Program deals with “Keeping Kids Safe”

“Keeping Kids Safe” is the theme of a special event for the communities of Fulton, Oswego, and surrounding cities and towns, from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, May 31.

The event, at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 64 Gillespie Road, Fulton, will include parents, caregivers and teens who will learn how stay safe from sexual abuse and predators.

Karrie Damm, director of the Oswego County Child Advocacy Center, Lt. Zach Misztal of the Oswego City Police and Megan Bittel and Chelsea Kaye-Bidinger from Oswego County Opportunities will speak on the dangers and results of child sexual abuse and also what parents and caregivers can do to protect their children, youth and loved ones.

Assemblyman William Barclay will discuss what legislation is available and what is on the horizon to help the victims of sexual abuse.

Brittney Jerred will offer children’s books for sale on the difficult subject of keeping kids safe.

Dianne Klafehn, Cherish All Children Upstate NY coordinator, says, “April is known as Child Abuse Prevention Month, but abuse, particularly the sexual abuse of children, teens, and young adults, knows no month.

She said it is at epidemic proportions across the state, country and the world. Darkness To Light’s ( Stewards of Children states that 1 in 10 children will experience sexual abuse before their 18th birthday.

The Oswego County Child Advocacy Center states 232 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in 2012.

“We are coming to the close of another school year when our children will be home alone or with friends,” Klafehn said.  “Summer can be a vulnerable time for them and a stressful time for parents.”

The event is hosted by women of Grace Lutheran Church, Oswego, and is free.

Beverages will be available.  For more information, contact Dianne Klafehn at 216-4416 or

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