even if the Nestlé location doesn’t work out, the show will go on for a proposed Aldi store in Fulton.

Mayor Ron Woodward Sr. told The Valley News that he spoke to Lew Kibling, a regional real estate director for Aldi based in Tully. Woodward said Kibling told him that Aldi was having difficulties dealing with Carbonstead LLC president Ed Palmer, who owns the property on Fourth and Fay streets.

“There’s no movement there,” Woodward said of Kibling’s response to inactivity at the site. He added that Kibling told him Aldi originally sought a May 1 construction date for the Fulton store, but Palmer wanted to push it back to July 1.

“If you pull the plug, will you call me and let me know?” Woodward asked Kibling of the possibility that Aldi would pull out of the city.

Kibling said that even if the Nestlé site is not prepared, Aldi will be looking for an alternate location in Fulton, probably for 2015.

“Either way, they’re coming, whether it’s delayed,” Woodward said.

Read more about why construction may be delayed here.

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