VALLEY VIEWPOINTS: Majority party needs GPS; Vet fees too high

GPS, rearview mirror needed

The Oswego County majority party in the County Legislature needs to know how to use both of these.

They need the GPS (I would suggest a Garmin) to find out where they are headed because even with as many times you try and tell them something they don’t hear you.

They listen just like some teenagers do when you tell them how important an education is, but just like those teenagers they don’t hear you.

Then they need to learn how to use a rearview mirror and what it shows you when you look into it. A rearview mirror has two functions: First it shows you what is coming at you from behind. Second it shows you where you have been.

I have been a legislator now for three months and I have been to three full legislature meetings and about five committee meetings. The only meeting in which they didn’t spend or authorize to spend money was the first full legislature meeting (I believe).

Now this isn’t their money, it is your money and maybe that is why they think nothing of spending it.

The spending of this money is why they need a GPS. Now I know one of them will say “its unfunded mandates. That is why we spent the money.”

Well the last time I checked the state government has not mandated we put up a new mix plant building in Hastings costing the taxpayers $200,000. It wasn’t mandated for almost $200,000 more that they have passed (needed yes, but not mandated).

I am no way in favor of unfunded mandates. Now I relate these to saving of jobs and we could save at least 10 to 15 jobs without spending this money. The reason I say this is as the experts all say “History repeats itself.”

Ten years ago, the county had a general fund balance of  $5 million (almost broke)and then over the next two years they hit the taxpayers with about 35 percent tax increases. With very watchful spending the county general fund reached a high of about $32 million by 2010.

Now over the last 2 years, we have spent or transferred almost $12 million  so our balance is now down to $20 million. Now if they (county majority party) can’t see where this is headed then that is why they need a GPS.

Another useful tool is the rearview mirror and if they used it they could see that where they have been (2003) is not somewhere they want to go back to.

Even more they could see the facts that if they keep spending money this way, job cuts and double digit tax increases are coming up from behind them. It may not happen this year but mark my words, it will happen.

I know that unions are not in favor of any kind of tax freeze and I can understand why. I would like to see the unions use their power to force Albany to give back the funding for the mandates.

Raises could be given with that funding and without raising costs to the taxpayer.

The fact of the matter is that the taxpayers can’t afford and don’t want any double digit tax increases. What I myself want is a tax freeze that will guarantee single digit tax increases and save the jobs of those workers we now have.

The way the county majority party is spending money, they don’t want any tax freeze because they want to be able to repeat what they did in 2003 and 2004. It’s not right.

Frank Castiglia Jr. 
Oswego County 
Legislator, 25 District


Reduce vet fees

I have a request for all the veterinary services in Oswego County.

We all know the shelters are full of unwanted dogs and cats. I know when you adopt from a shelter there is an initial fee, which covers a vet-check and shots.

Why don’t you offer an additional discount price for further treatment? It doesn’t cost a lot to feed an animal, but the vet costs are getting extreme.

I know, myself, I would gladly adopt another dog if I could afford the vet costs. It would, I’m sure, make adoption more appealing and help the shelters.

Think about empty shelters. What a great thing that would be!


Judy Holmes

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One thought on “VALLEY VIEWPOINTS: Majority party needs GPS; Vet fees too high”

  1. Hi Judy – If you have room in your home and your heart for another dog, you can always contact your local rescues. Many of them desperately need fosters and they almost always pay for the care of the dog while you are fostering it. Fostering is a very rewarding way to enjoy the company of another dog, while actually saving lives in the process. I wish you much luck.

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