Interns promote local businesses

The iHeart Oswego EBE (Experience Based Education at SUNY) interns are representing local Oswego businesses in the Campus Center for the months of March and April.

They are working to bring additional exposure to local area businesses.

Lauren Lasky and Kaitlyn Rajner are the two interns in charge of the project at iHeart Oswego. With support from Campus Life and the Community Relations office of SUNY Oswego, they worked to create a project that will enhance student-community relations.

Each business will be represented as a 2-by-3 foot poster created by the interns. The poster is displayed on an easel in the Campus Center.

“We chose businesses at random but that had relevancy to SUNY students and met campus regulations.” said Rajner. “By creating more awareness of what local businesses have to offer, we are hoping to increase the number of students that are involved in the community. The posters will draw attention from students and provide information on each business.”

“On each poster, there is a location map and a QR code for smartphone users, so students can visit a business’s website.” said Lasky. “Students may spend some more time visiting new businesses if students are informed of their existence.”

“Our internship program at iHeart Oswego is much different than most as our interns must find ways to promote other local businesses.” said Victoria Usherwood Gailinas, director of sales and marketing at iHeart Corp.

“We are here to give interns the practical experience that will make them more employable after graduation,” Usherwood Gailinas said. and the iHeart Corp strive to promote local businesses.

For more information, contact Rajner or Lasky at or call 402-6623. Visit the website at

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