Valley Viewpoints: Pierce questions library vote

To the Editor:

The May 20 school budget vote will include a proposition regarding the Fulton Public Library.

With this proposition, the library trustees are asking to change the library to a “School District Public Library.” They are also asking voters to approve an annual budget of $350,000 a year for five years, which totals $1.75 million.

This proposition can be very misleading if not read completely before voting on it.

A better name for the library should be “Community Library” since it will still be a public library that will not be affiliated with the Fulton school district, other than the school district collecting the library tax each year.

Also, with this proposal the trustees are essentially asking school district residents to restore funding the city of Fulton has cut from the library’s annual budget. The $350,000 proposed library budget is 24 percent more than last year’s budget, which was $281,355.

Can we as school district voters support a duplication of services that are already offered through the schools and other agencies?

With other taxes and property assessments increasing, can we as residents of the school district afford this proposition?

William Pierce

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