Local team results from the Tully Spring Invitational track meet

Boys’ and girls’ track and field teams from Hannibal, Phoenix, Mexico and Pulaski took part in the Tully Spring Invitational April 21.

The Hannibal girls’ varsity track and field team had an impressive day. The Lady Warriors came away with first place finishes in several events.

4X400 boys’ relay

Hannibal, Ben Raymond, Nathan Weiling, Connor McNeil, Owen Braun, third, time of 3:53:33

4X400 girls’ relay

Hannibal, Sydney Alton, McKenzie Mattison, Janejira Cooper, Reilly Harris, first, 4:29:33

Mexico, Hunter Gowans, Taylor Gristwood, Renee LaDuc, Sydney Ryan, second, 4:31:88

Pulaski, Emma Van der Heide, Brittany VanDuzer, Aleah LaFlamme, Megan Jennings, third, 4:42:48

Phoenix, Carolanne Switzer, Alexis Gabrielle, Meghan Lentz, Destiny Maybe, sixth, 5:02:37

3200-meter run boys

Hannibal, second overall. Jason McFarland third, 10:47:22; Zane Pointon fifth, 11:23:87, Ben Harrell 10th, 11:56:34

3200-meter run girls

Hannibal second overall. Micheala Sheldon, fifth, 12:10:33.

Pulaski fourth overall. Jessica Pastuf, eighth, 14:59:86.

Phoenix eighth overall. Emilie Schneider, 11th, 17:14:45

110-meter hurdles boys

Hannibal third overall. Hans Reichoe, ninth, 22.48

100-meter hurdles girls

Pulaski and Hannibal tied for second overall. Tayler Dence, Hannibal, fourth, 18.29. Cassie Long, 12th, 20.63. Paige McKenzie, 18th, 22.12

Breann Burns, Pulaski, first, 15.08. Autumn Miller, 16th, 21.42.

Phoenix, fourth place overal. Haylie Virginia, second, 17.16. Destiny Teel, sixth, 19.47. Brandi Ashley, 14th, 20.89.

 400-meter dash boys

Hannibal fourth overall. Connor McNeil, eighth, 57.16

400-meter dash girls

Mexico second overall. Hunter Gowans, second, 1:03.21. Rene LaDuc, sixth, 1:07.02. Sydney Ryan, 22nd, 1:14.87.

Hannibal and Pulaski finished tied for third. Hannibal, Janejira Cooper, ninth, 1:08.01. Cassie Long, 12th, 1:08.79. Vanessa Waldron, 19th, 1:13.30.

Pulaski, Ashley Cartier, 23rd, 1:18.63.

Phoenix, Carolanne Switzer, 25th,  1:20.22.

1600-meter run boys

Hannibal fourth. Ben Slate, third, 4:39.18. Jason Farland, 11th, 5:07.18. Ben Harrell, 21st, 5:30.43. Austin Baker, 22nd, 5:31.95.

1500-meter run girls

Hannibal second overall. Reilly Harris, third, 5:14.12. Rebekah Mills, 17th, 6:27.49. Paige LaFurney, 21st, 6:51.90

Mexico third overall. Ashley Miller, 13th, 5:48.26.

Pulaski fourth overall. Megan Jennings, fifth, 5:24.04. Ruth van der Heide, 19th, 6:39.91.

Phoenix eighth overall. Nicole Hetko, 11th, 5:45.82. Emma Brenell, 20th, 6:46.89

200-meter dash boys

Hannibal’s William Bullock, third, 27.38. Andrew Wheeler, Hannibal, seventh, 28.03

200-meter dash girls

Hannibal – Callie Cacchione, fifth, 32.58; Taylor McLaughlin, 12th, 35.01; Sam Clark, 15th, 36.78; Ketevan Chapiashvili, 17th, 37.16; Marina Esanu, 21st, 38.13

Pulaski’s Julia Kuhner, sixth, 33.45.

4X100 meter relay sled pull boys

Hannibal, third, Zach Hartranft, Austin Donhauser, William Bullock, Joshua Darrow, 3:45.79.

