Hunting, trapping wild boar now illegal

A new regulation that prohibits hunting or trapping of free-ranging Eurasian boars in New York state has been formally adopted, said state Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens.

The regulation is designed to ensure maximum effectiveness of DEC’s statewide eradication efforts.

“Enacting a statewide regulation was important to support DEC’s ongoing work to remove this invasive species from the state and to ensure that it does not become established in the wild anywhere in New York,” Martens said.

“Eurasian boars are a great threat to natural resources, agricultural interests, and private property and public safety wherever they occur and DEC will continue to work to protect these resources and remove wild boars from the state,” he said.

Eurasian boars were brought to North America centuries ago and wild populations numbering in the millions are now present across much of the southern U.S.

In recent years, wild boar populations have been appearing in more northern states too, often as a result of escapes from enclosed shooting facilities that offer “wild boar hunts.”

It already is illegal to bring boars into the state. However, there are already small numbers of Eurasian boars on the landscape in New York.

Since 2000, wild boars have been reported in many counties across the state, and breeding in the wild has been confirmed in at least six counties (Tioga, Cortland, Onondaga, Clinton, Sullivan and Delaware) in recent years.

DEC is working closely with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services program to remove any Eurasian boars that are reported in New York. To date, more than 150 animals have been captured and destroyed.  However, eradication is expensive, time consuming and requires a great deal of manpower.

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One thought on “Hunting, trapping wild boar now illegal”

  1. Thank you Valley News Online for highlighting the controversial issue of the wild boar population in New York. When it comes wildlife, New York, as all states in the U.S., need more compassionate conservation.

    This legislative phase-out of canned hunting is a undeniable win for animal welfare. Canned hunting, or penned hunts, are the epitome of unsportsmanlike cruelty. Additionally, bill would end the live collection of these pigs and their use on these fenced-in shooting farms. It is gratifying to see that as these brutal “sporting” events become more and more exposed, states are cracking-down.

    It is critical for the public to understand the full complexity of wildlife “conflict”. Each situation needs research and a unique perspective to come to lasting and humane conclusion, and I applaud the New York legislature and Gov. Cuomo for taking the time to do so in this instance.

    Claire La France
    Program Associate
    Born Free USA

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