Minetto Elementary students perform “Alice”

Submitted by Oswego schools

The annual Minetto Elementary School musical played before an enthusiastic audience of students, parents and community members.

Once again the Oswego High School Robinson-Faust Theatre for the Performing Arts was the setting for the musical production. Under the direction of Minetto music teacher Susan Olinsky, the students presented “The Trial of Alice in Wonderland.”

This colorful show provided a tremendous experience for all of the Minetto Elementary School students as the fast paced program moved along with the assistance of the musical accompaniment of Dr. Juan LaManna, Heather Sweeting and Brian McElroy.

Lead roles included Mariah Woodward (Alice), Matthew Caraccioli (White Rabbit), Abby Brancato (Queen of Hearts), Cierra Dunning (Dodo Bird), Brittany Kaye (Owl), Kaitlyn Czerow (Toucan), Lillian Reese (Parrot), Zeida Olson (Tweedle Dee), Hailey Babcock (Tweedle Dum), Megan Delong (Rose), Madison Jones (Iris), Morgan Mace (Daisy), Patsy Milner (Dandy Lion), Ashley Mays (Rose Bud), Tyler Bieganowski (Caterpillar), Nichole Lambo (Cheshire Cat), Carson Colucci (Mad Hatter), Cody Vincent (March Hare), Angie Guarrera (Dormouse) and Natalyia Smith, Grace Deland and Josh Lane as cards.

The birds were Jason Purtell, Derek Ditton, Sarah Jones, Nicole Mays, Allison Griffin, Sierah Allen and Morgan Samson while the remaining cards included Lacey Marino, Marissa Allissandrello, Lucas Capstraw, Mason Cass, Josh Colette, Ben Hough and Jayden Lee. The other flowers were Maya Upcraft, Marion Falise, Bailey Robinson, Andie Rose and Kylie Wallace.

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