Fulton Pop Warner hosts registration, fun day

Fulton Pop Warner will host its first registration from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday June 7 at the Community Ice Rink and Recreation Field.

There will be bouncy houses and slides on the field while registration is taking place inside the Ice Rink.

Anyone who registers that day will receive a pass to enjoy all the activities free of charge for the day; anyone not registering who wishes to enjoy the activities with is welcome.

There will be tickets available for the bouncy houses and slides for a small fee.

“I am hoping the community comes out and enjoys this day with us. We are always excited about answering any questions or addressing any concerns a potential participant’s family has”, stated Randy Cotton, president of Fulton Pop Warner.

Look for the Fulton Pop Warner posters around Fulton in many of our local establishments as well as school flyers that will come home on or around Friday May 30.

The posters and flyers will provide details for this event as well as the other three traditional registrations coming later in June and July.

Fulton Pop Warner is open to boys and girls ages 5-13 from Fulton and Hannibal. If you have any registration questions, please reach out to the organization at fultonpopwarner@yahoo.com.

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