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Watch for motorcycles

Spring is finally here and that starts the motorcycle riding season. 

May is designated as Motorcycle Awareness Month throughout the state of New York. All bikers like to take this opportunity to ask all drivers to watch for us, to share the road and to be aware of us when you are making left-hand turns or when you are proceeding through intersections.

A good rule for safety when making a left-hand turn is to look left once, look right and look left again before making your move — this can prevent an accident.    

Drivers of every vehicle should be attentive to their surroundings, no texting, no talking on the phone while you are driving. 

Let’s all work together to make Oswego County a safe place to drive.

Thank you.

Sandy Mensch  Public Relations

Oswego County ABATE

American Bikers Aimed 

Toward Education

Don’t close transfer stations

Oswego County residents unite!

They want to close Pulaski, Hastings, Oswego and Hannibal transfer stations and only leave Volney open.

Call your legislator and tell him what a bad idea this is. Lines will be very long at Volney. Prices for private pickup will be very expensive or you will see trash on the side of the roads, trash burning or backyard dumping.

Have our legislators stop this with your call. 

Pass this message on.

Joyce Buscemi


Remember to vote May 20

Remember to Vote on Tuesday, May 20 !

I am writing to encourage all registered voters in the school district community to participate in the school budget vote and Board of Education elections.  

On Tuesday, May 20 registered voters in the Fulton City School District will be asked to vote on the 2014-15 school district budget. Members of the Board of Education approved a $67.4  million tentative budget at their April 23rd meeting.  

This budget, which was developed with input from a District Budget Committee and approved by the Board of Education, continues to provide and support quality educational programs, services and activities for our students.  

This budget also restores three primary grade elementary teachers and one special education teacher which were eliminated due to financial constraints over the past five years.   

The budget also restores funding to the athletics program and adds the opportunity to provide mental health services to elementary students through purchasing services through a community agency.    

The budget is a $2.1 million increase from the current year budget and represents a 3.2 percent budget increase.  The budget is supported by an increase of approximately $1.9 million in state aid, excluding building aid.  

It is noteworthy that New York state continues to withhold  $466,265  in foundation aid from our district through the Gap Elimination Adjustment.

The district is utilizing $2,040,000 in district fund balance to cover general expenses plus $750,000 from two reserve accounts to cover specific expenses for which the reserve accounts were established.  

Finally, a 1 percent increase in the local tax levy is anticipated, well below the district’s allowable School Tax Levy Limit increase of 3.2 percent.  

This spending plan supports district goals and the learning needs of all students, both high achieving and at risk. Specifically, all instructional programs and course levels are maintained, as are social and behavioral supports and services.  

The budget further covers costs for district transportation, the maintenance and upkeep of schools and facilities and staff salaries, benefits and retirement costs. 

The 2014-15 budget directs 75.1 percent of funds to student instruction, services and programs. Essentially almost all of the $2.1 million increase in the total budget is directed to the program portion of the budget, which focuses on student instruction and learning.  

The capital and debt portion of the budget makes up 15.1 percent, a reduction of $122,736, while administration is the remaining 10 percent, with an increase of $18,707.  

State aid will provide 62.1 percent of the revenue, with the local tax levy providing 29.9 percent and other revenues contributing 8 percent of support.

Voters will also cast ballots to elect four members to the Board of Education and consider a proposition to purchase two transportation vans.

Also on the ballot are two propositions from the Fulton Public Library: 1) to amend the Library Charter to become a School District Public Library  and increase the Library Tax to $350,000,  and 2) for the voters to elect the Library Board of Trustees.   

If you have questions about the budget, please contact Bill Lynch, Superintendent of Schools at 593-5510, Kathy Nichols, Business Administrator at 593-5505 or Betsy Conners at 593-5509.   

Information on the budget and the work of the District Budget Committee can be found at

William R. Lynch

Superintendent of Schools 

A parks thank-you

On behalf of the Friends of Fulton Parks, Inc., I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the community for their support of our recent projects. 

First, on April 27 we held a successful fundraiser at the Tavern on the Lock. Over 40 local businesses donated door and raffle prizes and over 125 chicken dinners were sold. 

All proceeds raised are designated to our two ongoing projects, the replacement of safety landing material in the city’s playgrounds and new equipment for the playground at Hulett Park. 

I’d also like to thank the many organizations, businesses and community members who volunteered their time during our Sparkle-a-Park cleanup efforts. 

Finally a special thank you to The Valley News for their sponsorship and cooperation in the park medallion hunt. 

All of these activities are meant to raise awareness of our park system and cosntinue to enhance their condition and appearance. 

We have many other exciting activities planned and look forward to the continued support of the community. Thank you.

David B. Guyer

President, Friends of 

Fulton Parks Inc.

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