4X100 meter relay sled pull girls

Hannibal, first, Devin Sorrell, Page McKenzie, Janejira Cooper, Kiersten Abbott, 5:24.82

400-meter hurdles girls

Hannibal first overall. McKenzie Mattison, third, 1:09.76. Cassie Long, seventh, 1:22.88. Page McKenzie, ninth, 1:28.61.

Phoenix, fifth overall. Haylie Virginia, first, 1:09.76. Carolanne Switzer, 11th, 1:31.47.

100-meter dash boys

Hannibal fourth overall. Connor McNeil, 13th, 13.10

100-meter dash girls

Hannibal tied for second overall. Devin Sorell, fifth, 13.79. Kiersten Abbott, 16th, 14.80. Sydney Alton, 20th, 15.03.

Mexico fifth overall. Angel Bresnahan, fourth, 13.53. Jordan Maynes, 18th, 14.90. Sara Greenway, 19th, 14.97

Phoenix and Pulaski tied for sixth overall. Phoenix’s Brandi Ashley, 11th, 14.30; Alexis Gabrielle, 28th, 16.20; Destiny Maybe, 29th, 16.34

Pulaski’s Breann Burns, second, 13.34; Jordan Turner, 23rd, 15.36.

800-meter run boys

Hannibal fourth overall. Ben Slate, third, 2:02.40. ;

800-meter run girls

Hannibal second overall. Reilly Harris, third, 2:29.80. Kristen D’Angelo, 18th, 2:43.25. Vanessa Waldron, 22nd, 2:51.25

Mexico fifth overall. Heather Kandt, 17th, 2:43.25. Alexis Richer, 24th, 2:59.9.

Pulaski sixth overall. Megan Jennings, fifth, 2:31.14. Emma van der Heide, ninth, 2:37.70.

Phoenix seventh overall. Meghan Lentz, 19th, 2:46.21. Nicole Hetko, 0th, 2:49.44.

4X100 meter relay throwers boys

Hannibal fourth overall. Zach Hartranft, Dustin Ouellette, Austin Donhauser, Matthew Graham, second, 56.85

4X100 meter relay throwers girls

Hannibal second overall. Abigail Harrell, Callie Cacchione, Katherine Martinez, Gabby Griffin, third, 1:03.64

4X800 meter relay boys

Hannibal fifth overall. Ben Slate, Zane Pointon, Jason McFarland, Ben Raymond, second, 9:07.00

4X800 meter relay girls

Hannibal third overall. Kristen D’Angelo, Micheala Sheldon, McKenzie Mattison, Reilly Harris, second, 11:02.91

Phoenix fifth overall. Nicole Hetko, Meghan Lentz, Emma Brunell, Haylie Virginia, third, 11:24.62.

Mexico sixth overall. Ashley Miller, Jamie Maynes, Heather Kandt, Alexis Richer, fourth, 11:33.68.

4X100 meter relay boys

Hannibal fifth overall. Connor McNeil, William Bullock, Dustin Ouellette, Nathan Welling, fourth, 49.81.

 4X100 meter relay girls

Hannibal third overall. Devin Sorell, Sydney Alton, Tayler Dence and Janejira Cooper, fourth, 55.89.

Mexico fifth overall. Angel Bresnahan, Jordan Maynes, Hunter Gowans, Taylor Gristwood, first, 54.25.

Pulaski seventh overall. Jordan Turner, Erin Washer, Julia Kuhner, Nykeia Walker, second, 1:03.20

High jump girls

Hannibal third overall. Tayler Dence, 11th, height of 4-00.00

Mexico fifth overall. Hannah Gardner, 14th, height of 3-10.00

Phoenix sixth overall. Haylie Virginia, fourth, height of 4-06.00

Pulaski seventh overall. Morgan Jordal, third, height of 4-06.00. Emma van der Heide, eighth, height of 4-02.00

Pole vault boys

Hannibal fifth. Ben Harrell, 10th, height of 8-00.00. Dustin Ouellette, 11th, height of 8-00.00. Nathan Welling, 12th, height of 7-06.00.

