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Today’s letters: Barb Hubbard and Dave Cordone are running for re-election to the school board; the Friends of History say thank you; and the Fulton Public Library Board of Trustees answer some questions.

Hubbard wants to remain school board member

I am running as an incumbent for the Fulton Board of Education.

I have enjoyed being on the Board the past three years and would very much like the opportunity to continue to serve.

I am a native Fultonian and went through our school system.  I had my entire teaching career here in Fulton as well as a large part of my administrative career as a principal.

Now that I am retired, I have chosen to continue to live in Fulton.

After I retired I found that I missed being involved in education.  I find that serving on the Board of Education allows me to give back to my community and to also be involved in education by acting as an advocate for our students.

Fulton is a district that has long focused on students and on improving student achievement. We have a strong teaching staff. We have remarkable students in each of our schools, and each school is supported by dedicated parents.

Fulton has had a long history of trying to increase parent involvement in our schools, and I know this focus will continue. We offer strong curriculum courses to our students and we always seek new opportunities to diversify our offerings.

Our district has kept our buildings well maintained over the years. In addition, the district has placed a high emphasis on the safety and security of our students, staff, and buildings.  Fulton has long been recognized for its athletics achievements as well as its music, art, and drama programs.  We have much to offer.

As a board member, I want to help provide the highest level of education for our students while keeping our costs at a reasonable level. We have an obligation to provide all the students in the district with an exceptional education, and we also have an obligation to our taxpayers.  We need to get as much as we can out of every educational tax dollar while still providing a first rate learning experience.

I want to see the Fulton City School District provide an exceptional education to our students.  I want this so that as they graduate and go on to college and careers they will reflect back on their years in the Fulton schools.  I hope then they will want to live in Fulton and have their own children attend our schools because they know we will provide a strong educational experience for them.

I have a dedication to Fulton, its students, parents, and taxpayers, and to education in general.  I would greatly appreciate your vote and the opportunity to continue to serve on our Board of Education.

Barbara Hubbard

Cordone seeks school board support

A friend and parent of students in our school district recently asked me about my perceived strengths as a Board of Education member.

She asked me to identify what separates me from the other candidates on this year’s ballot:

1) I have a proven track record as a board member with nine years of experience since 2001. I have served as an officer to the Fulton BOE most of this time and as board president the last two years.

2) I have voted to minimize property tax increases and not limit programing options for our students.

3) I am an educator who always puts the needs of our kids first, and I lead with integrity (hence, the Conflict of Interest Policy that I supported in August 2013)

4) I have never been employed as nor have I applied for a teaching position nor an administrative position in the Fulton CSD. Two candidates have been, and their agendas might stem from loyalties to their friends in the system.

5) I have no relatives who work in the Fulton CSD.

6) I will have never and will never seek a position of employment with the Fulton CSD.

7) I am not sponsored by a local political party. I am not seeking to cut programing for our kids to lower taxes. That is the agenda of two candidates, who are sponsored by the local Republican Party.

8) I have two children enrolled in our school system who are impacted by all decisions made by the board from staffing, to student programming, music and athletics.

My kids deserve these opportunities also.

Dave Cordone
Candidate for the Fulton Board of Education

A thank you

The Friends of History held their spring chicken barbecue on May 04, 2014.

We want to thank everyone  that helped make it a success in spite of the weather.

Along with the chicken we held a  50/50 drawing and we are pleased announce that the winner was Tom Shcimeff.

Thanks  to everyone and we’ll see you in October!

Friends of History

Supports Cordone

I have known Dave Cordone for almost four years through our association with Fulton Youth Soccer and other community events and I wanted to publicaly endorse him for another term on the Fulton Board of Education.

He has served on that board for nine years and been an officer for most of that time, including being voted president the last two years.

Fulton City School District has a $50 million budget; we need that responsibility to be handled by folks who have the entire community in mind, not just friends, family and political parties.

Most of us only know of the Board of Education when something big happens or when it’s budget time. The principal swap of last summer brought the issue of staff reassignments to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Superintendent Lynch made the decree and the BOE upheld the decision. Dave Cordone took the brunt of the criticism by standing fast to the superintendent’s decision — that’s what a true leader does.

Not all answers are easy or popular, integrity is revealed by how we handle these tough issues whether we stand up to the mob or quit and run away.

Dave Cordone has never been employed by the school district, nor has he ever applied for a job in any Fulton school; two of the other candidates have.  He also has no relatives working in the district, and after reading the stories of Fulton Families, that is a rare occurrence.

I’m not sure how a board member with a relative or spouse can hold all board proceedings confidential or be impartial on teacher issues.

My last point shocked me when I heard it — two of the candidates are sponsored by the local Republican Party. I myself vote Republican, but I in no way want my school decisions to be laced with influence by ANY political party.

If a political party is backing him/her how can we tell what is the person and what is the party. We should be electing people not political parties — that election is in November.

Dave is a long time resident of this city and his children go to school here. I will vote on May 20th for Dave Cordone and three other people. If you choose not to vote for Dave, please know who you are voting for and how they will impact our children.

Chris Hansen

Funding the library

This letter is to try to correct a few of Mr. William Pierce’s misconceptions from the Saturday, May 10, edition of The Valley News.

The legislature of New York tate through the Regents established three ways to fund a public library:

Municipal, which we in Fulton now have.

School District, which uses the boundaries of the school district to determine those who will support that library

Special District, determined in some way from the towns surrounding the library which are unaffiliated with another library. This requires a vote of both houses of the state legislature and the signature by the governor.

We were not able to call it a “community” library — it is still Fulton Public Library. The rules do not stipulate an end date.

Mr. Pierce wants the community to rely for library services on the school district, but school district libraries are not available to the general public. If he wants to borrow a DVD or a book or use a computer, he would need to come to a public library.

We would cordially invite him to come to the Fulton Public Library for a tour of the materials we offer to the community. He can just drop in as happened 51,089 times last year, or he can call ahead to schedule a private tour, also receive his own library card.

Fulton Public Library Board of Trustees
Marian Stanton, president
Tom Brown
LaVerne DeLand
Carolyn House Mosier
Robert Vayner 

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