Homeschool boys win volleyball game

By Abigail J. Winheld

On Tuesday, April 15, the Port City Royals of Oswego County boys’ volleyball team defeated the Cortland Saints.

Played at the Royals’ gym, the game was exciting and full of quick maneuvers and excellent saves.

The Royals beat Cortland soundly earlier this season and anticipated a similar outcome at this game. To the Royals surprise, Cortland came with an unanticipated energy and determination.

In the first set, the Royals served first but quickly found their opponents ready for the ball — a closely matched game ensued.

The first set ended with the score 25-23 Royals.

During the second set the Royals played more intensely and won 25-16.

Royals Mark Winheld made the winning point with a simple tap over.

Set number 3 was close again and ended with the same score as set one — 25-23 Royals.

Although it was harder than they anticipated, it was a great game for the Royals.

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