Pole vault girls

Phoenix fourth. Destiny Teel, third, height of 7-06.00.

Long jump boys

Hannibal fourth. Joshua Darrow, 11th, distance of 14-11.25. Andrew Wheeler, 15th, distance of 12-06.00.

Long jump girls

Mexico second. Jordan Maynes, fourth, distance of 14-11.50. Angel Bresnahan, fifth, distance of 14-11.00. Hannah Gardner, 12th, distance of 13-07.50.

Hannibal third. Devin Sorell, third, distance of 15-02.25. Kirsten D’Angelo, ninth, distance of 13-10.25. Kiersten Abbott, 18th, distance of 13-02.00.

Pulaski fourth. Becca Hall, 21st, distance of 13-00.00. Aleah LaFlamme, 25th, distance of 12-00.75.

Phoenix seventh. Nicole Hetko, 29th, distance of 10-11.75.

Triple long jump boys

Hannibal fourth overall. Zane Pointon, 11th, distance of 33-10.00. Joshua Darrow, 15th, distance of 28-06.00.

Triple jump girls

Hannibal second overall. Gabby Griffin, seventh, distance of 29-07.50. Vanessa Waldron, 12th, distance of 27-08.00. Callie Cacchione, 15th, distance of 25-01.00.

Mexico fourth overall. Taylor Gristwood, fifth, distance of 29-07.50. Jaime Maynes, 11th, distance of 28-05.00.

Phoenix fifth overall. Meghan Lentz, 10th, distance of 28-07.25. Destiny Teel, 13th, distance of 26-10.00.

Pulaski sixth overall. Becca Hall, 14th, distance of 25-10.50. Brittany VanDuzer, 18th, distance of 24-00.25,

Shot put boys

Hannibal fifth overall. Zach Hartranft, 10th, distance of 33-09.75. Austin Donhauser, 14th, distance of 31-06.50.

Discus boys

Hannibal fifth overall. Zach Hartranft, 12th, distance of 85-04. Austin Donhauser, 20th, distance of 68-02.

Discus girls

Hannibal third overall. Jessica Stauring, 23rd, distance of 52-01. Amanda Miano, 25th, distance of 49-06. Katherine Martinez, 28th, distance of 47-00.

Mexico fifth overall. Shelby Buffham, 20th, distance of 59-05. Brooke Petreszyn, 24th, distance of 51-03. Lauren Halsey, 29th, distance of 39-11.

Shot put novice boys

Hannibal’s Matthew Graham, fifth, 29-05.50. Hannibal’s Ben Bowers, seventh, distance of 27-07.00. Hannibal’s Dustin Ouellette, eighth, distance of 27-02.25.

Shot put novice girls

Hannibal’s Callie Cacchione, fifth, distance of 23-05.00. Hannibal’s Abigail Harrell, 15th, distance of 17-00.50. Pulaski’s Bridget Emmons came in 16th with a distance of 13-01.50.

Discus novice event boys

Hannibal’s Ben Bowers, seventh, distance of 45-02.

Discus novice event girls

Hannibal’s Ketevan Chapiashvili, seventh, distance of 43-03. Hannibal’s Marina Esanu, eighth, distance of 41-05. Pulaski’s Bridget Emmons, 10th, distance of 31-11.

Long jump novice event boys

Hannibal’s Hans Reichoe, third, distance of 14-04.00. Hannibal’s Andrew Wheeler, sixth, distance of 10-05.75.

Long jump novice event girls

Pulaski’s Nykeia Walker, fifth, distance of 11-00.00. Hannibal’s Paige LaFurney, sixth, distance of 10-05.50. Hannibal’s Sam Clark, seventh, distance of 7-03.50. Hannibal’s Ketevan Chapiashvili, 10th, distance of 7-05.25.

Triple jump novice boys

Hannibal’s Austin Baker, first, 33-06.50. Hannibal’s Hans Reichoe, third, 31-00.25.

Triple jump novice girls

Hannibal’s Taylor McLaughlin, fourth, 23-11.75. Hannibal’s Abigail Harrell, fifth, 22-08.75.

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